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August 2019

The Gardener is a monthly, national magazine dedicated to inspiring gardeners, providing practical advice and showing step-by-step garden projects. Our monthly features include garden design, in-depth plant features, growing vegetables and herbs, water gardening, garden wildlife and pets, specialist plant articles and much more. We have an extensive database on our website that is growing daily.

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Hot off the press this month is our in-depth look at the 2019 Chelsea Flower Show. ‘Taming the Wild’ was a HOT trend that was evident in many gardens, to the extent that some even showcased the concept of nurturing weeds (oh, I uttered the ‘W’ word!). Is it even possible that wildness and weeds were presented at the World’s Premier Garden Show, which sets gardening trends for years to come? I am delighted! What we are seeing is the next step in garden culture, moving from ‘whimsical planting’ to intentionally planting to foster biodiversity, balance and, probably the best reason, to be different. Yes, of course we can’t grow many of England’s ‘weeds’, but a clear example of how we can introduce such plants into our gardens is the humble…

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the gardener magazine

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3 flavourful heirloom tomatoes

‘Big Rainbow’ We just love the variety in colour and shape of heirloom tomatoes, and ‘Big Rainbow’ is a great example of this. Obviously the fruit is full of colour, graduating from goldenorange to red accents, but the shape is also of interest. Instead of being round or oval, the fruit of ‘Big Rainbow’ looks a bit like a small pumpkin, fluted and ribbed and that delicious shade of orange. It’s one of the beefsteak tomatoes, which means that the fruit is very large (up to 10cm in diameter and almost 1kg each in the case of ‘Big Rainbow’!) and with firm, juicy flesh. It is well suited to being eaten raw, and slices particularly well. The indeterminate vine reaches about 2m in height and produces a copious amount of fruit.…

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taming the wild at chelsea

The Savills and David Harber Garden This was my very first visit to Chelsea, and hopefully the first of many. I’d spent the afternoon before walking around Sloane Square where Chelsea fever was in full swing. Shop owners were adorning their shop windows with masses of flowers and decorative motifs. Word on the street was that Chelsea 2019’s main takehome message is bold: get out there and celebrate the regenerative power of nature. Usually I’m behind the scenes designing layouts for The Gardener, and now I was fortunate to attend Press Day at the most prestigious Flower Show in the world. After collecting my press packs I set off to find Main Avenue, where some of Britain’s best designers have worked for the past three weeks to construct and plant up…

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A GALLERY OF SILVERS Lavandula stoechas ‘Silver Anouk’ • Outstanding silver-white foliage with a blue cast.• Fragrant dark violet flowers topped with lavender bracts or petals in spring – reblooming in other seasons.• Sprightly upright growth habit (46cm x 36cm).• Use in borders, as a low hedge or plant your ‘Silver Anouk’ in a pot. Lychnis coronaria (rose campion) • Perennial or biennial grown for both its silvery-grey velvety leaves and a profusion of flowers in spring and summer.• Clump-forming with ovate, densely woolly leaves.• Perfect for mass planting in a border.• Size approximately 80cm x 45cm. Podalyria sericea (silver sweet pea bush) • Very decorative but unfortunately vulnerable indigenous shrub.• The soft evergreen, silky, silver-grey foliage gives the whole plant a shiny lustre.• Pretty pink pea-like flowers appear in winter and are followed by swollen velvety seed…

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get ready for summer

1 Secure the standard roses The August winds can easily snap the heads off of standard roses if they are not secure. Make sure the stake is tall enough so that the end reaches into the crown. The ideal stake has a T-bar at the top, to which the crown can be tied to avoid any twisting. I like to use strips of shade cloth that are wrapped all the way up into the crown and secured. You can also use strips of pantyhose or any broad tying material, but not wire or cable ties, which can eventually strangle the stem. Make quite sure that the ties are not too tight. 2 Tidy up climbing roses Climbing roses flower best on the previous season’s growth so they don’t need pruning back as other roses…