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The Australian Women's Weekly November 2020

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There have been so many poignant images to come out of the pandemic, from desolate city streets to empty supermarket shelves. But among those that stick in my mind are the heartbreaking images of elderly care residents greeting family members through glass windows or doors, able to do little more than wave forlornly at desperate loved ones. Sadly, as we know from so many harrowing news stories, these were the lucky ones. There were families who were cut off completely from their elderly relatives, in some cases unable to even reach them on the phone, as the facilities that homed them spiralled into crisis mode. It has highlighted once again the failings in some quarters of our aged care sector. It has reminded us again that we can and should…

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open line

ROCK ON I’ve been a Weekly reader since childhood, when it provided content for my scrapbooks. As a student, I analysed it for my PhD on health messages in popular media. Now, as I leaf through the current issue (AWW, October), with its accounts of past and present heroes such as Helen Reddy (The Woman Behind the Anthem) and Turia Pitt (In Times of Crisis, Shine a Light), and challenges we face, such as fake news (Welcome to Your Fake News Nightmare), I see its value as storyteller and recorder of lives and events. Rock on, AWW. A. Ring, Coogee, NSW WRITE to us Letter of the Month wins $100. Your postal address must be included in all correspondence. Please state clearly if your letter is not for publication. See page 182 for Are…

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letter of the month

I never cease to be inspired and humbled by the courage of Turia Pitt, (In Times of Crisis, Shine a Light, AWW, October). She not only survived the catastrophic burns that almost claimed her life, facing many challenges during her gruelling recovery, but went on to embrace life with a fierce determination, becoming a wonderful role model for people of every generation. Turia has achieved many things in her life, but there’s no doubt that the role of motherhood is her greatest yet. It’s wonderful to see Turia and her fiancé, Michael, with their beautiful children and I wish them many more happy blessings in the future. J. Caine, Donvale, Vic…

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in brief

Vale Ruth Bader Ginsburg RUTH BADER GINSBURG was born into a world where women were not seen as equal to men, and worked her whole life to change that. She laid the foundation for gender equality, case by case, starting with a lawsuit that demonstrated that sex discrimination hurts everyone. As the second woman to sit on the US Supreme Court, she fought for equality for other minorities. Her pointed, dissenting judgments earned her the nickname Notorious RBG. She was 87. Lisa Curry honours loving daughter AS LISA CURRY mourns the loss of her “caring and bright” daughter with the “loving soul” she has written some touching words about Jaimi, who passed away last month, aged 33. “So loved, so beautiful, so kind to everyone,” a heartbroken Lisa wrote. “Rest in peace my…

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emmys in isolation

FRIENDS FOREVER Jennifer Aniston (centre) left the Emmys when she was done presenting, but she and friends Lisa Kudrow (left) and Courteney Cox (right) made the night special by watching the ceremony together. WELL-SUITED Emmy presenters donned hazmat suits and went to the homes of nominees this year. Catherine O’Hara (above left) received one of seven Emmys shipped to Canada for the Schitt’s Creek nominees. AS GOOD AS GOLD Emmy nominee Sarah Snook crafted her own silver trophy. When Ozark actress Julia Garner was named the best supporting actress, beating Sarah and Meryl Streep, Sarah said she’d post it to her. ABC. ABC VIA GETTY IMAGES. BETTMANN ARCHIVE. THE WASHINGTON POST VIA GETTY IMAGES.…

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crown prince family winning hearts & minds

To celebrate the end of their holidays Crown Princess Mary, Crown Prince Frederik and their family sent a special message to the people of Denmark along with a beautiful set of portraits no doubt designed to lift spirits in these uncertain times. The communication from the Crown Prince Couple was light, breezy and upbeat: “Another summer went by. All six of us enjoyed it around Denmark, and here on the last summer day of the year we send a late summer greeting.” When COVID-19 first hit, the family of six was in Switzerland where the royal children were part way through a 12-week school stay at the prestigious Lemania-Verbier International School. Mary had paused her royal and extensive humanitarian work so she could accompany the children, while their father went to…