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The Africa Report is the international publication of reference dedicated to African affairs, anticipating economic and political changes in Africa and relied upon for the independent expertise in its surveys, sector reports and country focus in each issue.

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capital contradictions

Amid the trade wars, populism and economic nationalism, capitalism is under fire. But which capitalism is that? For the hard-nosed commercial titans of the roaring 2020s, the dictum by Milton Friedman that “there is one and only one social responsibility of business: to use its resources and to engage in activities designed to increase its profits” will remain the lodestar. There is no question that this is the zeitgeist in Donald Trump’s dealmaking administration, and it is echoed in Brazil and India. Some critics of capitalism find the ‘business of business is business’ approach more honest than a series of corporate social responsibility projects launched by communications companies. For economist Léonce Ndikumana, who runs a commission on the reform of corporate taxation, the problem of capitalism in Africa is not a laser-like…

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MNANGAGWA’S FAILURES I struggle to understand why Zimbabwe is still struggling to improve its hospital services after ousting Robert Mugabe three years ago. There are shortages of resources in hospitals to protect and promote health delivery services effectively. Doctors are sometimes using bare hands in hospitals, which is unsafe and can spread diseases. Shortages of both doctors and nurses due to economic instability are affecting the smooth operation of public hospitals. There are no ambulances. Major surgeries are being cancelled due to electricity rationing. Some hospitals are washing linen in a river. President Emmerson Mnangagwa has failed Zimbabweans, the region – which is busy picking up pieces of migrants – and the entire world, which expected him to immediately halt Mugabe’s three decades of economic decay. Tapiwa Muskwe London, United Kingdom HEALTH AND…

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ramaphosa’s leadership test

One of the most profound political changes taking place in South Africa is that those political activists who have risen to leadership roles, including the highest office in the land, belong to the category known as ‘inziles’. They, as your article said (TAR 109 ‘Team Ramaphosa’), belong to a generation that were shaped and schooled in the UDF. After the economic growth under then president Thabo Mbeki, they had to watch as state capture was allowed to mushroom under President Jacob Zuma. Prosecutions must follow once the Zondo Commission has completed its work. This will be a real test of Ramaphosa’s leadership. I am confident he will show South Africa and the world that he is the real deal. Aushumato Khoi, Cape Town, South Africa…

5 min.
mohammed dewji questions of value

We are at an upmarket hotel in central London, a stone’s throw from Hyde Park. Tanzanian businessman Mohammed Dewji is prompt, smiling and wearing his trademark chunky glasses. We grab a table and an (excellent) espresso. No one disagrees about the comfortable global dominance of East African arabica. So far, so normal. Dewji started life on the kitchen table: his mother caught short, the hospital in the rural area of Singida too far. His early years did not, he says, isolate him from the realities of rural life in Tanzania. After a stay in the US, first with the ambition to be a golf pro, then studying theology, then working on Wall Street, he returned home to join MeTL, the trading company launched by his grandmother and run by his father.…

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creating the eco is a real test for west african vision

The African franc zone has regained its freedom of speech. Some are just realising that the CFA franc is incompatible with the economic emergence of francophone Africa, and the announcement on 21 December in Abidjan of the imminent end of the CFA franc and its replacement by the eco has certainly loosened up thinking. Beyond the sniping from various finance ministers in the region, we need a positive regional narrative, carried by political leaders – like the Casablanca group formed around Kwame Nkrumah and Gamal Abdel Nasser in the 1960s. We have everything needed to head towards federalism. The populations are integrated, the Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA) countries are already collectively negotiating their external trade at the World Trade Organisation, and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)…

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q2 / april

TURKEY/AFRICA Summitry and taking sides The Ankara government is taking its African engagement more seriously on all fronts. It is a frontline defender of the beleaguered Tripoli government in Libya, and is organising an Africa summit in April and a trade forum in October in order to grab more influence, as officials from Moscow to London show greater interest in the continent. The conference follows previous attempts to build up ties, with a summit in Ankara in 2008 and another in Malabo in 2014. Trade minister Ruhsar Pekcan was looking for deals in Morocco and Nigeria in January, and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Algeria, Gambia and Senegal in the same month. Turkey’s diplomats promise that Africa will be a major focus for the rest of 2020. SHAMEEL JOOSUB The CEO of South…