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The Gardener Magazine August 2020

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South Africa
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With the passing of the longest night and shortest day now behind us (thank goodness!), there are only good things to come! We have all settled into our new normal – even here at Lonehill the new rhythm of working from home and only popping into the office for essential meetings has become the norm. I firmly believe that we as a business have overcome the worst of the worst challenges so far. We are still here, publishing, keeping you updated on Facebook, giving you weekly dates on Facebook live, and can you believe that we start filming the next season of The Gardener for The Home Channel next week! I would like to thank you all for your unwavering support during these very difficult times. Thank you for calling in…

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flowering elegance

Camellia ‘Valentine Day’ This is a slow-growing but robust cultivar of C. japonica and C. reticulata, and is regarded as an old-fashioned heritage plant. It can be used as a large background shrub or small specimen tree (1.8m – 2.4m). The growth habit is upright and evergreen with glossy oval leaves. Very large double blooms with prominent rose bud centres appear in late winter to spring. The flower colour is deep rose pink. Growing requirements are dappled shade (morning sun and afternoon shade), acidic, well-draining and compost-enriched soil, and organic mulching to keep the root system cool. Water needs are average to low, but special care should be taken not to allow the plants to dry out too much during bud-setting from late summer to autumn. Loropetalum ‘Plum Gorgeous’ This shrub (1.5m x 2m)…

6 min.
mirtehof princely plenitude

This magnificent garden in the Great Karoo welcomes guests by putting its best foot forward, just like a gracious hostess on an African farm would when she lays her table with the old family silver and her finest table linen. In a fertile valley fed by streams of water running down the northern slopes of the mighty Swartberg mountain range, a blooming farm garden is a total contradiction to the proverbial harshness of the Great Karoo… One of the sayings by Afrikaans poet and author C.J. Langenhoven (loosely translated by me) is, “There are folks who can do what they want, but it is those people who will do what they can”. The beautiful garden of Mirtehof Guest Farm Estate in Prince Albert, which was built up from nothing in only two…

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from sugar cane to showstopper…

The indigenous gardens of Renishaw Hills have certainly caught many eyes, with both residents and visitors remarking on how spectacular they look all year round. Last year the KZN Branch of the Botanical Society of South Africa selected the mature lifestyle village to host their Winter Gardens Open Day, and we at The Gardener took the opportunity to go and see for ourselves. Located in Scottburgh, KwaZulu-Natal, Renishaw Hills is a true coastal gem. It is situated within the Mpambanyoni Conservation Development, and the developer’s commitment to nature is immediately evident as you drive up the impressive entrance road, across a large wetland currently under restoration. The flourishing setting is indeed the result of the commitment, foresight and work of the developers. It began some five years ago, with the establishment…

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versatile wild peach

The wild peach or wildeperske is an easily grown small or medium-sized, evergreen or semi-deciduous tree. While it usually reaches 4 – 13m tall in gardens, with a spread of about 3m, very old wild specimens can grow to 20m in height. Widely distributed within South Africa, it belongs to the family Achariaceae and occurs from the Western Cape to Limpopo, extending to Kenya in tropical East Africa. It is found along the margins of coastal and inland forests, as well as on rocky hill and mountain slopes in full sun. Depending on wild location, the leaf margins may be flat or slightly wavy, or strongly serrated and similar to those of commercial peach trees, hence the common name. The trees sometimes develop multiple trunks and have an appealing smooth, light-grey…

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water features to freshen up your garden design

Close your eyes. Imagine a relaxing spot in your garden, the one place you go when you need a break from the world. A space to wind down and be at peace. Imagine the fresh air, the sounds of birds and leaves rustling around you as you sigh and sink into nature and all its glory. Regardless of what you imagined, I guarantee it could be made considerably better with the addition of a water feature (unless you already imagined one, in which case props to you). The sound of water naturally soothes us, as our brain interprets the sound as non-threatening, and it can even induce a meditative state. A modern water feature in your garden also screams ‘I’m a pro at garden design. I’ve put tons of thought into…