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The Gardener Magazine December 2019

The Gardener is a monthly, national magazine dedicated to inspiring gardeners, providing practical advice and showing step-by-step garden projects. Our monthly features include garden design, in-depth plant features, growing vegetables and herbs, water gardening, garden wildlife and pets, specialist plant articles and much more. We have an extensive database on our website that is growing daily.

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The wonderful thing about plants is that no matter how long you have been a gardener for, there is always something new to discover. Even if you have read all the books and magazines, travelled the world, or perform regular ‘plant hunts’ in your local garden centre, there is always something to find that will amaze and dazzle you, and totally take you breath away! I made such a discovery just last week with a plant called Wachendorfia. Yes, say it again: ‘WACH-EN-DOR-FIA’. Wow, I hit the jackpot! I first spotted this plant while driving between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay a year ago. The plants were growing in the marshy bogs alongside the N2 in these mass clumps, and were of course in full flower. After the third cluster that I passed…

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gifts galore!

Balcony Box The Balcony Box is the perfect set for all balcony and terrace gardeners. This set includes a trowel, a grubber, secateurs and a hand brush. All of these tools, along with additional utensils, have room in the spacious plastic box, which has a lid that doubles as a dustpan. The set is a handy holder of everything you need for caring for small gardens. The box can also be mounted on a wall. www.gardena.co.za Aloe skin care Out of the garden and into the palms of your hands: Aloe Unique’s super-hydrating Aloe & Honey Gel Mask provides a moisture-rich experience to nourish the skin. The complete range has indigenous Aloe ferox at its core, providing nature’s answer for renewed radiance. Shop online at aloeunique.co.za Composting food waste made easy Recycle all your food waste…

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positively festive in white!

Agapanthus hybrids ‘Double Diamond’ has small double heads of pure-white, frilly-edged flowers on short, sturdy stems. This is a very dwarf variety, reaching a mature size of 20 x 20cm (including the flower spikes). A prolific summer bloomer with lush dark-green foliage. Double up on your white aggie look by also planting ‘Snow Ripple’. This is a medium-sized (35 x 50cm), early flowering variety with pure-white flowerheads that will reflower during winter in ideal conditions. The flower stems are 50cm tall. ‘Great White’ bears super-large white flowers paired with compact, attractive foliage. Plant size is 50 x 50cm. Physostegia virginiana ‘Crystal Peak White’ is a dwarf selection of the obedient plant, a native wildflower of North America. This perennial forms a compact mound bearing lovely spikes of white tubular flowers from midsummer to…

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rocking it in the karoo

The mere mention of the Klein Karoo area conjures up images of rock and dust. We all know that only the toughest of people can survive there, not to mention gardens! But as any salt-of-the-earth gardener knows, the best way to create a garden that will flourish is to use the plants around you. Heidi Muller, originally from England, moved to McGregor in 2012 where she met Jeremy, who lived next door. Despite Heidi having very little experience with gardening in South Africa, and Jeremy not being a gardener at all, the couple set to work on their 2000m2 plot. The garden’s soil, made up of Bokkeveld Shale, is not conducive to gardening, especially the English way, despite being rich in minerals and Heidi learnt many lessons when she and Jeremy first…

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flavours of christmas

One of the things that gives you that Christmas feel, other than the decorations and audible carols, is the smell of spice in the air. As soon as the gammon goes into the water with cloves and bay leaves, Christmas is near. We have gathered some décor ideas and recipes that represent what’s fresh for the season, and what tastes like Christmas. CCC cocktail A Cranberry Christmas Cocktail scented with pine is the perfect start to the celebrations. The addition of pine (we used juniper) gives a gentle ‘fir-tree’ taste, but it’s more about the decoration and the aroma than the flavour. While most pine and fir trees are edible, there are a few that are toxic. Make sure you avoid hemlock, Norfolk pine, Australian pine and Ponderosa pine. If you’re not…

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gazanias galore

Did you know? A common name for gazanias is treasure flower. The plant was named after Theodore of Gaza, a Greek theologian. In Greek, ‘gaza’ means riches, and it is thought that this may have led to its nickname. Without doubt, it is a garden treasure. Want to add summer colour to your succulent garden? Don’t know what to plant in your sandy soil? Looking for a flowering groundcover that you can almost forget about? The answer to all these garden questions is simple: gazanias. They are our most heat- and drought-tolerant indigenous flowers, and come in a dazzling colour range that beautifully complements the silvery, blue-green, maroon and orangey-yellow leaves of most succulents. The open, daisy-like flowers add a depth of colour as many are bold, with stripes or deeper-coloured and dark-ringed centres.…