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Discover trail running in South Africa as well as exotic destinations worldwide through TRAIL magazine, published four times annually. 100 pages per issue. Discover the how, why and where. Become a better trail runner as TRAIL looks at this rapidly growing global phenomenon from every conceivable angle.

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twenty-five, time to thrive

You’re holding in your hands something remarkable. The 25th issue of TRAIL. That’s a quarter of a century*. We’ve been going for six years now, and very likely it’s thanks to you. So many kind trail runners, trail event organisers, and advertisers have nurtured us, encouraged us, challenged us to reach higher. You know who you are. We salute you all. Thank you. In this issue, we don’t hold back from giving you the most up-to-date info available, even if it means challenging you a little (or maybe a lot). There’s one of my favourites: nutrition (as divisive nowadays as religion and politics), where we share the latest research into food. Read about the danger of grilled meats, and unravel the myths around protein. Both of these are bound to spark…

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your trail running life in focus

pics@trailmag.co.za trailmag.co.za TRAILza TRAILmag #trailmagpix on Instagram TRANSKEI TROTT Six friends (Steve and Vicky Stott, Andre and Danielle du Toit, and Wes and Barbs Neal) ran 111km from Port St Johns to the Wild Coast Sun in July. Over four days they saw gannets pillage schools of sardines from above, breaching whales, Waterfall Bluff plunging straight into the ocean, Cathedral Rock, the three-masted Grosvenor wreck, Horseshoe Falls, endless beaches, forested gulleys, and rivers. This was no flat beach run, as they accumulated 2,950m of vertical ascent. “What an absolutely flippin’ amazing country we live in!” exclaimed Andre at the end of his description of the expedition. L-R: Andre du Toit, Wesley Neal, Barbs Neal, Vicky Stott. “I asked them to strike a ‘wild and free’ pose on our first morning sunrise as we crested the first hill of the day,”…

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my words my viewpoint

lett ers@trailmag.co.za trailmag.co.za TRAILza TRAILmag TRAIL STRENGTH Running is more than a hobby for me. It has been a journey to a state of health and fulfilment, and improved my emotional well-being. Running introduced me to a fitness lifestyle which has helped me stay motivated, positive, and excited about life as I deal with the pain of difficult circumstances. I have been battling with infertility for several years and felt my body had let me down. Miscarriages left me broken inside but after years of frustration I realised I had to stop letting my happiness be smothered by my situation. I find great joy in helping others and now share my story openly to give others the courage to do the same (a lot of this interaction happens on our runs!). Another way I cope with my…

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fish river ultra

NAMIBIA 10 June 2017 Events in the rearview mirror DANIEL RETIEF AND JAN HENDRIK JACOBS hike the smooth rocks along Namibia's Fish River Canyon, wary of falling into the water so near the beginning of the 2013 race. This section appears soon after the awe-inspiring descent into the canyon, which is the second-largest in the world after the Grand Canyon. An uncooperative wind made the 2017 edition of the Windhoek Light Fish River Ultra Challenge even more difficult than the sand and rocky terrain already is. Thirteen intrepid runners took on the 100km race, and 57 tackled the 65km course. Of the total of 70 athletes, seven didn't manage to finish in the harsh conditions in the canyon. Remarkably, all of the 100km runners finished. The Fish River Ultra must be an addictive experience, because the…

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trail clinic

GAUTENG 29-30 July 2017 Gauteng's third annual clinic was held at its birthplace: Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens. We got to know each other with an interview icebreaker, then the Brooks team took the reins. Michelle Chowles introduced the Brooks trail shoe range, then Craig Gornall used his perspective as a podiatrist and shoe retailer at The Sweat Shop Bedfordview to educate the group on what to look for in a trail shoe. Elite trail runner, and Brooks athlete Karine Bezuidenhout took over, outlining trail techniques for run form, ascent and descent skills, and a trekking pole how-to. Peri Zourides of the Seven Star Energy Centre had everyone on the lawn talking strength, freedom, and time management. Coach Neville Beeton, TRAIL contributor and running coach, got everyone's training on track. Biokineticist Anca Wessels led an indoor session…

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the international event family

Western States 100 USA, 24 June 2017 Ryan Sandes achieved his dream and won the original 100 mile race from Squaw Valley to Auburn, California. The first time he ran it in 2012, he placed second, and returned three times before making his dream a reality. "As I crossed the finishline, I was completely shattered, physically and mentally. "It was a huge relief to run onto the track and realise that I had finally won my dream race. "I felt pride and fulfilment knowing I had achieved a goal that I had worked so long and hard for. "Hugging my wife Vanessa and holding my son Max was surreal." Ryan finished the 160km in 16h19min, 27 minutes ahead of second man, Alex Nichols (USA). If you're wondering why Ryan's win didn't earn him a cover, it's because he…