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The European Business Review May/June 2018

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the million dollar question

More than a decade ago, the metaphor “data is the new oil” shook the world and left organisations scrambling for ways on how they could translate it into tangible value for their business. While others already reaped and are reaping the benefits emerging from the wealth of data at their disposal, some are still saddled as they don’t have the platform and superior knowledge to compete amid the data gold rush in today’s business world. This leads us all to the question: How then could your enterprise benefit from the actionable and relevant data available today? Our conversation with Enno Lueckel, Vice President, EMEA at Ephesoft answers this question. He shares his insights on how their innovative solution – Smart Capture – can facilitate organisations’ quest to mine unstructured data and make it…

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why mark zuckerberg’s leadership failure was a predictable surprise

According to a recent update on 4th April 2018, it may well be that the data of as many as 87 million Facebook users has been accessed. BY DAVID DE CREMER In today’s more developed global village, responsible leadership is of paramount importance especially from businesses that make use of digital platforms. In 2017, we published an original article by De Cremer, Zhang, and De Schutter entitled “The Challenge of Leading Digital Platforms in Responsible Ways”, which pointed out the disasters that Facebook and other digital platforms could face because of their lack of responsible leadership and why simply relying on legislation to tackle the ethical challenges of digital platforms is reactive at best. Today, as requested by The European Business Review, De Cremer provided an updated analysis on what they have…

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why forgiveness should be part of your compliance strategy

Compliance strategies are integral in creating a trustworthy, high performing and innovative work culture. As such, it is imperative for companies to evaluate the effectiveness of their compliance especially in today’s complex business world. In this article, the author highlights the advantage of putting forgiveness a part of the compliance strategy as implemented by China’s giant telecom Huawei. In the last two decades, the importance of having a compliance team in office has increased significantly. Several ethical failures that took place at Tyco, WorldCom, Enron, Royal Dutch Shell and Volkswagen – to name just a few – all have been widely publicised and discussed. Consequently, the existence of these numerous international scandals pushed towards a rise in regulatory requirements across industries. Despite the enormous number of articles published on the need…

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the three types of big data that matter for cmos

Organisations today have massive amount of data at their disposal. However, not all C-level executives have clear typology of the digital data that can help marketing strategists unlock value. Discover how this issue can be addressed towards an enhanced analytics capability, strengthened data management and the creation of tangible value for your business. With a few exceptions, the bulk of brands to date have mostly leveraged big data for short- purposes. For , companies have learnt how to manage their online reputation by creating social media command centres that can detect and react to consumer chatter in real time. They’ve also learnt to track the recent online behaviour of customers, which has helped them run more targeted advertisements. But this makes C-level executives at best very effective bill posters (when they…

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mining actionable information with smart capture

Companies collect tons of data nowadays, but most of them do not yet profit from that treasure. The situation can be compared to the peak of the California Gold Rush: all of the easily accessible gold had been recovered already and mining the rest had become very expensive, but then new technologies were invented to recover the metal cost-effectively. This is more or less exactly what Ephesoft did for data: while the cost to recover actionable information has been very high in the past, Ephesoft introduced machine learning technology for data capture, which makes extracting data more affordable and easier to access for organisations of all sizes. We talked about this approach with Enno Lueckel, Vice President EMEA at Ephesoft, discussing how it works in daily business and what it…

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are you following the right digital recipe?

To produce a successful dish of digital reinvention, start by combining six ingredient technologies. Here’s how to get cooking. Digital technologies have been feeding executives’ appetite for growth, cost savings, and innovation for years. Each one promises nourishment and sometimes brings delight. But how many business leaders are considering the value of combining technologies to create one gourmet meal? So far, not many. And to be fair, technologies such as augmented reality are still very much emerging. Yet some companies have already discovered the power of combination and are reaping the rewards. We studied the performance of 800 companies in 12 manufacturing and resources-based industries and 21 countries. According to our research, the five percent of organisations that combined six ingredient technologies – mobile computing, big-data analytics, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality,…