The Gardener Magazine May 2021

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There are few plants that offer as much as the humble gazania, featured on our cover image for this month. For years I have been intrigued by their complex colours, shades, velvety texture and patterns – the symmetry in these simple flowers is mind boggling! Every winter I take hundreds of photos of the flowers, and what I find so intriguing are the distinct ‘runways’ on each flower that guide the honeybees straight to the pollen. Under ultraviolet light these illuminate and glow much like a strobe light, guiding the bees with the precision of a GPS straight to the prize! They are one of the many ‘perfectly’ designed flowers, and best of all, they are indigenous, tough and always cheerful. It’s no wonder they are often associated with the…

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3 superfood trees

Pomegranate The scientific name, Punica granatum, is derived from ‘pomum granatum’, which means ‘apple with many seeds’. It is a glorious fruit that has inspired artists and poets alike! Many modern cultivars are commercially grown by farmers, but not readily available to home gardeners. Pomegranate ‘Wonderful’ is though, and is well worth a try. It is a large shrub or small tree that grows to about 5m tall. The interesting trunk and branches covered in narrow, bright green leaves look very impressive, and that is before the orange-red flowers arrive from spring to summer, followed by an autumn harvest of very juicy red to purple skinned fruit. Pomegranates like dry or semi-dry climates with cool winters and warm summers, and can resist quite low temperatures and some frost when in their…

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garden galleria

“Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.” Make Mum happy this Mother’s Day with the gift of happy and safe gardening. The EcoBuz Hamper contains a range of environmentally and child-friendly gardening products. Our Nurture products build healthy soils and plants, supporting strong plants that are pest and disease resistant. If and when uninvited guests do arrive, our biological Protect range offers control without harming beneficial insects and with no chemical residues: treat today, eat today. Give your mother the gift of stress-free gardening, with no harmful effects on herself, her children or her grandchildren. Setting out in style Real gardeners are not put off by the rain: they simply put on a waterproof poncho and keep gardening. Rosehip Waterproof Ponchos are proudly made in South Africa and are…

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on top of the world in paradise

When I was asked to design and develop the gardens at the newly established Babanango Game Reserve in northern KwaZulu-Natal, the brief was to create gardens that would complement the natural vegetation that exists on the 22 000-hectare reserve, using water-wise plants as well as plants that attract butterflies and birds and provide flowers throughout the year. On visiting the site for the first time in January 2019, I was struck by the enormous diversity of the flora, as well as how many of these plants could be used within the new gardens. This became my new goal: to use the plants from the reserve in the new gardens. I came back to the reserve at different times of the year to see which plants flowered at what time of the…

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working and playing with nature

In an era where small gardens are the norm and our footprint has an impact on the planet, there is a lot to think about when designing a garden. The topics at the top of the list are water scarcity, food security and destruction of habitats – all big deals if we want to exist in harmony with our world. The landscape design students of the Lifestyle College are taught these important things along with more practical design elements. They are then tasked with showcasing what they have learnt in the Lifestyle Garden Design Show, which runs from March until the end of May at the Lifestyle Home Garden in Randburg. This year, despite all the obstacles we are currently facing with the pandemic, the students have risen to the challenge and…

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part 3

REWILDING It’s not often in garden design that the requirement is to do nothing! At its most basic, that is what Rewildingis all about, but it wouldn’t be much of a garden design if the students did nothing. With clever combinations of grasses, shrubs and flowers, a wild garden called ‘Realwilding’ was created for the show. A ring of poles painted with black and white designs wraps around a seating area and a bubbling water feature, cocooning a person in nature. From this relaxing spot, all types of wildlife, insects and plants can be enjoyed as we connect a modern design with timeless nature. PINCH ME This threaded-bar pot plant feature is a highlight in this Mediterranean-inspired garden, with its arbours of grapes, massed lavender plantings and hardy rosemary. Potted herbs tempt us…