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Celebrity & Gossip
TV Plus English

TV Plus English


TV Plus is aimed at dedicated viewers of the two million South Africans who spend more than 25 hours a week in front of the TV. It is typically South African and has no overseas partners or ties. It is not just another TV schedule, but provides valuable information on programmes. TV Plus caters for readers obsession, like a close friend with whom you comfortable watch your favourite soapie, share a cup of tea and chat about what can still happen. There are wonderful stories, gossip and glamour from here to Hollywood, plus everything the couch sports lover may want. There are exciting pictures, recipes, fashion, beauty, irresistible competitions and essential information for kids about their own programmes entertaining and educational.

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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tv plus english

EDITOR Lucia Poolman DEPUTY EDITOR Craig Falck DEPUTY NEWS EDITOR Genevieve Terblanche GENERAL WRITERS Elri Boucher, Emile Butler-O’Brien, Ipeleng Rakgantsho SENIOR DESIGNER Itumeleng E.U. Kunene CONTRIBUTORS Gerda Engelbrecht, Lara Atson, Mariette Immelman, Martjie Roos, Tuduetso Mankuroane, Una Heradien SCHEDULING Emile Butler-O’Brien, Andrea Lewis, Kashief Achmat REPRODUCTION Kurt Ohlson, Lugisani Mulaudzi OFFICE MANAGER (JHB) Noleen Mendace ADVERTISING SALES AND SOLUTIONS: NATIONAL SALES MANAGER David Hay SPACE STATION (Digital) Joanne Lambley (021 468 8299 / 011 993 8050) CIRCULATION SALES AND SOLUTIONS: CATEGORY MANAGER Armand Kasselman (021 443 9975) MEDIA24 LIFESTYLE: HEAD OF WEEKLIES Minette Ferreira PUBLISHER Bea van der Vyver PROJECT MANAGER Michael De Beer MARKETING CO-ORDINATOR Noleen Mendace PRODUCTION MANAGER Jacques du Plooy HEAD OF PRINT: MEDIA24 LIFESTYLE Ishmet Davidson CFO: MEDIA24 LIFESTYLE Raj Lalbahadur • Printing Novus Print • Distribution…

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ed’s letter

I have a confession to make: I’m currently really struggling to get to all the TV I’m supposed to be watching. It’s always been a challenge to be up-to-date with all the soaps as well shows, but these days it feels near impossible. The problem? My baby! Where I used to be able to have an episode of Supernatural, American Gods or something else “hardcore” in the background when I get home, I now have to keep the TV switched off or sometimes I let her watch educational cartoons. That little girl is fascinated with the screen! There’s not a sound or movement those ears and eyes miss. How do you balance your TV viewing with little ones in the house? Can someone please help me? Because especially in this…

4 min.

Wednesday 26 February DINNER DATE SOUTH AFRICA SEASON PREMIERE! Season 2 BBC Lifestyle (*174) 20:00 Episode 1 (reality) Three blind dates get taken for a taste test as South Africa judges every single little thing about them, from their décor, to their clothes, to their dinner… and the dinner conversation. This time 27-year-old recruitment consultant Jaymal is looking for a family-style meal cooked with love. NB! See more on p36. Friday 28 February DIVORCE SEASON PREMIERE! Season 3 M-Net (*101) 22:00 Episode 1 (comedy) While we feel for Frances after her dream gallery burns to the ground, we can’t help but laugh when she job hunts by dropping off her CV at galleries in person. Lady, in which century?! NB! See more on p39. Thursday 27 February STILL BREATHING SERIES PREMIERE! Season 1 M-Net (*101) 20:00 Episode 1 (drama) This new…

1 min.
burning question!

Something other than your favourite series keeping you up at night? We’re solving your TV troubles here. Why does e.tv keep airing the Fast And Furious movies? It’s as bad as SABC1, 2 and 3 sharing films one week after the next – RENE, FACEBOOK As it turns out, the Fast And Furious franchise of movies (2001-now) does well for all of the channels that air it. According to e.tv publicity manager Joe Strydom, “There’s no fixed plan to air them every year.” When international suppliers offer the channels a selection of movies, the rights are bought if there will be a benefit for the channel. Given that there are new films in the franchise every few years, it takes almost two months to air as it’s sold as a full package…

3 min.
revved up

The world’s most famous car show got a presenter overhaul in 2016 when then-hosts Richard Hammond and James May quit Top Gear (2002-now) after Jeremy Clarkson was fired for punching a producer. The reality show’s host line-up was changed for season 23, then reshuffled again for seasons 24-26, which can be streamed on Showmax. Leading the three seasons is Matt Le Blanc – aka dozy Joey Tribiani in Friends (1994-2004). But don’t be fooled into thinking he’s just a big-name star with no vehicle skills – Matt has raced cars and motorbikes since he was a teen. Plus, he’s got well-known UK motoring journalists Chris Harris and Rory Reid as co-hosts. THE MAN MAKETH THE SCRIPT With new hosts come new challenges and formats. These guys aren’t playing around as much as…

3 min.
charlie bouguenon

Through thick and thin, schemes and sins and outright murder, the residents and guests at Scandal!’s (2005-now, see more on p14) Newtonian Hotel can rely on one man to be a “chommie”. Multi-lingual hotel manager Timmy’s (Charlie Bouguenon) caring attitude and ability to sniff out and discretely spill gossip has made him the treasure of the hotel. And as viewers, we’d love anyone who warns Yvonne (Kgomotso Christopher) not to leave and get a job on a cruise ship because it might sink. Like Timmy, actor Charlie has his finger on the pulse and eyes everywhere – especially on TV… What was the first TV show you acted out with friends? The first character I remember playing on the playground in nursery school was BA Baracus (Mr T) from The A-Team…