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Discover trail running in South Africa as well as exotic destinations worldwide through TRAIL magazine, published four times annually. 100 pages per issue. Discover the how, why and where. Become a better trail runner as TRAIL looks at this rapidly growing global phenomenon from every conceivable angle.

South Africa
TRAIL magazine Pty Ltd
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4 Issues

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3 min.

Lessons From Injury It happened faster than the blink of an eye. “Arrrgh! You’ve just rolled your left ankle!” registered in my mind milliseconds after I heard the snapping sound. Moments later, the rapidly increasing pain told me this was a serious sprain. “Don’t even think about running it off!” chided my smarter self. It swelled to elephant foot proportions but felt and looked better in the days that followed. At our Gauteng Trail Clinic six days later, I thought I’d be fine for a 1km hike to photograph the runners on their run session. Big mistake! The hike became a jog, and the swelling and pain got worse than before. I’m not telling you this as a masochistic boast, nor to show you how over-optimistic (aka dumb) we runners can be. Rather, it’s…

3 min.
my life my photos

MAKE THE MOST OF THE VERT Paul and Kelly Freeth joined Andy on one of his mountain missions out at Crossways Country Kitchen in Port Elizabeth. “We spent the morning scrambling up mountains,” says Kelly. “Yes, PE has mountains if you know where to look. “As with any good day in the mountains, we only covered 15km in the three hours we spent on the trail. We have a lot of vert to show for it at least.” For another of Andy’s mountain adventures, see page 43… Andy Wesson, Port Elizabeth PLAYTIME ALL THE TIME Ashleigh Truran and Geogie Taylor practicing their TRAIL cover pose on the front-facing Table Mountain contour path. Practice makes perfect! Mmama Kubjane, Cape Town THE GOOD WHITE STUFF Will and Jan Ham Jr made the most of mid-winter snow falls in the Cape. “We planned a…

5 min.
my words my viewpoint

MISCHIEVOUS MEDIC The Eiger Ultra Trail is one of the most beautiful trails in the world: the first part overlooking the north face and the second part running directly under the Eiger. The race is run in the German-speaking part of Switzerland which creates some difficulties for non- German speakers… After the first 50km, slowly becoming more uncomfortable due to chafing in my nether regions, I finally found a first-aid station at a refreshment point! I approached the medic, and in my best German asked for anti-reibungs cream. This translated, in my mind, to anti-chafing cream. The medic asked me where I was chafing and I pointed to my groin. Immediately she grabbed a blue cream, and with a glint in her eye asked me if I would like her to apply the…

6 min.
george mut

The Outeniqua canopy towers over Brad Hyman during the inaugural George Mountain Ultra Trail. He finished the 60km of big climbs, rocky forest trails, and technical downhills in 8h05min. “I was told I wasn’t far behind a group of runners and when I heard voices in the forest (not the ones in my head) I thought I had caught up,” says Brad. “Negative! There stood Jacques Marais and another guy. I remember Jacques asking how I was feeling, and honestly, I was feeling really good, gave a smile and disappeared into the forest singletrack. “The coolest part about this run is that it was organised by passionate runners wanting to show off their playground. Something else that isn’t really common at ultras was the number of younger runners. It was either because…

4 min.
international events that rocked

Mont Blanc Marathon FRANCE, 1 July 2018 Of the 15 South Africans to start the second race in the Golden Trail Series, it was Meg Mackenzie (32), who stole the show! She finished eighth in 5h03min, climbing to fifth in the Golden Trail Series ranks. Thabang Madiba, Ben Nortier, Ian de Lange, and Johannes de Klerk all finished the marathon. Malawian Edson Kumwumba competed in the 90km Ultra du Mont Blanc, placing 33rd man, in 14h05min! Davide Del Fante ran the vertical kilometre to place an impressive 27th out of 540 finishers, in 44min04s. Kate Mapham placed 13th in her category in 59min46s. Andrew Einhorn and Donald Mackenzie also completed the VK. Jane Cardwell was the fastest of the Saffers running the 23km distance, placing sixth in her category in 3h21min. Other 23km finishers include David…

2 min.
should you eat raw mushrooms?

fungi.com With the increased use of mushroom products, I feel a personal responsibility to inform the public about safety issues regarding mushroom preparations. Misleading marketing causes consumer confusion, risk, and damage to our industry, which is always under scrutiny. At my company Host Defense, we are dedicated to providing the best, evidence-based, scientific information concerning safety and optimum use of mushrooms for health benefits. Should you consume raw mushrooms and/or mushroom mycelium? No, absolutely not! Raw mushrooms are largely indigestible because of their tough cell walls, mainly composed of chitin. Dr. Andrew Weil advises, in agreement with other experts, that mushrooms must be cooked. “Mushrooms have very tough cell walls and are essentially indigestible if you don’t cook them. Thoroughly heating them releases the nutrients they contain, including protein, B vitamins, and minerals, as well as…