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Travel Africa April-June 2018

The only international magazine dedicated to exploring Africa's diverse attractions, national parks, wildlife, culture and history. Travel Africa draws on some of the world's top photographers, writers and experts to create an inspiring and practical resource for anyone interested in the world's most exciting continent.

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great ape experiences

1 RWANDA: “LAND OF A THOUSAND HILLS” VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK Visiting the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes NP is one of the most awesome wildlife experiences in the world. Spanning 160 sq km of the Virunga conservation region, it harbours 178 bird species (including at least 29 endemics) and wildlife including spotted hyena, buffalo, elephant, black-fronted duiker, bushbuck, golden monkey and — the flagship attraction — ten habituated gorilla groups. 2 NYUNGWE FOREST NATIONAL PARK Nyungwe Forest is the largest montane forest in Central Africa, home to 13 species of primates including chimpanzees and the largest grouping of black and white colobus monkeys in Africa. It has a rich variety of birds, flora and other fauna, which can be viewed from an impressive canopy walkway. Nyungwe is Rwanda’s most important area of biodiversity. It offers…

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preserving priceless

ISSUE 82, APRIL-JUNE 2018 “We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless,” said biologist and author EO Wilson in his book The Diversity of Life. This got me thinking… For, priceless is our planet. Priceless are the magnificent landscapes. Priceless are the wild animals that live alongside us. And yet we continue to destroy our fragile Earth. Enormous efforts are being made to protect Africa’s riches but there is a long road ahead. We often hear of the conservation struggles in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and other well-known destinations. Yet the countries that need our help most are, in fact, those that aren’t even on our radar. Take Benin, for example. Although it has experienced economic growth over the past few years, it is one of the world’s poorest countries, which…

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THE EMOTIVE IMPACT OF AFRICA The evolution of the safari guide Page 24 Following in their footsteps Early morning is the time for finding lions, when the air is sharp and prints show up clearly as you drive against the light. Each hollow footfall fills with shadow, like blue flowers blossoming in the soft Kalahari sand. Perched on the bonnet in his jump seat, your tracker can interpret the criss-cross calligraphy of the bush as easily as you and I might peruse the pages of Travel Africa. But even a beginner can soon recognise a lion’s footprint, each one as big as your outstretched hand, with its distinctive triple ripple at the heel — the unmistakable signature of a big cat that never fails to produce that adrenaline rush of excitement.…

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selous game reserve

WHY VISIT? The size of Switzerland, and four times larger than the Serengeti, Selous Game Reserve is an immense area of protected wilderness that has remained untouched for millions of years. The reserve is the largest protected wet wilderness area in Africa, covering a total area of 54,600 sq km. Known for its lakes, rivers and bush experience, Selous was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 due the diversity of its wildlife and undisturbed nature. It is abundant with animals and little visited by tourists, compared to the northern parks. WHAT TO SEE? Scenery Rolling savannah, riverine forest, hot volcanic springs, networks of channels and lagoons, lakes and the Rufiji River – which attracts hordes of animals in the dry season – provide a rich mix for the visitor. Wildlife The Selous…

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most memorable experience

RECOLLECTIONS THAT LAST FOREVER The essence of Africa Having spent 20 years exploring this continent, I am often asked to reflect on my most memorable experience. The truth is every single one is memorable because the golden thread that runs through each experience is Africa’s rich tapestry of people, wildlife and landscapes. This combination is what makes up the essence of every African adventure. Throughout my travels, it has always been these three elements that have inspired me — they light the way and drive me on to keep exploring the place we call home. DAVID RYAN IS THE CEO AND FOUNDER OF RHINO AFRICA.…

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Cairo Bites 20-21 APRIL CAIRO, EGYPT This is Egypt’s original and largest food festival. Taking place over two days, its line-up features a range of local, regional and international eating and drinking establishments. It’s not all about gorging; there will be cooking competitions with celebrity chefs, musical acts and stand-up comedians. You can get in on the action too, as there are also culinary competitions open to the public — with valuable prizes up for grabs. Suitable for all ages, there’s a fun zone full of games and kids’ entertainment. For any avid foodie who’s in search of the true ‘taste of Egypt’. SAINT-LOUIS JAZZ 24 APRIL-1 MAY SAINT-LOUIS, SENEGAL The most internationally renowned festival in West Africa attracts musicians from all around the world. Blues, jazz and gospel, among other genres, are performed across…