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Top Gear South Africa December 2018

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It is the month of paying homage to the supercars of old. Apart from this month’s cover car inspired by the McLaren F1, chiefly because of the central driving position, there have been several other recreations which have surfaced like the RUF CTR Yellowbird, the Ferrari Monza, the Porsche 935. I even spotted a rendered version to answer what a Ferrari F40 would possibly look like if you took a pinch of current styling and mixed it with the old. I am bemused as to why we have this desire to glance to the past for today’s inspiration. Are we out of original ideas? Does nostalgia go some way to whet one’s appetite for the new, even though it risks unfair comparison? It seems as if today the modern supercar can…

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making it happen

Superkids and Supercars. This month it’s a strong contender for our overall highlight to see the joy these supercars bring to these courageous young faces. Superkids and Supercars is the passion project of Bradley Ainge, while this event was held in conjunction with Reach for a Dream and Kidney Beanz. On this Sunday morning kids from all backgrounds met up with owners of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and McLarens and after clambering into as many cars as they wished, they left in convoy from Melrose Arch on a short but unforgettable loop. This was the last of the three events in the year and as with all of them there can never be too much help. If you want to get involved, whether as a photographer, face painter or in another way, Bradley’s…

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1 toyota vs mini vs loeb in 5000km race

POWER PLAY TOYOTA Toyota was on the verge of introducing a new 5.0-litre Lexus-derived turbo petrol engine but the FIA believed that the balance of performance between petrol and turbo diesel was already complex enough and were unwilling to introduce a third variable [turbo petrol]. Instead Toyota returns to the virtually unbreakable 5.0-litre V8 normally aspirated engine which features, among others, improved cooling with a system from the new factory Hilux. But under revised FIA rules, the restrictor size on all multivalve engines has been choked down from 38mm to 37mm – a 5% decrease in performance. The FIA’s reasoning is based on MINI’s slow pace last year so this theoretically gives the two teams performance parity. MINI MINI successfully appealed to the FIA that their engine would not work with the proposed single…

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3 the mazda rotary engine returns

Mazda has confirmed it will return to the configuration it made famous via the likes of the RX-7 and 787B: it will build a rotary engine! However, temper your excitement because it’s being rolled out as part of an electric drivetrain; a range extender to recharge an EV’s battery on longer runs. Mazda intends to build two battery-powered electric cars, the latter pairing up with the new engine. We’re told the new rotary will be small, light and “exceptionally quiet”. Oh dear, this isn’t going well. Still, it’s a rotary and that makes up happy. And quite sad.…

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2 future business leaders, your limo is waiting

The last of Renault’s EZ-branded concepts, after the EZ-GO taxi and EZ-PRO delivery van, is this, the EZ-ULTIMO. The reason it looks more like it belongs in Blade Runner than it does trundling about Houghton is because it’s built for 2049, not 2019. Inspired by horse-drawn carriages of old, the Ultimo is based on the same electric architecture as the other two EZs but it has a fancier body and cabin, more suitable for its role as a luxury vehicle. Renault thinks these things will appeal to plush hotels and airlines, who can furnish the interior as they see fit to give their VIP customers a proper “point to point premium experience”. Access is via a sliding door and there’s seating for three on a two-person sofa/bench across the Ultimo’s rear width, and…

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4 project one becomes ‘one’

The new trinity of hybrid hypercars has so far been blessed with evocative, exciting names. The Aston Martin Valkyrie. The McLaren Speedtail. Cor. We’ve been waiting tensely to see how Mercedes-AMG would complete the trio. What would the final name for its F1-engined special, codenamed Project One, turn out to be? It’s ‘One’. Yep. One. As in “Heard about that new hypercar? Yeah, the AMG One.” Still, maybe there’ll be an even lighter, track-only version called AMG Minus One. As opposed to the One for the road.…