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The Writer

The Writer June 2019

Since 1887 The Writer has provided the motivation, writing techniques, expert tips and compelling author insights that turn good writing into great writing. We’ll help you become a better writer, find markets for your work, understand the business of writing, follow industry news and trends, reach your goals, and more!

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part of this night

Roughly this time last year, I was preparing for a 10-day tour of Spain, a country I’d studied obsessively since middle school. I knew what to pack. I knew where to eat. I knew a rough approximation of what to say. But one small must-do on the itinerary was keeping me up at night: Bellying up to a jam-packed tapas bar, grabbing the bartender’s attention, and confidently hollering my order above the roar of the crowd. It’s such a small, silly thing, right? Why wasn’t I more worried about lost luggage or changing currency or sheepishly saying “estoy embarazada” which sounds like it means “I am embarrassed” but actually means “I am pregnant?” But in the long list of things I am terrible at, “confidently making eye contact with strangers,” “feeling comfortable…

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the writer

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this month on writermag.com

Last call for entries in our spring fiction contest Our spring short fiction contest closes on May 31. Have you submitted your short story yet? Don’t miss your opportunity to win $1,000 and be published in our magazine. Learn more at writermag.com/contests. It’s summer reading season Our annual summer book coverage is in full swing at writermag.com/blog. Spend the hottest season of the year with the hottest books hitting shelves across the country over the next few months. Warm weather, cool prompts Don’t let the heat get you down: A fun new writing exercise may be just the thing to recharge your literary mojo. We post a new prompt every Friday, so check in each week and start your weekend with a burst of creativity. STAY IN TOUCH Put our free e-mail newsletter to work: Check out…

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the writer’s argument for political correctness

AS a teenager in New York, I often called things I didn’t like “retarded.” It was a common part of the lexicon of my peer group, and I didn’t think anything of its connotations or history. But as soon as someone explained to me that intellectually disabled people consider that word to be a slur and that they (and their advocates) urge abled people to remove it from their vocabulary entirely – citing the fact that “the R word” has long been used to bully, harass, and discriminate against them – I stopped using it. Once I heard it laid out like that, it felt so clear and obvious that the harm I was doing by casually throwing that word around greatly outweighed the small amount of conscious effort it…

7 min.

“This character is flat.” If you’ve spent any time getting feedback at all, you may have heard this critique before. I got this feedback a lot in early drafts of my debut novel, and it didn’t sell until I’d worked hard to eliminate traces of this pesky writing tic. Let’s take some time to define a flat character: In literary parlance, it’s a character who doesn’t change from beginning to end or one that lacks complexity. Sometimes they’re stereotypes, or tropes: think the hard-boiled detective with a drinking problem or the ditzy blonde in inappropriate clothing at afternoon tea. But wait, you might say. Some of those tropes are successful: Check out Philip Marlowe for the hard-boiled detective or Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods. But if you dig a little deeper, we can…

5 min.
here’s the pitch…again?!

Looking for work is an integral part of freelance writing, something that should be part of your daily routine. If you’re not pitching and following up with those pitches, you won’t last long. The follow-up pitch is the more pernicious of the two because you’ve already invested time in constructing a pitch and now, hold up, you have to go back? But the pitch was so good, it was so heartfelt. How could it be ignored? Shelve the indignation. This profession is built on neglect, rejection, prioritizing, and an inadvisable amount of caffeine. Here’s what to do and how to do it. Wait a couple of days. Editors are looking for stories, but that’s not all they’re doing. Unless the piece is extremely time-sensitive – a blog post about the Trump administration’s latest lie…