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Top Gear South Africa November 2018

Top Gear South Africa: the world’s most entertaining motoring magazine provides entertainment, excitement and information for anyone with a passion for cars and motoring. It appeals to motoring enthusiasts and fans of Top Gear TV alike.

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Performance sells, even under new pressure where battery range and charging rates are fighting for every inch of headline space. It is why every manufacturer – even those who don’t directly brand themselves as merchants of speed - continue to keep at least one performance model in their range. The effervescent halo car as the underlying recognition of the technical capabilities within their company and the proof of what is possible when engineers are given free rein. And while performance has adapted to burgeoning forms, primarily in the way of bloated SUVs, this edition of Speed Week is once again a celebration of the eclectic mix within the automotive world. Each contender at this year’s Speed Week goes about serving up driver thrills in a way that’s unique compared to the next.…

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making it happen

Who: Francisco Nwmba What: Spirit of Amarok ‘Where did I park my Amarok?’ Who: Lance Branquinho Where: Cape Town Lance thought he’d found a quiet bathroom break Who: Tom Harrison Where: Aydat, France When the gite is full of bragging helmsmen, the only place to get a bit of peace is the car park Who: Andrew Leopold Where: Renault Fourways Moments before setting fire to the brakes Who: Andrew Leopold Where: Singapore In a bid to gain more exposure, Audi’s Formula E team signed on TopGearSA Who: Team Speed Week Where: Aydat, France Discussing the minutiae of Speed Week organisation. Jack decides not to join in…

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1 audi is back doing vorsprung durch technik

e-tron will deliver uppercut to I-Pace Just like the original quattro, Audi is leaving numbers and letters behind to make a branding statement in the all-electric SUV market. Most notably, taking the fight to Tesla’s Model X, Jaguar’s I-Pace and Merc’s impending EQ C. Keen to stamp its image as the innovator amongst the VW Group, thereby cementing Vorsprung durch Technik, the e-tron launches internationally this year. If it were to manage the same in South Africa, it would beat Jaguar’s I-Pace (March 2019) to market but a planned August introduction will see the e-tron, at this stage, become the second premium full EV SUV in the country. Utilising a 95kWh lithium-ion battery and dual motors good for 300kW of output, the e-tron can reach 100kph in less than six seconds and goes…

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3 building guns and cars is basically the same...

If you can make an AK-47 assault rifle, you can build a car, right? So goes the thinking at Kalashnikov who’ve made this, the CV-1 concept. It touts a 90kWh battery pack, transmitted into motive force via a ‘revolutionary inverter’. And believe us, ‘revolutionary’ isn’t a term just thrown around in Russia. So, despite looking like a razor crossed with a Lada, the CV-1 will sprint to 100kph in about six and cruise for more than 200 kilometres. It’s based on the IZH-2125 Kombi, which is definitely a car we’ve heard of before.…

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2 bmw inext is not pretty, but it is smart

The iNext is the autonomous, electric BMW crossover for the road ahead. The production version, BMW says, will happen in 2021. At the front, the double-kidney grille is enormous, and its two halves are joined together. So, not a double kidney... and not actually a grille – it’s a smooth panel. There are two modes. Ease is the autonomous one. The steering wheel and pedals retract, but switch to Boost mode and they come back out. The electric drive serves up a range of 500-odd kilometres, although the human, having more fun, would probably go less far. The iNext won’t be the first electric BMW crossover. There’s an electric X3 at the end of 2019. There’s also a low-slung saloon, the i4 (think, if you will, Tesla Model 3) that arrives in…

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5 porsche tries to out-singer singer. fails

Porsche is getting in on the ‘born again’ scene itself, with a one-off collector’s 993 Turbo. Using over 6,500 genuine new parts from Porsche’s archives and an original bodyshell, it took a year and a half to build. Featuring a fresh 3.6-litre twin-turbo flat-six with 333kW, a period-correct manual transmission and four-wheel drive, it’ll likely command a big price when RM Sotheby’s puts it up for auction in Atlanta on 27 October. All the proceeds will go to charity, so even if – in our opinion – it’s a slightly wishy-washy recreation, at least it’s going to a good cause…