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The Gardener Magazine November 2019

The Gardener is a monthly, national magazine dedicated to inspiring gardeners, providing practical advice and showing step-by-step garden projects. Our monthly features include garden design, in-depth plant features, growing vegetables and herbs, water gardening, garden wildlife and pets, specialist plant articles and much more. We have an extensive database on our website that is growing daily.

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Part of my job description (mmm, what is that?) is to do talks. These are usually to garden lovers, wannabe gardeners, beginners, and also the real experts. Doing these presentations is second nature to me, and it’s a real love of mine. (I think this is the teacher in me, popping her head up.) A funny story is that when I left school I was awarded a bursary to go and study to become a teacher. My Dad had passed away and my Mom was pulling every string possible to afford me the opportunity to go and study. As many parents know, the tuition fees are one thing – it’s the feeding, books, transport and other living expenses that really add up! Also, being the first of three to get a…

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three eye-catching mixers

Asteriscus The Mediterranean beach daisy (Asteriscus maritimus ‘Teris Yellow’), also called gold coin daisy, hails from the Canary Islands. It’s a tough, evergreen small shrub with dull green foliage that is leathery and slightly fuzzy, as well as lots of lovely, golden-yellow daisy-like flowers. It’s main flowering season is spring and summer with more blooms throughout the year. It is an excellent mounding groundcover for hot and dry areas in sandy and well-drained soil, and it will also tolerate windy coastal conditions very well. This happy little plant is recommended for xeriscaping (where very little water is used), and to plant in natural gardens between aloes and veld grasses. It is also apparently ‘buck resistant’. The mature size is about 45 – 60 cm. Calibrachoa The word calibrachoa represents a spreading super annual with…

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tuscan treasure

Two years ago Nolan and Lillian Antonie and their young son, Luke, moved into their dream house in Muldersdrift. The architectural inspiration of the house was the Tuscan style of the estate, and the Antonies wanted a garden that would marry with this aesthetic. They turned to landscaper Debbie Smit of Foxgloves Landscape Design for help with the project. Landscapers brief Debbie worked with Nolan and Lilian, who both work long hours, to come up with a design plan. Their requirements were as follows: • A low-maintenance but beautiful garden in a Tuscan style to match the architecture.• An outdoor entertainment space to connect seamlessly with the indoor entertainment area.• A herb and veggie garden in which to grow their own organic food and for young Luke to experiment with planting seeds.• A…

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backyard show garden design competition

For the first time in the 44 years of The Garden Show aspiring gardeners were able to enter a public feature garden competition, brought to you by Blackwood’s Home of Gardening. This competition allowed non-landscapers to show off their green fingers in the best way possible – by creating a garden from scratch. Here are the five gardens… Each garden was judged according to the strict criteria of the feature gardens, which were of the highest standard. The applicants were allowed to select one of the five following themes for their 3 x 3m gardens: • Waterwise• Contemporary• Cottage• Edible• Succulent 1st Place Cottage Designed and implemented by Shaun van Huyssteen Shaun is a dairy farmer in the Underberg area and has always been a passionate gardener with a love of roses. This competition has allowed him…

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the great indoors

There is no better way to liven up a room than with actual living things. Plants are scientifically proven to improve your mood and the air quality, but lately the interior design world has brought the focus to how plants can enhance your interiors. Combined with the growing trend of millennial ‘plant influencers’ infiltrating newsfeeds with weekly snaps of their perfectly curated indoor plant collection, so-called plant addiction has become the new craze. With so much of modern design focused on muted tones and clean lines, it is no wonder that the wild and chaotic character of nature is now in high demand. This is the ultimate interior design trend for garden lovers, and as someone embracing it wholeheartedly with almost 40 indoor plants, I can safely say there are…

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dazzle with begonias

Last year, on a trip to Russia, I was bowled over by beautifully composed beds of begonias, alyssum, marigolds and silvery dusty millers in Moscow’s Kremlin Palace gardens, as well as in Saint Petersburg and around the many beautifully restored churches and cathedrals. Even though we don’t have that kind of space, try doubling up or even trebling the number of begonias you normally plant in a bed, as a border for roses, on the pavement or as a groundcover. The brilliant splash of colour will stop everyone in their tracks. And here is the next best thing: bedding begonias (Begonia semperflorens) are the most drought-tolerant of all begonias. The waxy coating on the plant’s green or bronze leaves reduces the loss of water from the leaves, and the water stored in…