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get the inside line

I once had a session on a swanky ENSO swing analyser in a secret room at Ping’s Arizona HQ. It was the same swing monitor the brand’s tour stars regularly use – it took 10 minutes to attach all the sensors to my head, arms, hips and shoulders, and the feedback you get from it is much more detailed than a regular launch monitor. First swing… no numbers. Second swing… no numbers. Third swing… nothing. My clubhead was so far away from optimal that the machine refused to acknowledge it! I’ve always had an over-the-top swing path, one that cuts across the ball at impact and imparts way too much spin that robs distance. In fact, once the operator had tweaked the settings to accommodate my “unique” action, he said I had…

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today's golfer

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how does this compare to your back garden?

If money was no object, every golfer’s back garden would probably look something like this. Designed to function as a short game golf facility in the day and a golf lounge at night, this unique complex cost around $500,000 to build in the grounds of a private estate in New Mexico City. “I think my client had a regular putting and chipping green in mind, but I don’t do regular things,” says architect Agustin Piza. The garden, which covers more than 53,000sqft, features a floodlit putting green with seven tee boxes, multiple flag positions and enough space to hit pitch shots from up to 80 yards. At the heart of the construction is a fire pit which sits in the middle of the complex, inside a giant pot bunker. “During the day you…

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10 key changes on the european tour

• An immediate one stroke penalty will now be applied on the second “bad time” in a tournament. • Players who exceed time limits while being “monitored” will now incur a “bad time” which will count towards the one-stroke penalty. • A player can call a “time extension” for any stroke ONCE in a round, but must inform the referee prior to playing the shot. This will then add 40 seconds to the allowance for the stroke in question. • When players are out of position, their time allowance is 50 seconds for the first to play, 40 seconds for second or third to play. • The existing principle of allowing an extra 10 per cent on 40 and 50 second limits will be maintained to reflect differences in starting timings. However, a player…

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start the stopwatch!

The European Tour are finally cracking down on slow play – and the best bit is they’ve decided to get even tougher than originally intended. Their four-point plan, which came into effect at the Abu Dhabi Championship, had previously proposed an immediate one-shot penalty for any player with two ‘bad times’ in the same round. But, in a significant revision, the penalty will now be triggered by two bad times in the same TOURNAMENT. “The tougher measures empower our referees to more effectively target slower players,” says John Paramor, chief referee at the European Tour. “This is part of our wider, robust policy to tackle slow play, but our fundamental advice to all players remains consistent – they should be ready to play when it is their turn.” In order to comply with…

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what happened at the abu dhabi championship?

• Threeballs averaged four hours, 34 minutes (three minutes over the recommended time) for the first two rounds. • The first round times were 10 minutes quicker than last year. The second round was six minutes quicker. • Only three players were effectively shown a yellow card. They include Viktor Hovland who took 59 seconds to hit a putt, amateur Ahmed Skaik who took 109 seconds over a shot, and Erik Van Rooyen who spent six seconds too long weighing up an approach shot while out of position. WHAT THE TOUR SAID “There was not one breach of in-position timing. The players who have traditionally been tardy looked to me like they were getting on with it. A couple of players who were playing with someone they know is slow said there was a…