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Super Streetbike Nov-12

Super Streetbike is the first magazine to actively explore the outer reaches of the extreme sportbike movement. Super Streetbike features page after page of the wildest custom sportbikes in the nation. Each issue features in-depth hop-up articles for all popular sportbikes alongside pages of products showcasing the latest and greatest in sportbike performance, cosmetic upgrades and the hottest new apparel.

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SEAN RUSSELL Editor In Chief MICHAEL BELCHER Art Director DAVE SONSKY Publisher Inspiration. We build our bikes based on it, aspire to become better riders because of it and read our favorite magazines and websites to find it. This issue is packed full of inspiration in the form of both riders and customization. Learning about the Guinness Book wheelie record holders (page 34) was awe inspiring for us at SSB. Andy Slade, one of the attendees, lost his left arm in a work accident but continues to not only ride but also do things on a bike few would ever attempt. It’s hard to imagine what doing a wheelie at 180 MPH is like with two arms let alone one. Deeper in this issue we talk to Isle of Man TT legend, John McGuinness,…

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ssb yamaha custom showdown: indy

BUILDER OF THE YEAR: SESTO CUSTOM CYCLES Unlike Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway is centrally located and more easily accessible for riders from around the country. Each year thousands of bikes converge downtown on Meridian Street and celebrate a MotoGP weekend of motorcycling insanity. By night, the sounds of wilds hogs to stretched sportbikes bounce off the brick buildings but during the day the track is where it’s at. Here is where the final round of the 2012 SSB Yamaha Custom Showdown was held. Riders of all demographics cruised through a tent filled with custom-built Yamahas that ranged in date from the early 1970’s up to the modern day. Two-stroke, track-only, fat-tire and everyday performance rides parked in the tent, ready for voter’s approval. Each build spurred a different conversation about…

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the best... motogp girls of 2012

There are three certainties you can expect when venturing to an American MotoGP event. The first is the battle for cell phone bandwidth while attempting to post cool Facebook photos alongside thousands of others with the same idea. The second is the Disneyland-high prices you’ll pay for food and drink in between races. And third, the packs of promo models and umbrella girls that’ll most certainly divert your attention away from the track. The latter is by far the most enjoyable of the three and right up there with the raucous exhaust note of a GP bike. For all those who missed this year’s MotoGP festivities, we painstakingly rounded up and photographed the eye candy spotted both at Laguna Seca and Indy for your viewing pleasure. TOP 3: MOMENTS CAPTURED AT…

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2012 bonneville speedweek recap

Bonneville is the big white dyno. On the salt, hypothetical horsepower calculations don’t mean as much. In the measured mile there’s never any guarantee of how fast your bike will actually go. With over 500 pre-entries, once again the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) prepared four speed strips for this year’s Speedweek that blissfully offered minimal wait time in the staging area. For 2012, the trend was an increase in sidecar and custom builds along with the ever-popular streetbike and Hayabusa entries. Two big records of the event included Al Lamb from Dallas, TX who ran a two-way average of 240.292 MPH on his turbo 2008 Honda CBR1000RR in the 1000cc MPS-BF class and Ralph Hudson from Alhambra, CA who rode his streamlined 2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000 to a record of 239.976…

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franklin wun

Ever since I was a boy I have wanted to get a motorcycle. However, my eyesight is really bad. Recently I went to the local DMV and applied for an M1 license but could not pass the eye exam. I was crushed but did not give up. I did a lot of research and found a bunch of eye strength exercises for better vision. For two months I did these exercises with the help of my two sons. I also took supplements that helped my eye health and ate a lot of carrots. Finally I crossed my fingers and gave the eye test another shot and passed! That very day I went out and bought a Ninja 250 to start off with.…

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top gear america takes on edub

Pics: Adam McFarlane, (c) 2012 BBC Worldwide Ltd. The Crown Vic may be America’s go-to law enforcement vehicle but it’s by no means the fastest. From Corvette Z06 to a highway patrol Hayabusa, the boys in blue have rolled out some wild high-speed chase vehicles over the years. History Channel’s Top Gear America placed Ernie ’EDUB’ Vigil’s drift-built Triumph Speed Triple against a police-inspired Z06 driven by drift pro, Tanner Foust for a race through the city and docks of Long Beach, CA. Could a bike outmatch one of the fastest cop cars on the street? In made-for-TV fashion, the Corvette passed the Triple on a long final straight for the win. We want a rematch. Here is what Tanner and Ernie had to say: Tanner: “As an owner of a Ducati…