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October 2019

Top Gear South Africa: the world’s most entertaining motoring magazine provides entertainment, excitement and information for anyone with a passion for cars and motoring. It appeals to motoring enthusiasts and fans of Top Gear TV alike.

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The highlights of this job sometimes arrive from the most unexpected places. Charlie Turner’s 420kph run in a Bugatti Chiron around VW’s test facility is obviously not the right example but mine certainly is; a drive in a Defender 90 around JLR’s Experience Centre. Tackling the urban jungle of Lonehill formed a historic paradigm that would be the appetiser to the modern Defender’s reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show. I thought to myself that this could be the very last time I drive an old Defender. Then, to the best of my recollection, perhaps also the first time as any sort of car reviewer. It’s one of the idiosyncrasies of the job. To be able to say that I’ve tested the exotic reaches of the JLR brand but the humble Defender has…

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making it happen

WHAT: FIFTY YEARS OF GT-R WHERE: PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA We didn’t need to travel to Japan for Godzilla’s genesis WHAT: MARK FAGELSON & DAN READ WHERE: CANCÚN, MEXICO Looks like Dan and Mark’s ultra-exclusive, super-serious ‘Defender on the Moon’ shoot turned into a bit of a stag weekend... WHAT: SIXTY YEARS OF MINI WHERE: CRADLE OF HUMANKIND, SOUTH AFRICA Another racing legend reaches a milestone. What phenomenon was with mid 1950s? WHO: OLLIE KEW WHERE: STAGS HOLT WIND FARM, UK “One o’clock, two o’clock...” However much you wish it to be so, wind turbines don’t make as reliable clocks as dandelions WHO: ANDREW LEOPOLD & FERNANDO ALONSO WHERE: JHB, SOUTH AFRICA ‘Now Alonso, over here we call the Hilux a bakkie, not a truck or pickup.’ WHO: JACK RIX WHERE: TG TOWERS, UK Jack watching himself. Literally. Every hour of every day. Just like a modern reinterpretation…

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top gear south africa

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porsche’s big gamble

Slung low, wide of hip, its aerodynamic body melting over huge tyres and lazily slipping through the air, the Taycan has Porsche written all over it. But it’s spiced up by constituents shot from somewhere in the next decade: the floating headlamps, the huge curved instrument screen and the haptic interface. So very close to the Mission E Concept, minus the suicide rear doors which I’m told carried a complexity and weight cost that simply wasn’t worth it. Its acceleration is quick enough to blitz nearly everything Porsche makes, with a 2.8sec thump from zero to 100kph and 0–200kph in under 10, executed with instant, uninterrupted thrust. The Taycan Turbo and Turbo S (see, normal Porsche names for not-normal Porsches) both kick out the equivalent of 466kW from their front and…

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coffee break

BMW M Festival Big local reveals (X3 M, X4 M, M135 xDrive and others) descend on Kyalami in October. Your dream BMW garage on steroids F1: Part Deux After the summer break, George Russell will be determined to catch Lewis’s 250+ points tally by getting his first point of the year. Hyperdrive A wacky mix of stunt driving, drifting and gymkhana with competitors from around the world. First episode features a South African from Soweto. Bad Boys 3 trailer The trio is back. Why trio? Not because Martin Lawrence has picked up comedic weight but because Porsche returns with the new Carrera 4S Office playlist – Moon Taking the Defender to the Moon, ahem, has made us Moon crazy. REM, The Waterboys, Sinatra and even an outing for Toploader.…

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diary of a test driver

Howdy partners! As you have doubtless guessed from my greeting, it’s all change in the Cheery Bong II development programme, as we move onto the hot weather testing phase. Yes, after a challenging and varied 10 months in the Arctic Circle, followed by a surprisingly comfortable 14-hour flight in the hold of a North Korean military charter, I’m now soaking up the sun in Green Lakes, California. I assume this name is an example of the Americans’ legendary sense of humour, because I cannot help noticing that Green Lakes is not green, and has no lakes. Green Lakes is slap-bang in the middle of Death Valley. By day the temperature on the desert floor touches 50ºC. By night, the temperature in my motel room touches 50ºC. Though I have suffered heatstroke…