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numbers come numbers go

In the yachting world there’s only one thing that’s absolutely 100% authentic, tangible, quantifiable: the boat above all else and everything that went into the making which entails the owner, designer, engineers, skilled work force, suppliers making up this cast of easily recognizable actors. Then there’s the remainder, in other words those that for one reason or another knit together the environment, habitat, and image. Objectiveness and identifiability mix here with many variables such as opinion, interest, strategy and appreciable likeability. A maze in which it is easy to get lost. An example among many: you read up about a yacht that has received a “prestigious” award and in good faith you think it the best among all other competitors. That’s wrong because a minute later you find out that…

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azimut grande trideck

Grande Trideck is clearly not only Azimut’s new flag ship but it is also the largest this yard has ever built and the first to sport three decks. Three renowned international designers provided precious input and collaboration as follows: Alberto Mancini drew up the exterior design, Achille Salvagni handled the interior layout and Pierluigi Ausonio the hull. Starting from this last section, the Azimuth Grande Trideck is efficient in both displacement and in planing mode thanks to a modern well proportioned hull. We’re talking about a D2P hull or a Displacement to Planing one which Ausonio’s studio P.L.A.N.A. developed with Azimut’s R&D department. This hull comprises a double chine which minimizes drag effect when at cruising speeds and ensures better sea keeping when in displacement mode. Two MTU engines with 2,400…

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baglietto superfast42

Baglietto’s SuperFast42 seems to have returned from the past and this renown shipyard has lost none of its prestige by delivering what it used to: Hi-performance planing motor yachts, only that now they are built in weight saving aluminium alloys. A European owner has recently purchased the first model capable of reaching a top speed of 28 knots thanks to an all new hull design drawn up by Plana Design. The engines envisaged for this 42 metre superyacht are three. At centre a VOITH linear jet while to port and to starboard of this there are twin MTU 16V2000M96L linked to in line drives. In addition to increase ease of handling and enhanced flexibility this solution offers notable speed considering its overall length but also means saving on draught which…

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damen seaxplorer 58 metri

SeaXplorer’s trendy fleet will be delivering its third a 58 metre in 2022. Following the success obtained with the 77 metre “la Datcha” and the 65 metre “Anawa”, the 58 is being currently built by Damen in collaboration with Azure Yacht Design and Design Unlimited. Thanks to a predefined platform this Dutch built yacht will be completed in about two years. It is very much like every other SeaXplorer a luxury expedition model, or a cross over which blends comfort and superyacht quality of build initialed by Amels with the technologies installed on Damen brand built yachts. This 58 metre possesses Ice Class registration with which the owner can effectively explorer the remotest areas safely while counting also on the support of a helicopter and of a plethora of tenders and…

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princess x80

Princess yard’s “Superfly” X Class kicked off with the X95 and has enlarged its range further with the smaller X80 which has been scheduled for launching in the autumn of this year. The X80 has been built with the collaboration of Olesinski naval architecture studio and Pininfarina Design. The ingredients of this superyacht are the same as the ones used for the larger model right from the design work featuring an “S” shaped helm control station or more simply the wheel house which in this case as well has been positioned along part of the upper deck according to this British yard’s ‘open concept’ idea of styling. According to this idea, having the wheel house on the upper deck is an advantage in terms of accrued space gained on the main…

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clubswan 80

After several announcements, here come the facts. ClubSwan 80 is currently being built at Persico Marine’s main shipyard and HQ situated in Nembro near Bergamo, it’s equipped with robots, computerized numerically controlled machinery and innovative material so as to ensure remaining on track in each construction phase to deliver a surprisingly fast one-off design on time. Innovation and technology. The sharing of these two values has led to a new partnership between Nautor’s Swan and Persico Marine which is to build ClubSwan’s new model. We’re talking about the 80’ which slots in after the 36 and the 50 but before the 125’ flagship. The first phase was to laminate the hull which required all the technological know-how Persico Marine is capable of. The moulds were then built with computerized numerically controlled machinery…