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musings on luxury

A few months ago, we were invited to a day trip along the coast on board of an awesome explorer built by an Italian shipyard for a renowned entrepreneur who’d decided to retire - lucky him - just on the threshold of turning fifty. The unusual freedom to browse around conceded to us literally with no limits meaning we could go anywhere we wished on this very original superyacht which is extremely sophisticated in terms of build while featuring several choices we do not share, led us to reconsider about the fact that luxury manages to express itself in its most openly exclusive form exactly when it appears as being diametrically opposite to logic based on opportunity. This happens when the object - in the given case the yacht -…

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cantiere delle marche deep blue 43

Cantiere delle Marche has recently begun to build Deep Blue a 43 metre explorer model for an expe-rienced yachtsman who previously owned Feadship, Lürssen e Blohm & Voss yachts and has recently opted for another CdM after having purchased and cruised in a Darwin Class 102. This Italian shipyard is currently very busy in finalising several project designs and has according to Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder as well as Sales & Marketing Director a considerable list of orders to date. “ I am happy and proud to have finalised this sale which clearly represents yet another success for the yard and for each one of us. The trust this returning owner has given us makes us very proud and represents great appreciation for our yachts and esteem for our whole team which…

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isa yachts crossbow

Crossbow is the name Hydro Tec studio gave to the project design for this 100 metre long superyacht with a beam of 12. Isa Yachts shipyard, which is part of Gruppo Palumbo liked the name and did not change it. Crossbow is built to be efficient and performing which explains why the construction material is all in aluminium alloy since it weighs less than other materials deployed by shipyards. All of this translates into a better weight/power ratio privileging performance and lower fuel consumption even if less power is needed to obtain more, and a low barycentre much improves sea keeping performance while dampening pitch and roll. Furthermore a relatively shallow 3.5 metre draught allows Crossbow to cruise much sought after shallow waters. Her silhouette sports harmonious wind piercing lines and…

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mangusta oceano 50

Presented at the Monaco Yacht Club in the course of a recent conference, this new model of the Mangusta Oceano 50 is Over-marine Group’s latest new entry in the line of displacing ships. The project design work has been carried out by Alberto Mancini who’s also handled the styling for the entire range, with the exception of the Oceano 46 initialled by Stefano Righini. This long distance yacht “...looks tough, is powerful and streamlined, with well determined contours resembling a sculpture...” The designer team as well as the Group’s Technical department put in loads of man hours to realize the project’s requirements, and more especially to deliver the liveability and compatible volumes normally featured in displacing navette (small ships edn.) while remaining below a gross tonnage of 500 GT. Floor to ceiling…

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amasea yachts amasea 84

An idea is not born by chance, and while being unique it is the fruit of detailed analysis combined with experience in the sector it refers to: not specifically the superyacht world but the shipbuilding yards which use lightweight aluminium alloy to build with. A 25 metre catamaran (today is only a project, tomorrow it becomes a reality. The day after that the beginning of a series which foresees seven builds a year) so ‘de facto’ it makes sense only by considering a set of parameters. The first of these is born from Jack Wijnants a naval engineer and project creator whose personal considerations and search for a yacht which corresponded to his requirements went amiss, but having capital enough and experience as well, he decided to build it himself creating…

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mondomarine the new fleet

Mondomarine has presented two new lines in the superyacht segment, which will flank projects “Eidos” and “Sea Falcon” following Palumbo Superyachts’ guide lines that acquired Mondmarine in November 2018. The first of the two new lines is named Classic e, it is currently made up of three models a 43 metre, a 50 metre, and a 63 metre with the collaboration of Luca Dini’s Design Studio. They’re semi-displacing yachts with a relatively shallow draught so they can cruise in shallower waters as well. As for the Classic e collection Luca Dini said: “ The 60 metre m/y Sarastar which Mondomarine delivered in 2017 was in fact the starting point. Talking of external lines our target was an evolution yes, but not a distortion of the base concept for that yacht sporting…