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December 2020

Readers learn painting and drawing firsthand from other artists through written instruction and reproduction, guiding them step-by-step through the creative process. The magazine shows readers a wide variety of creative options, teaching the fundamentals of art making, presenting techniques in different painting and drawing media.

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lyn asselta

“There’s always a space between my hand and the surface of the painting where creativity hovers expectantly before taking shape. Mystery lives in that split second between a thought and a mark, between imagination and reality.”…

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we asked... you answered

“Vermeer’s Girl With a Red Hat. I feel I know her and would like to sit next to her to hear what she has to say.” —LAURIE SAMARA-SCHLAG “Renoir’s Dance at the Moulin de la Galette. A beautiful Sunday gathering in Paris, dancing, eating galettes, everyone dressed in their Sunday best. Lovely.” —ROSEMARY GONDEK DERITIS “Georges Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. People gathered to simply enjoy and embrace community.” —VICKI CLARKSON “Van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles. To be a fly on the wall there, to grasp his inspiration, frustrations, dreams ... Wow!” —AMANDA KUYKENDALL LIKE US ON FACEBOOK @ARTISTSNETWORK TO ANSWER EACH MONTH’S QUESTION IN “THE ASK.” RESPONSES MAY BE EDITED FOR LENGTH AND CLARITY.…

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a thematic approach

The assessment of an artwork’s quality is often a matter of opinion, but one quick way often used to gauge the worth of a painting is to ask whether the artist is famous. This method infers that the more famous the painter, the better the painting. That artists should strive for fame is a key lesson imparted by the Florentine biographer of Renaissance artists, Giorgio Vasari (1511–1574). In his book Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects (also known as Lives of the Artists) the author, who was also a painter, complimented his illustrious subjects by cataloging the works they produced that ensured their well-earned fame. He also notes disapprovingly of their missteps, warning aspiring artists about hazards that can get one knocked off the pedestal. After all,…

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meet the artist

Margaret Minardi was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., one of a pair of identical twins. As a child she lived many years in Port of Spain, Trinidad, where her father worked as an engineer. It was a life without television and with few friends—circumstances that fostered her creative imagination. She studied art at the Huntington School of Fine Arts, in Greenlawn, N.Y. and the State University of New York at Purchase, in Harrison, and then worked for 30 years as a high school art teacher on Long Island. Since she began showing her work five years ago, it has appeared in scores of group and solo exhibitions, garnering many prizes. William Ris Gallery, in Jamesport, N.Y., represents her work. Now retired from teaching, Minardi is a full-time artist and makes her…

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demonstration: emergence

1 Working on Arches 140-lb. cold-pressed paper (off the roll), clipped to a board, McEown started with an underpainting, applied as a wet-into-wet wash. 2 Next, he began defining the foreground whales and setting up where to leave the whites. The artist doesn’t use masking fluid but prefers to paint negative shapes around the lights. 3 He then applied the sky wash and defined the backlit mountains and ice. McEown’s studio painting Emergence (watercolor on paper, 26x47) captures the thrill of frolicking orca whales amidst a sunset in the Antarctic Peninsula. More Online! See more photos and paintings of the artist’s penguin encounters at artistsnetwork.com/go/mceown-penguins.…

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meet the artist

Erika Stearly (erikastearly.com) has been creating paintings of domestic spaces since 2010. She has been an Artist In Residence at Wilson College, Kutztown University, and Penn State University, where she taught undergraduate painting. Stearly has received awards from the Puffin Foundation and the Black Rock Arts Foundation for her work with “Take A Painting” (page 61). Her art is represented by the BoxHeart Gallery, in Pittsburgh, and S&J Framing Workshop, in Melbourne, Australia, and is also available online through PxP Contemporary.…