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don’t get lost without the web

Going offline for a while needn’t be the end of the world, but it can sometimes feel like it, as I discovered on a recent holiday. Being trapped on a plane with a noisy baby and no music to block out its cries; wandering aimlessly around a barren landscape because I forgot to bring a map; paying a small fortune for a taxi after neglecting to check the bus timetables – yes, all these things happened to me, and had me cursing both my lack of internet and lack of foresight. If only I’d read this issue’s cover feature before setting off, because it’s exactly these types of unexpected offline moment that its advice addresses. By downloading essential content from your favourite sites, services and apps in advance, you can happily…

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web user

EDITORIAL Editor Robert Irvine Technical & Reviews Editor Andy Shaw Features Writer Steve Clark Art Editor Laurence Hallam Production Editor Miki Berenyi Contributors Wayne Williams, Jane Hoskyn, Jonathan Parkyn, David Crookes, Roland Waddilove, Nicole Kobie, Barry Collins Editorial email: editor@webuser.co.uk ADVERTISING Tel: 0203 890 3824 Group Advertising Director Andrea Mason Senior Sales Executive Ashley Wood ADVERTISING PRODUCTION Group Production Manager Stephen Catherall, 0203 890 4050 Production Manager Mike Hills, michael_hills@dennis.co.uk MARKETING Marketing Manager Rachel Hare Marketing Production Manager Gemma Hills MANAGEMENT Group Editor Daniel Booth Managing Director Dharmesh Mistry MD of Advertising Julian Lloyd-Evans Commercial and Retail Director David Barker CFO/COO Brett Reynolds Chief Executive James Tye Company Founder Felix Dennis…

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what’s new online

Secure important files in OneDrive Storing sensitive files in the cloud can feel risky but with Microsoft OneDrive’s new Personal Vault, you can pop your most important documents into an extra-secure section of your cloud-storage space. To access them, you’ll need to get through an extra layer of security such as a PIN, FaceID, fingerprint or code. Microsoft suggests storing tax records, credit reports, insurance documents, licences, property deeds, budgets, legal papers and copies of passports in the vault. You can also use the OneDrive app to immediately secure freshly snapped photos and scanned documents. Free users are limited to storing just three files, so you may have to prioritise what you upload to the vault unless you pay £5.99 a month for an unlimited Premium subscription to OneDrive. In either case,…

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new voice commands

Pick a new voice Open the iOS Assistant app or say “OK Google” and tap the compass icon, then Settings in Android, before tapping your profile picture and selecting Assistant, ‘Assistant voice’. Get better directions Siri is now more accurate with directions in Apple Maps. Rather than tell you to make a move by indicating how far you are from a turn, it will use reference points such as the next set of traffic lights. Plan a cancer fundraiser Gather some friends and say, “Alexa, start the Stand Up to Cancer quiz” to join Cancer Research UK and comedian Joe Lycett for an Alexa quiz. For more info, visit www.standuptocancer.org.uk/quiz.…

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need to know

Microsoft unveils foldable devices and new Windows OS What happened? Microsoft unveiled a pair of foldable devices, which it says will create a new form of mobile computing. First up is the Surface Duo, which is either a folding tablet or a dual-screen smartphone, depending on your preference. Thanks to the fully flexible hinge, the Duo can be used as a phone, with one of the two displays used as you would a more typical handset. But unfold the device and the two 5.6in displays combine into a single 8.4in screen. Along with its revolutionary design, the Surface Duo is significant because it runs Google’s Android operating system rather than Microsoft’s own OS for Windows phones, which struggled to get a foothold in the mobile market. Little else was revealed about the Surface Duo,…

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first look

Surface Earbuds bit.ly/earbud486 At the Microsoft Surface event earlier this month, the company revealed new Surface hardware in the shape of a foldable tablet, a foldable Android phone (see page 8) and the oddest looking earbuds we’ve ever seen. Forget Apple’s slinky AirPods, which follow the classic earbud design minus the wires – the new Surface earbuds are large, round and unmistakable. It’s a design that’s likely to divide opinion, enthusing some people and putting off others. Get past the unconventional look, though, and you’ll find Microsoft’s latest audio effort is incredibly good. Despite the larger size of the Surface Earbuds, you can barely tell you’re wearing them. They’re lightweight with a shallow insert that makes contact with your ears in just two places – ideal if you want to wear them all day,…