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The Africa Report is the international publication of reference dedicated to African affairs, anticipating economic and political changes in Africa and relied upon for the independent expertise in its surveys, sector reports and country focus in each issue.

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all the angles

It should be a vintage year for the resolutely hopeful. Two gargantuan ambitions are hitting deadlines in 2020. And already, sceptics are sharpening their pencils, checking the spelling of ‘quixotic’. In July, the African Continental Free Trade Agreement goes into operation. And in January, African Union (AU) leaders are to meet to track progress on the Silencing the Guns by 2020 campaign, a bid to crack down on the small-arms trade fuelling conflicts. On both projects, much of the heavy lifting was done in Addis Ababa. The UN’s Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) worked closely with the AU and the AfDB on the trade treaty’s planning and drafting. Apart from it being the world’s biggest free-trade treaty in terms of the populations it covers, it was among the fastest and most…

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NIGERIA’S BIGGEST BANE I agree with these young CEOs that infrastructure is the biggest bane of Nigerian businesses [TAR 109, ‘What Nigeria’s young CEOs want’]. Electricity is unreliable, delivery is unreliable, etc. It is easier to ship goods from China to Lagos than from Kano to Lagos. That is madness, and it has to take an insane drive by the government to improve and sort out infrastructure. When this happens, start-up owners and entrepreneurs can move funds allocated to providing backup for these systemic failures, to doing more in other areas of the business. See how Nigeria has managed to become Africa’s biggest economy, in spite of its dearth of infrastructure? Kola Adaramola, ex-Jumia staff, Nigeria RECYCLED PEOPLE When you say ‘people to watch for the coming year’, I expect that the media will…

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nigeria’s musical efforts pay off

Key players in the Nigerian music industry are becoming purposeful and I am delighted at what the industry stands to gain from this [TAR109, ‘Nigeria’s musical moment’]. I realised that for the music industry to grow, despite poor government support, everyone must pick a purpose and pursue it. [ ...] The different folds of Mr Eazi’s emPawa will change what we call ‘industry support’ forever. We can’t build athriving industry by giving artists handouts occasionally. But with systematic efforts like emPawa and Mavin’s serious-minded structure, we can.…

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louise mushikiwabo frank speaker

It was an away match for Louise Mushikiwabo, a foray to the heart of the British establishment. Chatham House, on London’s St James’s Square, was home to three British prime ministers before the building was handed over, in the aftermath of the First World War, to academics and diplomats charged with analysing crises and preventing war. Some 16 years later, the Second World War broke out, one of whose consequences was the coinage of the term ‘genocide’. The terrible reality behind the word has shaped Mushikiwabo’s life, as it has that of her country since 1994. Her brother Landoald Ndasingwa, a businessman and politician, was killed on the first day of the Rwandan genocide. Mushikiwabo’s invitation to speak at Chatham House was centred on the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), to…

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year in images

JANUARY NAIROBI ATTACK Al-Shabaab militants claimed 21 victims during a 19-hour seige at the DusitD2 hotel complex in the Westgate area of Nairobi, prompting a controversial plan to arm private security guards. FEBRUARY SECOND HELPINGS In Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari and vice-president Yemi Osinbajo held on to power after close-run elections against rival Atiku Abubakar. JUNE FUEL INJECTION Morocco’s already booming auto-manufacturing sector was boosted by French carmaker PSA, who opened a new plant at Kenitra, north of Rabat. MARCH PRESIDENTIAL PALS The Africa CEO Forum in Rwanda marked the beginning of a new friendship between President Paul Kagame and the DRC’s Félix Tshisekedi. The two countries had long been considered enemies. APRIL MAKING A POINTE Poetic Protest photographed by Rania G became one of the viral images of Algeria’s youth protests, featuring ballet…

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ramaphosa’s puzzle

The South African economy has been in the doldrums for years. Growth has been so low that per capita income has declined every year since 2013. This is partly due to global conditions, but much more it is a consequence of low levels of investment resulting from policy weaknesses and uncertainty. Under the corrupt administration of President Jacob Zuma (2009-2017) huge amounts of cash were stolen from several critical state-owned enterprises. The government lost the capacity to invest, and the private sector lost its appetite. Since coming to office in December 2017, President Cyril Ramaphosa has presented a programme of reform and has begun to implement it: politicians from his African National Congress (ANC) party have been convicted of crimes; commissions have revealed detailed evidence of corruption; and good appointments have been…