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Super Streetbike is the first magazine to actively explore the outer reaches of the extreme sportbike movement. Super Streetbike features page after page of the wildest custom sportbikes in the nation. Each issue features in-depth hop-up articles for all popular sportbikes alongside pages of products showcasing the latest and greatest in sportbike performance, cosmetic upgrades and the hottest new apparel.

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SEAN RUSSELL Editor In Chief BRIAN HATANO Senior Tech Editor MICHAEL BELCHER Art Director When’s the last time you rode two-up? Embarrassing but most of us have gone man-dem one time or another whether you’ll admit it or not. My first experience on a streetbike, a 1992 Honda F2, was while riding on the back. At 16 years old I was just pumped to be holding onto a motorcycle that at the time felt like a rocket. A decade later, I had another eye opening two-up ride. Amidst a GoPro Hero 3 camera press introduction, I was given the opportunity to suit up and jump on the back of one of Jason Pridmore’s Star School GSX-R750s piloted by a pro at Sonoma Raceway. Steve Rapp, AMA Superbike racer and Attack Performance CRT racer, gave me a firsthand…

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first ride: 2013 kawasaki zx-6r

Pics: Adam Campbell. Kevin Wing Sticking to the norm won’t cut it anymore in the battle for sportbike supremacy. Kawasaki recently unleashed a firestorm of Ninjas that laugh at class displacement rules and pump up the power past what’s offered by the remaining Big Four. Add to that electronic assists like power modes, traction control and ABS, and you have a killer package for the street. The 2013 ZX-6R 636 follows in this same vein and proves itself as an easy to use middleweight weapon loaded with tech. Like five shots of Jäger is to confidence, throw a leg over the new 636 and prepare to feel like a more capable rider. No BS, it is a wicked ride and a reason for competing 600s to start scrambling for steroids. In 2003,…

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the best…: street survival tactics

We ride for all the right reasons. Unfortunately, the world in which we ride does not care. It’s a jungle out there with unseen hazards at every turn. The bigger the city, the more street savvy you have to be in order to survive the daily grind. Here is a list of tactical tips to live by if a long street-riding career is what you’re after: 1. A rider’s state of mind is the most important place to begin. Stay focused on your surroundings. Leave emotional distractions behind. Your judgment and reaction time must always be on point so you can spot that swerving texter or nervous-on-the-brakes soccer mom. 2. Always have escape routes. Anticipate all possibilities and leave yourself room to get past, brake hard or dodge a vehicle that loses…

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best 3: gear add-ons

At minimum you should hit the pavement wearing a full-face helmet, armored jacket, gloves, long pants, and riding shoes. Any of the following items will protect you further: 1. Leg Protection: Kevlar-reinforced jeans with optional kneepads soak up an impact better than your Levis. Back up leg safety further with riding-specific shin guards from the likes of Icon or Astars. The sting in the wallet hurts less than rash on your ass! 2. Clear shield: At night a tinted visor can decrease or distort your vision. Carry a clear visor in a backpack as backup. 3. Ear Plugs: Loud pipes sound good but they can also damage hearing over time. Foam earplugs are cheap protection from long stints listening to a blaring exhaust or excessive wind noise.…

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top 5: danger zones

Hazards can pop up out of nowhere but statistically there are a few known situations where accidents involving motorcycles occur most often: 1. Rush-Hour Crunch: When commuters are in a hurry, they don’t care about anything but getting into the fastest moving lane. When traveling in the diamond lane and approaching stopped or slowed traffic in the lane to your right be careful of cars shooting over into your path. Also, watch out for cars that decide to get off the freeway at the last possible second. 2. Cross Traffic T-Bone: One of the most common car-versus-bike accidents involves a car that hooks a turn across your lane right in front of you. If you see an oncoming car preparing to turn across your path cover the brakes and prepare for their…

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world record stoppie

Outside of the sportbike world, most cannot conceive what 150 MPH feels like. Within riding circles an even smaller group of maniacs have ever pulled an endo up at a top gear pace. After years of trials and tribulations, Jesse Toler broke the Guinness World Record for longest stoppie at 1320.3 feet. At zMax Dragway in Charlotte, North Carolina, Toler also came away with a second Guinness World Record for the fastest stoppie on a motorcycle at 150 MPH. We hit him up for a Q&A about breaking these crazy landmarks. WHAT DID IT TAKE FROM YOUR BIKE TO BREAK THESE RECORDS? A lot of people think I have this super amazing bike built for this but the fact is it’s a very close to stock 2005 GSX-R750. Mods include Sick Innovations…