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Super Streetbike Mar-13

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Super Streetbike is the first magazine to actively explore the outer reaches of the extreme sportbike movement. Super Streetbike features page after page of the wildest custom sportbikes in the nation. Each issue features in-depth hop-up articles for all popular sportbikes alongside pages of products showcasing the latest and greatest in sportbike performance, cosmetic upgrades and the hottest new apparel.

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SEAN RUSSELL Editor In Chief Is your bike the envy of your riding circle? An important part of our job at SSB is uncovering those sought after sportbikes built by you. Many times the sickest bikes we find are hidden away in a garage to be taken out locally by an owner who never even considered submitting it for a show or as a potential magazine feature until we hit them up. The daily ridden carbon fiber R1 you’ll find on page 70 was built by a guy who has a long history of modding bikes and cars but never considered any of his projects “feature” worthy until a friend told him to go for it. He then sent me an email titled, “Shot in the Dark,” that included a spec sheet and…

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first ride: mv agusta brutale 800

“Our triple engine was born to be an 800, it is the best use for it.” MV’s CEO Giovanni Castiglioni is refreshingly direct when it comes to describing his company’s latest product. Despite launching the Brutale 675 a few months earlier, MV claims that while the 675 is aimed at ‘younger riders and female riders’ the 800 is a far more ‘professional’ kind of machine. In short it is back to the traditions of an Italian naked bike – fast, aggressive and exciting to ride. The first thing that strikes you with the Brutale is its size. Sharing virtually every major component with the 675 has not only allowed MV to save development costs, it has also let them squeeze an extremely potent motor into a diminutive chassis. Yet despite being…

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joe “r1madman” murphy

Railing my 2004 Yamaha R1 at Little Talladega Gran Prix Raceway is how I rage. I love nothing more than trying to get my elbow dragging around closed-circuit corners. My bike was built for speed, corner carving performance, and outright exhilaration so what better way to take advantage of it than at track days? And when I add my unquenchable desire for adrenaline pumping excitement to the equation I feel at one with my One. My bike began life as a daily rider for the street, but my first taste of track day adrenaline got me hooked! This is the only place I can take advantage of what she was created for and push myself to the limit. That is how I rage with my machine. HOW TO ENTER Would you like…

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pic of the month scooter stunts

At the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA. Nick Apex commandeered a Yamaha Zuma after sliding his Triumph triple stuntbike into a wall during a drift battle with Aaron Twite. With no bike to ride and a fence full of fans wanting more action, out came scooter wheelies and the universally accepted burnout. When in doubt, grab the front brake and light the rear tire up in a smoking display of two-wheeled appreciation Join, share and keep up with our picture feed on Instagram at: superstreetbike…

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the best… paint, plastic & metal prep abrasives

Sandpaper, cut-off wheels and grinding discs all fall into the category of abrasives. Whether shaping a fender, repairing a broken tail, fabricating a bracket or prepping for paint, we’ve all used them at one time or another but have you ever stopped to think about what the different types of sanding materials do and what the grit numbers actually mean? Abrasive products now come in a wide variety of shapes and forms for special applications in metal work, fabrication and paint prep. Choosing the best type and grit of abrasive material depends largely on individual technique. Most fabricators and custom painters will agree that basic metal work, shaping and material removal begins with the abrasives in the 24-, 36-and 40-grit range. The next level of work is performed with 80-and 100-grits…

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5 best prep tools

1. In the right hands the random orbital dualaction sanders are the best choices for material removal, shaping filler and surface preparation. 2. High-speed pneumatic cut-off tools fitted with an abrasive wheel are indispensible fabricating tools used for cutting metal stock and trimming metal parts or panels. 3. Another fabricator’s favorite is the high-speed sander equipped with a bonded abrasive grinding disc, which is similar to the abrasive cut-off wheel. 4. Whether prepping for bodywork or shaping a custom bracket, the absolute best tools for general shop use is the right-angle die grinder and high-speed sander. 5. Technically not an abrasive but the absolute best tool for rough-shaping filler is the cheese grater, sometimes referred to as a rasp.…