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October 2021

The Gardener is a monthly, national magazine dedicated to inspiring gardeners, providing practical advice and showing step-by-step garden projects. Our monthly features include garden design, in-depth plant features, growing vegetables and herbs, water gardening, garden wildlife and pets, specialist plant articles and much more. We have an extensive database on our website that is growing daily.

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Hello everyone. I hope that you and your family and friends are all keeping safe – this silly virus seems to have more waves than the Indian Ocean! My saving mantra these days, which I share with many folks, is ‘at least we have our gardens!’ I know you know it, and that you indulge in and seek refuge in your paradise whenever you can. I hear you, though – there is simply not enough of that time. Life in this chaotic world we find ourselves in just seems to be racing at the speed of light! But rest assured that we are going to force you over the next month to take a little time out to enjoy these 96 pages packed with pure gardening joy. Some things never date,…

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flowers up high…

Pandorea jasminoides ‘Rosea’ (bower plant) This willing bloomer is an evergreen climber that is dressed from bottom to top with lush dark green leaves on slender stems. The foliage provides a neat background to the panicles of tubular light pink flowers with striking dark pink throats which appear from late winter to midsummer. It needs a little help to grow upwards and for the stems to wrap themselves around a support at first. It flourishes in subtropical regions and will not tolerate wind or heavy frost. Pruning can be in the form of a light trim after flowering to neaten the plant and to prevent wayward stems. Feed during the summer months to ensure an abundance of flowers. Wisteria sinensis (Chinese wisteria) Wisterias are vigorous, far-reaching climbers, but growth can be inhibited if…

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garden galleria

New mega pack flower range launch MayFord has just launched a new Mega Pack range of Spring Flowers. The Mega Packs make it easy to see just what the seeds can do in your garden thanks to icons such as ‘Throw & Sow’ (easy sowing), ‘Waterwise’ and ‘Indigenous’ (low water user), ‘Bee Friendly’ (good for pollinators), ‘Cut Flower’ (good for the vase), and an icon to show expected coverage. The sowing instructions on the back of the packet have been revamped to make it even easier to follow. Look out for the new packaging at your local garden store. www.mayford.co.za Maple Grow House If you are into design and aesthetics as well as gardening, look no further than the Maple Grow House from Keter. It is handsome enough to complement your patio, and…

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ciao bella

IN BRIEF: Where: Saxonwold, Johannesburg Size of stand: 1 000m², with the garden about half of that. Style of garden: Italianate with a twist of colour. Owner: Richard Smith Italianate gardens are by definition very structured, with tightly clipped hedges whose stylish lines draw the eye through the landscape. They tend to have little or no colour, relying on their tight structure, flowing lines and varying textures to excite the senses. Not one to stick to the rules, Richard Smith saw no reason why he couldn’t combine rigid form with vibrant colour. The results of his transformation of a near derelict garden prove that he was spot on. “I like my gardens to reflect my personality,” explains Richard. “I use both the Outside-In and Inside-Out approach.” If anyone could pull off this transformation, it would be Richard.…

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designing with containers

The existence of potted plants as contained gardens must surely stretch deep back into time immemorial. Imagine, if you will, the magnificence of ancient Egypt, Babylon and Persia, the dignity of early classical Grecian civilizations, the grandeur of the once mighty Roman Empire, the spirituality of the East, the splendour of Renaissance Europe and the unreserved ostentation of Victorian England, and you will surely find evidence of early container gardening in all of its many guises. Multiple similar containers can be regimented boldly to define space. We can only conjecture what inkling guided the hand that planted the first potted plant and sparked a narrative that stretches from the early beginnings of the humble pot, urn, box and basket to the inestimable forms of creative container gardening and landscaping of today. The length…

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mornings filler with plants

In the places you least expect. Plants are integrated into almost every part of our day in some way or another. In fact, even when we’re away from the garden, we interact with plant products consistently, possibly without realising it. Something as simple as our basic morning routine is filled with plants and plant-based products, leaving us with many to thank for the way we live our lives. 6:30 - WAKE UP The alarm goes off, and you either jump out of bed gleefully, reluctantly roll out of bed barely conscious, or push snooze and refuse to wake up (a personal favourite). No matter which route you choose, the comfortable bed that’s so incredibly difficult to get out of is often the result of an essential plant – cotton. Gossypium, the genus of…