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Super Streetbike is the first magazine to actively explore the outer reaches of the extreme sportbike movement. Super Streetbike features page after page of the wildest custom sportbikes in the nation. Each issue features in-depth hop-up articles for all popular sportbikes alongside pages of products showcasing the latest and greatest in sportbike performance, cosmetic upgrades and the hottest new apparel.

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Editor-in-Chief Senior Tech Editor Art Director Lane splitting. Should we all be able to do it? Any resident rider of California is spoiled by the exclusive ability to “share lanes” when traffic slows to a Prius’ pace—which is almost always here. Back when air-cooled bikes ruled the roads, CA legislation saw it necessary to keep them in motion to minimize overheating and lane sharing was passed. Today, lane sharing in L.A. is necessary for riders’ sanity. It would just take too long to get around without it and add to the congestion. It can be dangerous when done at excessive speeds but anything in moderation, right? Recently, CA released new (stricter) guidelines for splitting lanes that state motorcyclists should only do it when traffic has slowed to 30 MPH or below and never at…

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2013 dealer expo

There’s no business like show business and for the motorcycle industry that show is the Indy Dealer Expo held annually at the Indiana Convention Center. Whether it’s gear, performance accessories or high-tech electronics, you’ll find the latest aftermarket hard parts and trinkets from around the world on display here. For 2013, the Expo shared convention center space with the Indy stop of the International Motorcycle Shows tour for a double dose of two-wheeled products and booth girls to help spur attendance. Pictures best describe what we saw so check out the photo highlights of the latest trends, industry innovations and goings on at this year’s Dealer Expo.…

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lisandro lantigua

Being in the military, I’m limited on how much I can rage with my machine but at every opportunity I am taking my 2007 Yamaha R1 out for a throttle-rich cruise down the strip by the beach. My bike has a single-sided swingarm with a 300mm fat-tire kit so it gets a lot of attention on the street, especially when letting loose with a rolling burnout. Going through first to third gears instantly feeds my adrenaline with an addictive rush. Dropping gears sounds like a hammer. Not to mention the screaming Toce Performance exhaust at full throttle just begs for more. Taking the time to ride the streets and let my custom bike breathe is how I get my motorcycle fix. Nothing tops that feeling after I rage with my…

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f poll how do you keep your bike safe?

Covering yourself with full insurance is only a starting point for keeping a prized bike safe. Floor anchors, heavy-duty chains, locks, GPStracking devices and good old fashion locked and loaded home security are all options. But according to a recent SSB Facebook poll, most find solace in garaging their bike. Full coverage won’t always cover mods and the time invested in building a bike so the more you outfit your garage to resemble Fort Knox the better. Park in Garage: 79% Full Insurance: 10% Chain or Disc Lock: 07% Line of Sight: 03% GPS Tracker: 01%…

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the best… surprise announcement from honda

It was during a 2012 press briefing from Honda boss Takanobu Ito about the future plans for the company’s direction that the world learned Honda was developing a new V4 sportbike that was to spear-head their goal “to create a new history.” Ito began by mentioning the RC30 and their passionate engineers before dropping the bombshell of a new supersport, “to which technologies from MotoGP will be applied.” Can you imagine a Honda RC213V for the street? This would be earth-shattering news for Big Red fanatics. With a speculated due date in late 2014, the V4 won’t be a Fireblade replacement. If created for the street, it will be priced more towards NR750 and Desmosedici RR numbers making it exclusively for the well-financed. Think at least $75,000. Honda has a history…

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SEND YOUR WORDS TO SSBMAIL@SORC.COM Scoop on Spokes I’ve never owned a Yamaha but I love that R1 on the cover of the February issue. The spoke wheels caught my eye. I know old-school bikes all had spoke wheels but are they strong enough to hold up to the power of a literbike like that R1 or a GSX-R1000, which is what I have? If so, a set might make it onto my list of things to buy. Raymond Brewer Paducah, KY Several people have inquired about the strength of spoke wheels recently. For the scoop on spokes, we went straight to the company who built the ones seen on the Feb. issue’s R1 cover bike. Black Bike Wheels are popular for the Harley market but we asked owner Elliot Galyn for his take on…