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The Gardener Magazine September 2020

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This period of restricted movement we’re living through has had some advantages. One good thing is that I actually get to see plants grow, come into bud and flower! Just this morning I was greeted by a lonesome little yellow daffodil, in a bed surrounded by dwarf blue agapanthus. “Shame,” I thought. “You must feel rather alone.” And that’s what happens with bulbs, and many other plants I admit; we plant or sow, enjoy them for a while and forget about them. Then, to our great surprise, we see that they made it through the entire following season without our intervention or even our strong words, prayers, burning of incense or whatever your tactic may be. Nature simply kicks in and does its thing! This issue is so packed with info!…

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clouds of scent!

Jasminum polyanthum (Chinese jasmine) This evergreen, vigorous climber is perfect to use near windows or braai areas so that its spring perfume can be enjoyed by all. It grows best in sun or light shade and loves well-drained, compost-enriched soil. Water needs are average when established. Chinese jasmine flowers from late winter and into spring, with many heads of sweetly scented flowers. Its pink buds open into small, white, star-like flowers that are edible. As it is a strong-growing climber you will need to support it with a trellis or allow it to ramble over other shrubs in a garden. It also works well when planted next to a fence or helped up an unsightly wall, and forms a good cover over water tanks and other utilities. To keep this climber tidy…

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the gardens of stone cottage

The gardens of Stone Cottage in Bedford are the culmination of a long personal and physical journey by the owners, Tony and Lesley. They relocated to South Africa from the UK in 2009, but it was only in 2016 that they moved to the Karoo and found the home they had been looking for. Compared to the 13 acres they gardened in the UK, Stone Cottage sits on a tiny piece of land, only 1100m2. However, as Tony and Lesley are not the spring chickens they used to be and as they always do everything in the garden themselves, a smaller property makes more sense. What really appealed to the couple, apart from the location, was that the cottage sits in the exact centre of the plot, so the garden wraps…

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It’s not just the plants that give me such pleasure, Deep in my garden lies its real hidden treasure. I use my garden to grow my soul, To anchor my roots, to make me whole; To understand how good it can feel To weed out life’s trivia, to nurture what’s real; To connect with nature, finding peace in its earth, So how can I value what my garden is worth? www.thepoetryoftonygraham.com The five garden rooms knit together thanks to cleverly positioned pathways and gates. Knowing the micro-climate of each section means that Tony and Lesley can place plants where they will thrive. Focal points with plant combinations and pots create pauses while you meander around the garden.…

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offbeat outdoor spaces

Modern gardening requires a holistic approach. Gone are the days of carefully curating a garden bed and perfecting a lawn, only to throw a metal table or bench in the corner and call it a day. These days your garden’s hardscaping elements are just as important as the plants themselves and are often the spaces that get the most use. Choose your favourite from these categories or combine them to complete your offbeat, modern garden design. COLOURFUL Gardeners go crazy with colour when it comes to plants, so why shy away from using colour in entertainment spaces? Your garden will not be overshadowed if you go bold in hardscaping – using complementary colours will only highlight your precious plants. Pops of red are the popular choice but other primary colours blue and…

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bringing back the hoya

The genus Hoya contains between 200 and 300 different species. In addition, there are also lots of hybrids and cultivars of certain species, making it an incredibly diverse group of plants. Hoya plants go by numerous different names: wax flower, wax plant, wax creeper, wax vine, porcelain flower and Mary’s tears, to name just a few. These plants have a home range that stretches from India in the west to China in the east, and reaches downward through Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, through all the Southeast Asian islands and even extends to the northern parts of Australia. Because of this wide distribution range, which includes many different habitats, these plants have varying growing requirements, which we need to keep in mind when we want to keep them here in South Africa. In…