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The European Business Review January/February 2018

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aargau- a location taht moves companies forward

1. Cost advantages Below-average tax rate, moderate wages and low real estate and property prices. 2. Perfectly developed in the heart of Europe The canton of Aargau is situated in the strongest Swiss economic region, in between Zurich, Basel, Bern and Lucerne. 3. Concentrated high-tech know-how In Aargau, there are highly qualified specialists in the high-tech industries of energy, electrical engineering, life sciences, medical technology, plastics, ICT and mechanical engineering. 4. High quality of life Anyone who appreciates nature experiences and cultural highlights feels at home in Aargau. You can find an outstanding educational system, innumerable leisure activities and many local recreational areas for the whole family. Aargau Services – we pave the way for you Would you also like to benefit from the locational advantages of Aargau? We would be pleased to support you. With regard to establishing a…

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turning societal challenges into business through value sharing

How do brands stay meaningful and relevant in the 21 century? One powerful route is to deliver high value to customers while addressing wider social and environmental issues as an integral way of doing business. But doing this requires rethinking how value is created. In this article, we explore case studies of leading companies who are putting this new value creation and sharing into practice. From these we draw seven recommendations for enterprises wanting to follow this trans-formative economic path. Transformation Economy is driven by the realisation that despite economic progress, the world’s population is facing persistent socio-economic inequality and mounting environmental challenges. To understand how to go forward, it’s useful to briefly look back at how the transformative path has emerged as the latest wave of value creation. The initial wave…

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to find value in the digital age, find it for others first

Executives often overlook opportunities in their existing enterprise to apply digital capabilities to serve customers in new ways. To grow their businesses consistently, leaders must envision a much bigger picture of where value resides than they have traditionally. And they must be prepared to create much more value than they can capture for themselves. Why do so many companies struggle to identify and capture growth opportunities? The digital age is brimming with promise on this front. Yet regularly growing the portion of a company’s share price that is based on expectations of future earnings growth – while at the same time growing the portion based on actual earnings – is not the norm. In fact, only two percent of the 995 large organisations examined in a recent Accenture research study have accomplished…

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tolerating failure: a key to creating sustainable business

Business executives should be creating shared value and they all should be writing the new story of business by transforming their companies to become responsible citizens and changing the world for better. Best-in-class companies galvanise their workforces to serve a larger purpose – creating a better world. They empower employees by providing leadership support and a sense of psychological safety. We illustrate how it can be done based on the example of Enel “My Best Failure” programme for celebrating failure and encouraging innovation. The idea of creating sustainable business is not new to business executives. They all should be creating shared value (Kramer and Porter 2011), which in simpler terms means making money and doing good, and they all should be writing the new story of business (Freeman 2017) by transforming their…

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5g is coming… but what is it?

The expectation around 5G surpasses all previous generations. We are told it will herald a digital utopia with services beyond our dreams and gigabit data rates. But that is not how things appear to be working out. Instead, 5G may just be a minor upgrade to 4G networks, performed by increasingly cash-strapped mobile operators. For better services consumers may look to Wi-Fi and to alternative providers. Rather than delivering the crowning achievement of 40 years of mobile success, 5G may be the first indication that its best days are past. Ten years ago the iPhone was introduced, bringing about the most dramatic change in the use of telecommunications ever seen. Since then there has not been much technological change but data usage, app usage and new business models have grown astoundingly. Each…

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how will 5g internet change the world?

When Estonia is contemplating a launch of its own digital currency (Estcoin), Deutsche Telekom is running pilots on a 5G connection, and America ponders the future of Net Neutrality, we witness various manifestations of the same dilemma: how will the increased digital connectivity revolutionise our technologies, reform our societies, and change our lives in the ways we can hardly anticipate? The rollout of 5G is expected to enable and widely disseminate technologies, such as: the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, autonomous drones, and Star Wars-inspired hologram phones. What was considered science-fiction just a decade ago is currently being prototyped, tested, and piloted. A $1 billion investment in a New Mexico “ghost town” speaks for itself. And, as we enter the era of 5G, the formerly futuristic gadgets might just become commonplace. But…