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Discover trail running in South Africa as well as destinations worldwide through TRAIL magazine, published four times annually in digital format only. Discover the joys of experiencing nature through trails in quality articles and images, and contribute your own content. Become a better trail runner and connect with the rapidly growing trail community by reading TRAIL.

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your missing ingredient

The missing ingredient… Sometimes it’s impossible to find, but when you do manage to find the special something, who knows where you can go. For years my running has lacked consistency. I could bang out a big run on a weekend and slack all week. But lockdown has gifted me the flexibility to run, walk, or workout every day! What a difference it makes: Fewer aches, a stronger core, and a few new personal-best times. What secret ingredient is missing from your running? Is it the lack of a race to train towards creating a sense of aimlessness? Is it a struggle with the art of choosing a line that makes trail a challenge? Maybe it’s your entire attitude to running? Perhaps you are putting all the focus on going as fast as you…

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i’m more fatty

“When lockdown ends, I’m more fatty.” I had to laugh at this wordplay comment on amor fati below Daily Stoic’s excellent Youtube video. Amor fati is a Latin phrase, and one of the central teachings of Stoicism. It can be translated as “love fate” or “love of one’s fate”. My favourite definition is “an attitude in which one sees everything that happens in one’s life, including suffering and loss, as good or, at the very least, necessary.” As we compiled this issue’s articles, I thought I detected an amor fati vibe in several. First is Squeaky Shoes, Kevin Light’s column on the importance of seeing meaning in our lives and living intentionally. If you battle with some challenges of trail running – maybe uphills, or technical ground – you might find it useful to…

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enter the 2020 trail film awards

https://www.instagram.com/trailmag/ https://www.facebook.com/trailza/ https://twitter.com/TRAILza pics@trailmag.co.za #trailmagpix INVESTING IN HIS LEGS Anele Bans is silhouetted against the haze during a 21km-long 13 Peaks Challenge training run as he takes a leap of faith on the approach to Muizenberg Peak. He and four friends started from Silvermine gate one, running down to Silvermine gate two, and up to Muizenberg Peak. They then dropped down and up to St James Peak, returning via the Amphitheatre. This gave them a 865m elevation gain, which should help their 13 Peaks a attempt at the end of October. pics@trailmag.co.za PUPPY PACER Mindo waits impatiently for Pietman Cilliers to catch up on their 10km exploring the new 12 Apostles Trail. pics@trailmag.co.za GOLDEN WINTER Making the most of a winter morning, Olivia Khumalo and Thabo Manyane take on 21km at Van Gaalen Cheese Farm. pics@trailmag.co.za NEW DAY AT HEDIANGA FARM The sun rises on their…

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my words my viewpoint

letters@trailmag.co.za BABY2OTTER I am a trail runner, a mom, and currently an ASICS Frontrunner for South Africa. I discovered the Otter African Trail Run about four years ago. Since then it has been a dream of mine to take part in the race. It’s what got me interested in trail running. However, it has always seemed a little out of reach – financially and physically – in the grand scheme of things. But this year I am making my commitment to do the Otter 2020. In 2017 I got pregnant with my first baby. My son was unexpectedly born with a very rare bladder defect and had to undergo seven procedures in his first year of life. Despite all the challenges that came with this, at eight months postpartum, I ran Lesotho Ultra Mountain Challenge. It’s…

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“I love climbing big hills and live for technical downhill running. So, when Runtheberg announced their virtual race with an elevation category, I knew I’d enjoy it.” Tarrin van Niekerk did most of the event on the Wonderboom stairs, accumulating 51km with 5,000m vertical gain. The minimum requirement for the Elevation Extreme was 50km with 2,400m ascent, and Tarrin won that category outright. “By completing the RTB virtual race, I got my mountain legs back, and won a stay at Montusi Mountain Lodge.” runtheberg.co.za…

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During July 2020, over 2,000 runners had made the 21km pilgrimage across the mountain between two GONE Outdoor stores, Longmarket Street to High Constantia. Let’s break that down: • 2,261 official entries• Of the 2,261 entries, 2,007 were unique.• 724 unique women (36%)• 1,283 unique men (64%)• Most runs was Pete Calitz with 15• Fastest men’s time by Kane Reilly in 1h31min• Fastest women’s time by Toni McCann in 1h42min• Most leisurely time was eight hours Gone2Gone mastermind Heleen Mills knows it’s about more than the numbers: “This year has taught us that while running is a solo sport, trail running is made great by the community. After six months running solo, Gone2Gone was an opportunity for real-life kudos, in-person elbow-bumps, to experience start-line nerves, and finish-line relief.” goneoutdoor.com…