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Super Food Ideas November 2019

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

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One of our favourite issues to put together each year is November, our annual quick and easy cooking special. All of us love a recipe challenge, and it’s not just the food team. Sarah, our creative director, is intent on making sure that everything looks appetising and delicious, inspiring you to make it. Chief sub editor Leigh ensures that we communicate exactly why it is that we chose these recipes to put in the mag, and why you should cook them. Of course our fabulous foodies, led by food director Claire, do the real heavy lifting for this and every issue, and we don’t just mean carrying the shopping! After heading to the supermarket to do research, hunting down the latest products that save time and effort on the pans,…

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NO NEED TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU COOK OR COMPROMISE FLAVOUR #1 INGREDIENT HACKS As you look through the mag you’ll see that we’ve called out all kinds of clever shortcuts we’ve used in recipes for dinner (p20) and dessert (p66). #2 NO-COOK COOKING When even a shortcut takes too long, the recipes on p40 can be ready in a flash – just assemble and serve! #3 GET-AHEAD GIFTING If you like to make Christmas presents to add a personal touch, get ahead of the mad rush with our seven festive and fabulous recipes, starting on p60.…

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With the cost of living increasing, particularly in our capital cities, we know that many Australians are feeling the pinch. Australia’s Best Recipes (bestrecipes.com.au/budgetclub) have thousands of recipes from savvy home cooks to help stretch your food dollar further. That’s why we’re partnering with them and coming up with five recipes a month that are easy on the wallet. This issue you’ll find great ideas for cooking with sausages, p34.…

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“I HAD A BAKING DAY TODAY!... TURNED OUT AMAZING!” TWICE AS NICE I had a baking day today! I made a batch of Choc-chip Brownie and Peanut Butter Cookies (August 2015, p84) to share with my daughters for their busy work week ahead. I also made the cover recipe from the same issue: One-pan Sticky Chicken with ‘Fried’ Rice. Both turned out amazing! Rita Legge, via email ROASTY GOODNESS My husband and my 14-year-old never eat Brussels sprouts, but I love them, so I thought I’d make the Crispy Bacon and Cheese Brussels Sprouts (July 2019, p50) to have with Sunday roast. They absolutely loved it! It’ll be a regular side dish for Sunday roasts from now on! Natalie Box, via email A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY Canberra’s been freezing and nothing warms you more than a…

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LOOKING SHARP Pocket knives are by their very definition handy, but now they’re also cute and more personal with designs specifically for foodies! In the latest limited edition range of their iconic Swiss army knife, Victorinoxhas launched 10 Food of the World designs created by fans from across the globe. Each one has seven tools, including scissors and a screwdriver, but only weighs 21g and is priced at $52.95. Visit victorinox.com to learn more about the collection. LIVE IT UP For those who aren’t big kombucha fans but are still keen to try a fizzy drink that can do our bodies good, enter Living Soda by Bod. Not only are the drinks sugar-free, but each bottle has a dose of probiotics for improved gut health. The Living range is made in a microbrewery…

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RECIPE KNOW-HOW: We use Australian standard measures In liquid measures, 250ml = 1 cup Dry ingredients are measured in level 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and1/4 cup measures 1 tablespoon = 20ml (note NZ, US and UK tablespoon = 15ml) 1 teaspoon = 5ml We use 59-60g eggs We use 1100-watt microwaves, unless otherwise specified NUTRITION KNOW-HOW: Heart Friendly: low saturated fat, high fibre, lower sodium with heart-friendly fats. Desserts that are based on low-fat dairy without fruit/grain ingredients don’t need to be high fibre. Diabetes Friendly: low saturated fat, high fibre, lower sodium with lower-GI carbs. Healthy: low saturated fat, less than 3000kJ and 800mg sodium per main meal. Vegetarian: no meat, fish or poultry but may contain eggs and/or dairy. Gluten Free: no gluten-containing ingredients (ie, wheat, rye, barley, oats or derivatives). High in Calcium: at least 200mg of calcium per serve…