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Very sadly, a very long-time gardening friend, Nancy Gardiner, passed away during the last week of December 2020. Many of you would have seen our Facebook post about this legendary gardener; for those of you who did not, please indulge me as I share with you a few of my fondest memories of Nancy. Of course, everyone in the gardening world knew the name Nancy Gardiner. While I was still a young seedling in the gardening world, working at Dunrobin Garden Centre in Botha’s Hill, KwaZulu-Natal, Nancy would often visit the nursery. This was a BIG deal for me: a celebrity gardener, author of books and photographer in our own garden centre! Well, needless to say, I stuck to her like glue, asking questions, helping move plants where I could –…

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for inside and outside

Variegated spider plant Chlorophytum comosum ‘Vittatum’ (also called hen-and-chickens) is a spectacular cultivar of the indigenous C. comosum with colourful, variegated foliage. This rhizomatous evergreen perennial forms a large basal rosette with arching straplike leaves up to 45cm in length. It produces thin cascading stems with white star-like flowers that are soon replaced with perfect little miniature plantlets. In temperate gardens it can be used as a clumping groundcover to add light and interest to dull, shady corners where the many little plantlets formed will soon root where they touch the soil, creating more clusters. Indoors it can be popped on shelves, planted in hanging baskets or used in macrame hangers and grown in bright, indirect light. Keep the soil just moist and do not over-fertilise as this may inhibit the production…

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the gentle giant among his roses

Location: Underberg countryside Size of Garden: 1.2 hectares Age of garden: 6 years Kids: Gina and Logan 1200 roses Shaun van Huyssteen has had a lifelong love of roses, and that is evident in his garden. This gentle giant, standing just under 7 foot tall, somehow finds time to nurture some 1200 roses as well as tend to his dairy farm, nestled just outside Underberg in the Southern Drakensberg. His appreciation of roses stems from his grandfather, whose favourite rose was ‘Peace’, a hybrid tea rose with exceptionally large fragrant flowers. Growing up in Pietermaritzburg, Shaun’s visits to his grandparents in Swartberg inspired him to start selling roses on street corners at the age of 14, to earn pocket money. This was the start of a long friendship with Tarr Roses, and even today he…

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better garden design tips for working with design elements

1 Working with accessories in small gardens A bold, eye-catching container or feature in a small garden can be far more effective than a collection of smaller items. The same principle applies to the texture of plants in a small space. Choose a few plants with large, interesting foliage and combine these with more delicate plant material for an interesting planting scheme. 2 Using mulch Ensure that the soil is always covered with either a thick layer of compost, a layer of small to medium-sized leaves or with a lovely selection of groundcovers. This covering will insulate the soil against the heat of the sun and damaging wind, and will also help to keep weeds to a minimum. 3 Structuring garden beds Wide garden beds may seem daunting initially, but they will certainly be low maintenance…

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top 10 roses

‘Flower Carpet’ With over 25 international awards, ‘Flower Carpet’ roses are ones to look out for. As the name suggests, these are groundcover roses that ramble over the ground, potentially producing an amazing 2000 flowers from spring to autumn. Back in the 1980’s, Australian nurseryman Anthony Tesselaar launched ‘Flower Carpet’ roses to the world, and our own Keith Kirsten made them famous in South Africa. Once established, the roses are drought-resistant and low maintenance, requiring just garden shears to prune them back if necessary. They are disease resistant as well. Just like making fine wine, developing a new hybrid takes an in-depth knowledge of roses in order to choose the right parents and artificially pollinate a variety with pollen from a different variety. These beauties have stood the test of time and become…

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a passion for roses

Quick fact file Business name: Ludwig’s Roses Specialising in: Roses Contact details: 012 544 0144 email When not among his roses, Mr Ludwig, as he is often called, is happiest talking to people about roses, whether to visitors at the rose farm, talks to garden clubs and shows or at his many demos on how to grow roses simply and easily. Not to mention his columns in magazines and newspapers, his monthly email newsletter, Talking Roses, and the two books he has written. This month Ludwig’s Roses celebrates its 50th anniversary, the happy coincidence of a passion for roses becoming a growing and successful business. Having grown roses from childhood as part of the family business, Ludwig has been determined to show that growing roses is easy, and in pursuing that vision he has changed the…