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Super Food Ideas December 2019

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

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celebrate summer

DIVIDE AND CONQUER REPORTING FOR DOUBLE DUTY … BLEND OR JUICE WITH THIS ULTRA-EFFICIENT BLUICER AND CREATE SMOOTHIES, COCKTAILS AND MORE. BREVILLE THE 3X BLUICER™ PRO (BJB815BSS), $649. Shown here and on the previous page. A delicious cocktail, frappe or smoothie is yours with this mighty blender juicer. It features a wide chute bowl and Kinetix contoured blade to juice even the firmest of fruit. This all-in-one bluicer can blend, juice or ‘bluice’ with its Cold Spin Technology, five one-touch programs and 10 speed controls. So whether you’re after a slushie or a cocktail, it’s at your fingertips with this pro. A POWERFUL JUICER AND BLENDER IN ONE BLOOD ORANGE, WATERMELON AND RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT REFRESHER Be ready for summer entertaining no matter the guest list. Whether it’s a pre-dinner frozen cocktail loaded with crushed berries and…

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12 years of christmas...

A dozen – yes, that’s really how many Christmas issues of Super Food Ideas magazine I’ve worked on (actually, it might only be 11, but that’s not such a catchy headline). Yesterday, as I was stuffing my face with the Brownie and Coconut Macaroon Layer Cake (make it and you’ll see why, p80), I was grateful for every one. Each year’s planning has been a new opportunity to be a part of making something special, working out more about how Australians eat at Christmas time. There are those rare people for whom the big day is a relaxed affair of cooked prawns, cold ham and salad; and then there are the rest of us who spend weeks obsessing, days stressing, and hours dressing (salads, that is). We want Christmas Day to…

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get inspired by…

WE WANT CHRISTMAS TO BE A BOUNTIFUL AND GENEROUS DAY #1 SWEETEST THINGS There’s no end to the sweet inspiration in this issue, from the truly spectacular layered desserts feature, p78, to more traditional truffle treats, p92. #2 DINNER’S READY Even at this time of year, we still have to get food on the table every night without blowing the budget, p110. #3 SIDE BY SIDE If you like to stick with your usual Christmas mains but are looking for a new side, we’ve got lots to choose from, both hot (p60) and cold (p66), traditional and contemporary.…

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easier than it looks…

… that’s the approach we took this year with every recipe in the magazine. At SFI , we pride ourselves on our ability to make dishes look incredible without spending too many hours or dollars to make it happen. Take for example our food director Claire’s cover recipe, the 6-ingredient Lamington Wreath with Berry Cream, p29. It looks so pretty and impressive, but this gorgeous dessert is actually ridiculously easy to create and it feeds a crowd. It’s also a recipe you can customise to your family’s taste, adding different berries or sauces, and other toppings. Genius!…

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your food ideas

DOUBLE UP! “EVERYONE LOVED THE SPANISH FLAVOURS!” We have seven people in our family, so finding a recipe like the Spanish-style Meatballs (August 2019, p24) is always great because it is so easy to double the quantities! This was simple to put together and everyone loved the Spanish flavours. So really a winner in all areas! Pamela Xenos, via Instagram EASY AS PIE I made the Super-easy Cottage Pie (July 2009, p18) with my partner after we had both spent the day at university. We enjoyed it because it was simple, budget friendly and easy to add extra veg to. Plus we had leftovers for lunch the next day! Amy Messenger, via Instagram THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING If there are two things my family loves, it’s cinnamon doughnuts and bread and butter pudding, so…

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super spy

PERFECT PUDDING This luxurious dessert is the perfect fuss-free Christmas crowd-pleaser. A change from the traditional fruit pudding, this light and delicious sponge pudding from the Coles Finest range combines decadent Belgian chocolate, tangy raspberry and prosecco, finished with festive, shimmering rose gold glitter. The best part? It can be ready in under two minutes if you want to use the microwave. Available at Coles for $12. DEEP AND CRISP AND EVEN Chocolate lovers will adore these decadent Dark Chocolate Crisps from Green & Black’s. Loaded with premium ingredients, they are great for Christmas get-togethers, plus Green & Black’s uses ethically sourced dark chocolate, so you can feel good about indulging. The bite-sized treats contain 70 per cent dark chocolate and are available in two flavours: Salted Caramel & Almonds, and Raisin &…