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The European Business Review March/April 2018

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what it truly means to go digital

Today, we can see the adoption of nascent technological development as not just a modest factor in enterprises’ evolution but a holy grail, so to say. While organisations continually aspire to have superior digital knowledge, it is indispensable to gain an in-depth understanding of what it truly means to go digital. With an aim to keep you abreast with the issues and trends associated with digitisation, we bring to you the March/April issue of The European Business Review – complete with perspectives on digital business and innovation, as well as on governance and strategies that work in the 21 century. Going digital requires digital mindset and understanding, as such we present in this issue an exploration on the future of business in the age of cyber world and anticipated paradigm shifts in…

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insights into the transformation of business in the cyber-age

The rapid and disruptive technological developments are leading us into a global all encompassing transformation. The main driver today is the progression of the information and communication technology (ICT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The next step will be a deep transformation due to the Cyber-Reality, a combination of digital reality (DR), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) – resulting to a fast expanding digitalisation, which is creating a new wave of globalisation. In this article, the authors discuss briefly anticipated paradigm shifts in economy and in business, as well as propose new business models connected with Cyber-Reality. “Our perception is our reality!” We are still in the midst of the transformation created by digitalisation and many people and organisations are trying hard to cope with it. Several recent writings insist that…

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the fintech opportunity for banks in europe

Banks need a purposeful strategy to combine the strengths of traditional banking with the innovative solutions offered by fintech. Propelled by data-driven innovation, fintech companies continue to gain traction – taking some financial firms by surprise. For banks that are looking into investing and partnering with fintechs to ensure relevance and growth and avoid losing market share, the time is right for strategic collaboration. Bank leaders by and large saw the arrival of financial technology companies (fintechs) as a challenge. Lately, though, they’ve started to see things differently: traditional bankers are becoming increasingly open to the idea of collaborating with fintechs of all types, with an eye towards improving their own firms’ offerings and accelerating growth. The timing is right. As the fintech world enters a more mature phase, fintech leaders are also…

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the real industry 4.0 challenge

As the manufacturing industry enters into the fourth industrial revolution or the Industry 4.0, supply chain leaders are challenged to make their enterprise processes more digitised – in order for their supply chain to become efficient, customer-focussed and agile. However, with the increasing demands and risks associated with the avalanche of technologies in the manufacturing industry, are companies truly ready for the Industry 4.0? A recent survey by IMD business school asked supply chain leaders across Europe to select from a diverse list of 20 hot topics what would be their biggest supply chain drivers in 2020. They were also asked to rank their company’s readiness to exploit these drivers. The top five supply chain drivers for which the implementation gap was the largest touched on Big Data, Digitalisation, Internet of Things…

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safeguarding your brand through better supply chain visibility

Increased transparency over your supply chain will allow you to identify problem areas such as inefficient and wasteful operations. Trends ranging from globalisation and social media to rising consumer demand for responsibly and sustainably produced goods have transformed the role of the supply chain. Your supply chain today is very much an extension of your brand – with the power to bolster or harm your reputation. Even the most celebrated brands are vulnerable. Among many well-known brands, there have been cases of harsh working conditions in overseas factories, fires and other safety hazards that have injured or killed thousands of people, and environmental spills or lapses that have caused significant damage to habitats and communities. Suppliers’ poor workplace conditions and flawed environmental practices can directly or indirectly impact even the strongest brands, which…

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speaking truth to power

The recent report from Hult found that “speaking truth to power” is a lot more complicated than simply telling your staff they can pop in whenever they like. The need for transparency has never been more important, both in politics and in business. However, new research from Hult International Business School suggests that most leaders are genuinely blind to the fact of just how difficult it is for others to speak up to them. Hult professor Megan Reitz and her research partner John Higgins share their findings and provide advice for leaders on how to create the conditions for open and effective dialogue. In the last year we’ve seen an unprecedented number of business leaders pleading ignorance of employee misconduct. The “I didn’t know what was happening further down the company” refrain…