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March 2019

Everything you need to know about fashion, trends, beauty, people and lifestyle, VOGUE India is your ultimate style guide. In these pages you’ll find the hottest, newest and latest from the world of fashion and beyond, both in India and from across the world, making it the must-have accessory for the modern, fashionable Indian woman.

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R BURMAN Burman took on professional photography after graduating from the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography. With an oeuvre spanning editorial, advertising and celebrity photography, Burman’s portraits have the power to transform ordinary subjects into extraordinary creatures. In this issue, he shoots the ethereal Sonali Bendre Behl for ‘Rock of her own’, page 256. GEORGES ANTONI Antoni, represented by Artist Group, is one of Australia’s leading fashion photographers. His work goes beyond the conventional frame of fashion, into a more thoughtful imagery. This month, he shoots Anushka Sharma in the gardens around Australia’s National Gallery in ‘A piece of sky’, page 234. LINDA JEFFERYES Living in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, makeup artist Jefferyes describes her profession as a disco without the drinks. In this issue,…

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IN MEMORIAM Iconic designer and fashion world enfant terrible Karl Lagerfeld passed away this February at age 85 (COURTESY KIM WESTON-ARNOLD/CHANEL) “Karl Lagerfeld,” she replied. I was in school, a young fashion enthusiast, talking to a cousin, who was visiting from Parsons, about her favourite designer. “He’s the only designer who has helmed four fashion houses at the same time,” she explained. Lagerfeld was heading Chanel, his own eponymous label, Chloé and Fendi. And to each he lent his own creative vision, transforming them from mere clothing labels to a way of dressing and living.Years later, when I went on to become the editor of Vogue, attending my first fashion week, I realised something else: There were shows, and there was the Chanel show. At the Grand Palais…

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CLICK HAPPY ‘Head over heels’ was by far one of my favourite cover stories in Vogue India. It beautifully captured Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s chemistry and love story. They looked breathtaking in those scenic fields shot by Annie Leibovitz, and the styling couldn’t have been better. —Sanjna Dhillon, Delhi FASHIONABLE SOLUTION I can’t wait to get my hands on the Nought One athletic jumper, featured in ‘The home stretch’. With its hold-all pockets, someone has finally come up with the perfect, snug solution to store all my on-the-go accessories—wallet and the mobile phone! —Shivani Gupta, Jaipur WELL-MARINATED The feature ‘Take a ’cue’ was an absolute delight to read. It provided valuable insight into the art of barbecuing. From marinating meats to cutting techniques, the…

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Vidya Iyer  (@VidyaVox)So excited to be a part of “50 Most Influential Global Indians” list for @VogueIndia with so many kickass ladies! Sakshi Rajeev Kore  (@Sakshayyy)Love how @VogueIndia’s January issue highlights the women that are revolutionising society and bringing about a change. #EmpoweringReads Riya Dhankar  (@Riya dhankar)P and N’s love story in @VogueIndia is one you cannot miss! The shoot left me shaking. #NikYanka #VogueMagazine ■…

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1 CHARM BELTS The belt gets a makeover this season with jewel accents and embellishments. Layer over a pair of trousers or on the waist of a dress to elevate your look. 2 CLEAR BAGS While transparent bags are the talk of the season, it all boils down to what you put in—here, we say adopt a “less is more” mantra. 3 RETRO HEADBANDS Short, long or curly—the ’60s-style retro headband is the cool girls’ accessory of the season. Welcome back, Blair Waldorf! ■…

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Between the horrific real-life story of the Mumbai terrorist attack (Anthony Maras’s Hotel Mumbai) and the thrilling journey of a man who travels across the border (Michael Winterbottom’s The Wedding Guest), there’s one common link—actor Dev Patel, who will make sure we visit the theatres at least twice this month. Dev Patel ■…