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Discover trail running in South Africa as well as exotic destinations worldwide through TRAIL magazine, published four times annually. 100 pages per issue. Discover the how, why and where. Become a better trail runner as TRAIL looks at this rapidly growing global phenomenon from every conceivable angle.

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BLAZE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE A 100% South African magazine, reaching globally. cover Stuart McConnachie fast-packs in the Cederberg. photo Simon Pocock CONTACT TRAIL MAGAZINE Publisher Deon Braun | deon@trailmag.co.za Editorial Heloise | editorial@trailmag.co.za 031 261 6133 Advertising Deon | ads@trailmag.co.za 082 377 4669 Event listings Send info to calendar@trailmag.co.za Address 64 Feilden Drive, Glenmore, Durban, 4001 SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscribe We sell digital subs only (Amazon, App Store, Google Play, Magzter, Zinio). We mail to existing print subscribers only. trailmag.co.za/subscribe Enquiries admin@trailmag.co.za, 031 261 6133 PRINT & DISTRIBUTION (RETAIL / NEWSSTAND) Printer Paarl Media | gillian.scott@novusprint.co.za Retail Manager Caitlin Rogers | caitlinr@RNAD.co.za PHOTOGRAPHERS / ILLUSTRATORS Simon Pocock (cover), Jonna Beeton, Xavier Briel, Hayds Brown, Anthony Churchyard, Barbara Cole, Kevin Dornbrack, Melissa Dove, Jim Faulds, Tobias Ginsberg, Alex Hawkins, Andrew King, Matthew Legemaate, Tsepiso Lekitlane, Zissy Lewin, Barry Maitland-Stuart, Jacques Marais, Jon McGillivray, Mark McTaggart, Sven Musica, Luke…

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bound to rebound

You’re tough. How do I know? You made it through winter, didn’t you? Congrats! Now it’s time to prepare your mind (and body) for longer days, warmer sunshine, and more time outdoors. Enjoy it. Soon it will be winter again. But then another spring, another summer. Life is filled with ebb and flow, ups and downs. The stock market is like that too. And do you know what’s also like the stock exchange? This unique country we call South Africa and home. We’ve had good times, we’ve had tough times. Right now, the share price graph isn’t in the high territory. Our share value has dropped. But fear not, it will rise again – at some point in the unknown future. SA Inc. – the company of nearly 60 million people you and I…

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the small things add up

I love it when my body surprises me, and I just found out it can do a headstand! I remember years ago, struggling to do an inclined handstand against a wall, struggling to run continuously for a kilometre, and generally feeling frustrated that my body couldn’t do what I wanted. In the last year or so I’ve taken to outdoor gyms, running around the local parks, and doing a little upperbody and core on the machines. Nothing too strenuous. But those small efforts twice a week have got me comfortably doing a headstand! For two months I’ve been doing a lot of short (2km-8km) efforts on weekdays and weekends and in evenings. Some were speed sessions, some were just beachfront or park trots. And then I entered a 20km trail event and…

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your trail running life in focus

pics@trailmag.co.za trailmag.co.za TRAILza TRAILmag #trailmagpix on Instagram “WE CLIMBED THAT!” Matt Gibbs at the 21km Greyton Brew Run, which circumnavigates Greyton, climbing the surrounding mountains. “Matt is gesturing excitedly in the direction of the second (and biggest) climb of the day, with more enthusiasm than we had when ascending it,” confesses Ross, the photographer. “Matt and I are both members of our informal Trail Run Taakspan consisting of members and friends of the UCT Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine. We’re an odd bunch of people who take pain away professionally, but seem to love self-inflicting it on an amateur basis on the weekends!” Ross Hofmeyr, Cape Town EXPLORE TOGETHER Zuriena Slarmie on the short course at Paul Cluver farms during the Cape Winter Trail Series. “Our aim is to do trails together as a couple and we are enjoying it very…

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my words my viewpoint

letters@trailmag.co.za trailmag.co.za TRAILza TRAILmag MY FIRST ULTRA It has taken me days to comprehend the enormity of my experience. Not just finishing 50km, but the 10 hours before I crossed the finish line. Leading up to Umgeni River Run, I was anxious. I became doubtful that I was cut out to run an ultra. When something gives you a sleepless night, then you know it’s important. If I wanted to succeed, my only option was to silence this doubt. I gave myself a pep talk. I had chosen this, I paid money to do it. So shut up and enjoy the experience. I wanted to push the boundaries, challenge myself, see how far I could go. I was alone most of the run, except for the odd chit chats at water tables, and with any runner that passed…

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stiff-legged jol!

The Oxpecker Trail Run is about so much more than the run. You will have a jol on and off the trail, your legs will be stiff, and you will join the 8,250 Peckers since 2015 who know why all three weekends sell out every year. This event, now in its fifth year, consistently delivers laughs, sunshine, gruelling climbs, exhilarating descents, and view after view after view… Kudos goes to every member of the Oxpecker Flock, the team behind the event that works so hard to make this jol (Afrikaans: good time) happen, and the Midlands weather for blue skies and epic sunsets and sunrises. This is a wrap of the 2019 edition, with stories from Golden Pecker Danie Raath and rose recipient Laverne Knox, and finally, appreciate the history…