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Prior to capturing this iconic image—which served as the inspiration for our 175th anniversary cover—Slim Aarons had little knowledge of his subject, Renata Boeck. Aware only that she was German, the photographer brought a monocle to the set, and it became the eye-catching element of this visual masterpiece. “Slim was great at improvising, making it up on the fly and working with what he had,” says Shawn Waldron, co-author of the new book Slim Aarons: Style (September 28, Abrams). It was this approach to his work that led him in 1972 to Town & Country, where he developed a deep-rooted connection with the magazine and displayed his artistry alongside Frank Zachary, T&C’s editor in chief from ’72 to ’92 and Aarons’s close friend. “He and Frank shared a brain,” says…

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where do we begin?

Yes, 1846, when two enterprising young editors set out to create a magazine that would “refine, instruct, and amuse.” But where do we begin, meaning you who are reading it, and this magazine, which has managed to become the longest continuously published one in America? I ask, because so many of you tell me the stories of you, your families, your weddings, your moments with T&C. You can read some of them in a collection called “T&C and Me,” now up on our site. What memories came flooding back when Kevin Kwan recently discovered a stack of issues in his mother’s closet? What happened with T&C and Jackie Onassis in the orthodontist’s office? Or the time Peter Duchin walked into a barbershop after being on the cover? My official story with…

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the official t&c quiz

1. What was the Tesla of 1918? a. The Ohio Electric Car b. The Ford Model A Deluxe Roadster c. The Rolls-Royce 2. What was the annual rent for a four-bedroom apartment on Fifth Avenue in 1925? a. $5,678 b. $13,500 c. $15,200 3. Which member of the British royal family has not appeared on T&C’s cover? (Feel free to call Gary Janetti.) a. Princess Margaret b. Prince Charles c. Prince George 4. What does T&C have in common with the Madeline book series? a. A T&C editor’s precocious daughter inspired the idea. b. Madeline illustrator Ludwig Bemelmans drew several T&C covers. c. Our 170th birthday party was celebrated at the Plaza. 5. What animal was advertised in the August 1965 issue as being “a most delightful pet”? a. A miniature donkey b. A French bulldog c. A Persian cat 6. What famous architect designed T&C covers? a. I.M. Pei b. Frank…

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from us, to you

WHAT’S VERY T&C HERE? The history: The ancient embroidery technique of needlepoint became a popular way to decorate pillows in the 18th century, and it has enjoyed a spot in our homes ever since. The late decorator Mario Buatta is credited with making the cushions cheeky in the 1980s, when he emblazoned a bedroom pillow with “Tonight” on one side and “Not Tonight” on the other. The fans: C.Z. Guest and Elsie de Wolfe collected needlepoint pillows, and Rough Point, Doris Duke’s home turned museum in Newport, is adorned with Duke’s favorites, including “My Decision Is Maybe and That’s Final,” a gift from her friend Martha Graham. The news: Jessica Chaney, of needlepoint studio Lycette, created a custom #verytandc pillow to celebrate our 175th anniversary. With a flagship store in Palm Beach, Lycette…

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anatomy of a coverline

“How do you come up with them?” It’s the question we are asked most often when T&C editors are out in the wild. Invariably followed by some version of, “Do you all spike the water cooler?” “Do you focus-group them at Sant Ambroeus?” “Could I slide into your DMs with my ideas?” The subject at hand is our coverlines. Scan this month’s cover, and ask yourself the question once posed by the Cut: “What Town & Country Headline Are You?” Chances are you’ll find one that speaks directly to you. In the issue in question, February 2019, with Anne Hathaway on the cover, I was an “Etiquette for the New Pot Elite” with “Is Exercise Making You Fat?” rising. “Coverlines are the original clickbait,” says T&C editor in chief Stellene Volandes, who…

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and we are off to arles!

The city of Arles, in southern France, is a quintessential Provençal place. Immortalized by Vincent van Gogh, it has long been a center for trade, commerce, and—even in ancient times—the arts. Its specialty has never been innovation, but that is about to change. Earlier this year, the Luma foundation unveiled its completed 27-acre arts complex, the legacy of its founder, collector and Arles native Maja Hoffmann. She spent more than a decade working with a who’s who of architecture and design eminences to transform an abandoned manufacturing area into a center of creative industry. It will house part of her extensive art collection, but it is no mere museum. Instead it offers a total environment at the intersection of art and ecology. Luma Arles is several things: performance space, archive, and park.…