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topCar February 2015

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editor’s welcome

What better way to kickstart the new year than with a giant test of our nine favourite sports cars of 2014. While we’d be very happy to have any one of these exhilarating machines in our garage, ‘there can be only one’ as they say in the movie Highlander. What’s more, this multi-million Rand collection is united not by price or performance but by the sheer thrill of driving. Turn to page 54 to see which sports car emerges as the cream of the 2014 crop. We also look back at the highlights, lowlights, triumphs and disappointments of 2014 as covered in the pages of TopCar. Join us from page 83 as we celebrate 12 months of remarkable cars, people, incidents and adventures. It’s the good, the bad and even the…

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what the fxx k?

BASED ON THE roadgoing LaFerrari, the FXX K is the latest output from Ferrari’s XX programme, a series of no-rules circuit cars that are so extreme they’re not only illegal to drive on the road, they don’t qualify for any racing series either. Previous models include the Enzobased FXX and the 599XX. Distinguishing FXX K (LaFerrari) from FXX (Enzo) is the letter K. As such, some slightly injudicious spacing in the graphics on the side might just lead to this new car gaining an unofficial title, uncannily close to the word you’re likely to utter the first time you nail the throttle. The K in FXX K stands for KERS, which is to say Kinetic Energy Recovery System. This directly references the electric motor in LaFerrari that provides an instant hit of…

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audi prologue

AUDI HAS DEVELOPED a successful cookie-cutter design formula for its cars over the past few years, but even we’d struggle to tell some of their models apart and observers have been wondering for some time what the company has been planning to do next. This is the first clue. It’s been overseen by Audi’s new design boss Marc Lichte, who took on the role in February 2014. ‘This is much more than a concept car,’ declared Lichte as the covers came off the Prologue yesterday. ‘It is a new era for Audi design.’ So what does the future according to Lichte look like? Lower, wider, faster: ‘Generally the proportions are more sporty; longer wheelbase, wider track, lower cabin, says Lichte. ‘You’ll also notice than in profile the front is very vertical. When…

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how we’ll make ds a premium brand, by carlos tavares

CITROËN IS developing its DS line as a more upmarket, standalone car brand - and is confident it can develop into a series that can challenge the Germans on their own front lawn over time. This is the vision of Carlos Tavares, the ex-Nissan head honcho who now leads PSA Peugeot Citroën. In an interview with TopCar magazine, he spells out the vision for how the DS brand will develop. Click here to read about the latest Citroën Divine DS concept car. Tavares on making DS a viable alternative to the Germans ‘We are far away from the likes of Audi today, but you need to start the dream. Anybody trying to compete in the premium area thinks they need to fight the Germans with the same weapons. I won’t do that…

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aston martin db10

TO BE CLEAR, this DB10 is not a true successor to the existing DB9 model. Rather it gives the clearest indication yet of Aston’s future design direction – the next generation of Astons proper will be influenced by this car. Aston has announced it will be building 10 examples of the Bond DB10 in total, but all of them are destined for the film production. So no other well-heeled not-so-secret agents will be getting behind the wheel, no matter how much money they’ve got. That’s the official line, anyway. However, do note that the film is set to be released around the time we’re excepting Aston to unveil the real DB9 replacement, which is set to go on sale in 2016. Aston isn’t mad enough to miss out on the marketing opportunity that…

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back from the dead

THIS IS THE Mercedes-Maybach S600 – a long-wheel base limo (the exact stretch hasn’t yet been disclosed). Special first-class airline-style seats will be fitted, visible in the first teaser photos, and there’ll be a whole host of luxury extras, much of it garnered from the previous Maybach. It’s certainly a boon to the S-Class range, which launched in 2013. It is the best-selling car in its segment globally; it sold more than 100 000 cars worldwide in its first year. But would the addition of a Maybach name on the rump encourage you to buy one?…