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Town & Country November 2019

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Town & Country features the latest in luxury, from beautiful homes, sumptuous dining to exotic locations. In 11 gorgeous annual issues, Town & Country covers the arts, fashion and culture, bringing the best of everything to America's trendsetters

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t&c history

2015 OUR HOUSE Isabel Toledo, who died in August at 59, was revered as a designer’s designer, though she was best known as the creator of Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress. Over a 35-year career, Isabel and her illustrator husband Ruben built a creative life with a close circle of friends and collaborators, including those seen here in the couple’s four-story New York studio. In this issue we celebrate the special bond of friends who are family. It’s a feeling the Toledos knew well, for their workplace was “a salon frequented by old friends…a place where magic happens.”…

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the group

I often say T&C is like a friend who knows everything: exactly where to go on winter break and the absolute best way to get there; not only what show to see but where to have dinner beforehand and a drink after; the croc bag that’s really worth it; the source for real Brazilian paraíbas; the private number of the new beauty guru. And who can not only possess all this exquisite knowledge but dole it out in style. The people you see here—the editors and designers and researchers of T&C—are my friends, and they do, in fact, know everything. The closest I have come to the camaraderie team sports supposedly inspire was performing in a high school play (a bond we explore with the cast of the brilliant new…

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#very t&c

THE FIRE WITHIN If you recognize the name on this matchbook, it’s likely for one of two reasons. Either you’re a member of this private London club, or you’ve seen all the Instagram photos of anyone who has managed to get a foot in the door. Since 1963, Annabel’s has been a discreet refuge for every A-lister from Madonna to Queen Elizabeth (it’s the only nightclub she has ever visited). But thanks to a very high-profile redecoration last year, Annabel’s has become a social media sensation. Some question the endless posts from the bathroom (the only place where photos are officially allowed), but that hasn’t stopped people from stealing the matchbooks—it’s like a stealth geotag brag. Now, with the recent addition of Italian restaurant Matteo’s, there will be plenty more of…

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menu it’s not all about you!

One evening last summer, 25 out of the 129 diners visiting Alinea—a Chicago restaurant that ranks among the world’s best places to eat—made special requests to their orders in advance. Some of these were based on clear-cut food allergies, but a significant portion seemed to fall under a more amorphous category: aversion. Despite the fact that Alinea serves only theatrically prepared tasting menus, the kitchen staff acceded to each and every ask. They had gotten used to this. But a few weeks later, chef and proprietor Grant Achatz updated the restaurant’s policy on requests. Going forward, common dietary restrictions, such as pescatarian and vegetarian, are accepted as long as the guest informs the restaurant three days in advance, but aversions, or any allergy that can be triggered by cross-contamination, are no…

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off the menu

ALLERGY Code red for all chefs—especially anything that might require an epipen if the kitchen gets it wrong. AVERSION Basically, the customer doesn’t want it. A Pandora’s Box if you agree to take these out, says Alinea’s chef, Grant Achatz. “Especially now, when people are obsessed with diets such as keto that kill sugar and wheat.” F/O/BP Flour/oil/byproduct. Abbreviations used when discussing nut and dairy allergies to determine how allergic, and to what, somebody is. OL VEGETARIAN Ovo-lacto vegetarians will eat some animal products, like milk and eggs. S/S/BP Stocks/sauces/byproducts. “In other words, boiled feet and snouts are fine, just no muscles,” says Achatz.…

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the bride’s side

When Deborah Fribourg got engaged, she knew right away that she wanted Wes Gordon, creative director at Carolina Herrera, to design her dress. She had been a fan of Gordon’s since the days of his namesake label—plus, there was a family connection. Her father Paul, chairman of the ContiGroup Companies, one of the largest privately held corporations in the U.S., is the godfather of Gordon’s husband, the real estate developer and glass artist Paul Arnhold. (The Fribourg and Arnhold families have been close for at least two generations.) For her initial meeting with Gordon, Fribourg, who runs her own design firm, DMF Interiors, brought her favorite beach cover-up as the starting point. “I wanted something comfortable, sophisticated, and playful,” she says, a contrast to all the other dresses she had tried…