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The Gardener Magazine April 2020

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Some of you may have seen that I went on a plant and garden adventure last month to the East to visit the great Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, the impressive Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and a whole lot of other gardens. We also made sure to visit plant markets that made me drool and displays of plants at airports and other random places that made me think there was a national flower competition running. But no, it’s just how they roll. Around every second corner in Singapore we were forced to stop and stare – not because we had discovered another open garden or park but simply because there are plants everywhere. Giant Staghorn ferns, Platycerium grande, that hugged trees, made us stop in our tracks and take…

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forest floor bloomers

If you have areas with dappled shade amongst trees, or spots with morning sun and afternoon shade, you can plant these three to give you flowers at ground level from now until spring. Helleborus hybrids (Lenten rose) They may have a delicate look when in flower from June to September, depending on the hybrid, but hellebores are actually one of the toughest perennials for very cold and frosty winter gardens. The leaves are palm-like and very attractive, and the lovely flowers, which are mostly in shades of pink, cream or creamy-green (again depending on the species or hybrid), appear on sturdy stems above the foliage. They like deep, loamy, moist soil with a little added lime, and a layer of organic mulch around them. Plant them in a semi-shaded spot or an area that…

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meandering palettes

IN BRIEF What: Private garden Where: Westcliff, Johannesburg Size: 3 acres (1.2ha) Climate: Warm summers, cold winters Designers: Liz and Tim Steyn Vistas of tranquillity The soft colour of Westcliff rock makes its presence felt throughout the garden, culminating in a cliffedged koppie that creates the context for graceful ornamental grasses, sculptural aloes and pockets of succulents. Blending the past and the present, dreamy greenness with sun-baked reality, has been a work of artistry, stonemasonry and hard labour by mother and son landscaping team Liz and Tim Steyn. Today’s perfection is the culmination of almost nine years of work and, of course, it is always a work in progress. When Liz and Tim were commissioned, the property consisted of many large trees past their prime, visible rocky outcrops and a house set well back from the view with a…

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strong on structure

If you’ve spent extensive hours working in your yard, achieved some success in specific seasons but miss the consistent visual impact your garden could have all year long, you may have a structural shortfall. What is garden structure? The structure of a garden is how different components in it relate to each other or are linked together to form a complete picture – not unlike the interior décor of a pretty room inside the house. These ‘components’ can be planting designs teamed up with hard materials to create mini gardens within a garden. Here are 9 ideas to add structure to your garden 1 Divide your garden into rooms ● Add comfortable pathways to lead to different sections of your garden. Remember that a pathway should never lead nowhere.● A pretty garden arch covered with…

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lively leaves

Calatheas make for great indoor plants, and even garden plants providing you are in a sub-tropical area. These plants originate from the South American tropics and are related to Maranta or prayer plant. The flowers of some species are quite spectacular, but most of these plants are grown for their foliage rather than the flowers. Plants that are able to tolerate very low light conditions in the home or office are limited, but the wide range of colours you can expect from calatheas more than makes up for this. HOW TO GROW Some people might find it a bit tricky to grow Calathea varieties well, but they are mostly rather easy providing they are given the right conditions. Big, broad leaves are a clear indication that these plants prefer shady conditions, although…

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herbs for chicken

Is there any culinary herb that doesn’t go well with chicken? Some of the all-time favourites are rosemary, lemon thyme, sage, oregano and garlic. But why not try something different? If French cuisine is your thing, anise-flavoured tarragon would be on the list, but it is still one of those lesser-known gourmet herbs. It is as good a companion as rosemary for chicken. The mushroom herb is a new kid on the block. It has a strong mushroom flavour, and as most chefs know, chicken and mushrooms are another classic combination. For people who find that mushrooms disagree with them, this is the flavourful and safe alternative. Using mushroom herb also helps a few mushrooms go a long way. Rocket is a salad herb and its peppery leaves are a delicious complement to…