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Discover trail running in South Africa as well as exotic destinations worldwide through TRAIL magazine, published four times annually. 100 pages per issue. Discover the how, why and where. Become a better trail runner as TRAIL looks at this rapidly growing global phenomenon from every conceivable angle.

South Africa
TRAIL magazine Pty Ltd
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2 min.
running solo

What does personal safety mean to you? I’m speeding downhill on the hundreds of stairs that lead to home, 200 vertical metres below me. I’ve just visited the highest point in a foreign, cluttered city that clings to the hillsides at 2,800m. Two minutes earlier, I’d gazed up in awe at a 40m-high angel, her feet crushing a vanquished dragon. Now, the sound of a barking dog pierces my left ear. No mind. I keep running. Dogs bark at runners, right? Then another bark joins the first, but louder... and closer... much closer! Now there are many yips, and snarls, and grunts, at full volume! It’s the whole damned doghood - up to 10 of them - and they’re running at me at full tilt, their fangs clearly showing their bloodthirsty intent! This…

4 min.
your trail running life in focus

pics@trailmag.co.za trailmag.co.za TRAILza TRAILmag #trailmagpix on Instagram SOMEWHERE OVER JONKERSHOEK Charl and Adriaan Jonker went on an Otter training run in Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch. “The water vapour, blown by a strong South- Easter, formed this rainbow. Bad weather in nature can give you the most beautiful natural phenomenon.” They finished Otter African Trail Run together in 9h14min. Read more about the Grail of Trail on page 84. Charl Heunis, Cape Town LESOTHO MOUNTAIN MAN Grant is the director of Pulane Children’s Centre. Here he is attempting a local FKT (fastest known time) from the gate of the children’s centre to the summit of Thaba Putsoa (2,939m). The remote 25km route has 1,500m of vertical ascent. He completed it in 4h48min. pulanechildren.org/fkt Grant Strugnell, Ha Makoae, Quthing, Lesotho SOLO PEAK TAG After summiting Devil’s Peak on a solo mountain mission, Mmama wasn’t finished. “I felt like another peak, so up…

5 min.
my words my viewpoint

letters@trailmag.co.za trailmag.co.za TRAILza TRAILmag LIFE-SAVING KIT When event organisers send out their final instructions for ultra distance events, especially those in the mountains, don’t fob offthe compulsory kit items. They may not save your life, but they could save someone else’s. The runners at the back especially need to take the right kit and enough nutrition, as they spend far more time out in the elements. On 7 October, I joined 60 enthusiastic trail runners to take part in the Mighty Mutter 65km or 37km in the Southern Drakensberg. This was my third Mutter. The first 13km up to Thule Beacon at 2,537m was tough, but the weather was glorious. At times we wished we’d worn Funky Pants rather than long leggings. Once on top of the ridge we could see the rain approaching, and the temperature dropped. We…

6 min.

EASTERN CAPE 9 September 2017 SIFUMANOKUHLE MAJALI, field ranger with East Cape Parks, speeds by stately aloes at Baviaanskloof Trail Run 2016. The race is ever-changing and addictive. Through its nine years, this 40km Eastern Cape adventure through a World Heritage Site has been flooded or bone-dry, lush with game, or burned out. No matter what, it gives runners what they want, which is why they keep coming back. Chris Gedye is an official Legend of Legends, having run it all nine times. “Running on top of the mountain range, which looked like a lunar landscape after the fires that swept through the area, really set this year apart.” What keeps him coming back is the ruggedness and solitude. “It can be scary camping with leopard and other big game around. But you can run…

2 min.
the international event family

Grand Raid de la Réunion REUNION, 22 October 2017 Six special Saffas completed the 165km Grand Raid de la Réunion, also know as La Diagonale des Fous (Diagonal of Fools). The quickest of them was André-Hugo van Zyl, who placed 225th overall in 38h43min. Conrad du Toit set a speedy 41h41min for 358th position overall after running UTMB earlier this year. (Read his letter on p15.) Regular TRAIL contributor and 100-mile runner Andy Wesson finished in 47h41min. "Everything about Grand Raid was grand!" exalts Andy, "the crush of people at the start; the blistering pace out of the city; the climbs, the descents; the supporters chanting Aller aller aller (Go go go)." Super troopers Frikkie Pienaar, Rubin Mehta, and Peter Purchase stuck it out for more than two straight days to finish! Tunnel Hill 100 Mile USA, 11…

3 min.
green goodness

Share your food ideas: food@trailmag.co.za We're told to eat our veggies, to eat a rainbow, that greens are good. That's because the colour of food really does show the goodness that is inside! Chlorophyll gives green foods their colour, and does more than help plants turn sunlight into storable energy. Chlorophyll contains nutrients which can help prevent cancer, is a powerful antioxidant, helps with injury recovery, and improves your blood oxygen levels. It's packed with vitamins A, C, K, and E, fatty acids, and magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium. Now let's back up those claims with science. Cancer prevention In 2005, a study by Jed Fahey and his team at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found evidence that chlorophyll is the factor which makes green vegetables powerful for cancer prevention. They found that compounds…