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Weekend Argus Saturday

Weekend Argus Saturday

Saturday, October 24, 2020

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parents seek closure after newborn’s death

A GRIEF-stricken mother is searching for answers after giving birth and leaving without her baby at Stellenbosch Hospital. Denise Adams, 34, from Klapmuts was six months pregnant when she went into labour last week Friday. She started experiencing labour pains and told her husband Colin and their friends to call the ambulance. They said they called three times but the ambulance did not arrive. They arranged other transport to Stellenbosch Hospital. When Adams arrived at the hospital, a security guard took her in a wheelchair to the maternity ward. When she got there a nurse said she did not belong in the ward because she was only six months pregnant. However, the nurse tested her urine and said she had an infection. The mother of five said she waited some time to see the…

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forensic services in turmoil

THE Forensic Services Laboratories (FSL) has ground to a near-halt, with more than 100 000 case exhibits stuck in the process, 92% of which are associated with rape and sexual assaults. DNA evidence is also crucial in cases for those who cannot speak for themselves, such as babies, toddlers and mentally impaired victims. This week, the DA’s Andrew Whitfield raised the alarm, and said the huge backlog at the Forensic Science Laboratories was because of “maintenance contracts for the highly sensitive machinery and consumables not being renewed. Procurement of consumables also ground to a halt” during the second and third quarter. “We believe the accumulated total backlog of DNA case exhibits is now well over 100 000, leaving thousands of victims and their families out in the cold,” said Whitfield, adding this had…

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opposition parties slam winde’s plan

OPPOSITION parties have criticised Premier Alan Winde for not having a clear enough plan for the economic recovery of the province after the ravages of Covid-19. Winde presented a special address at the Western Cape Legislature on Thursday. The address was largely a retrospective look at actions taken during the lockdown, with some ideas for how to move forward towards rebuilding the economy – but lacking clear details and planning, opposition members said in a debate yesterday morning. Winde revealed that more than 150 000 jobs would be lost this year in the province. “We know that many people have lost their jobs, or have had to close their businesses, both big and small. We are taking this very seriously, and we will do everything we can to get our economy growing so…

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tweede nuwe jaar festivities face cancellation threat

FOR the first time since inception in 1907, the threat of cancellation hangs over the annual Tweede Nuwe Jaar celebrations and the thousands of minstrels who bring colour to the streets of Cape Town. Although there have not been any calls or confirmation that the event will be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association director Muneeb Gambeno said that all stakeholders were in constant conversation about the situation. The City of Cape Town has already cancelled one of the city’s most iconic events, the switching on of the festive lights. This follows a string of other events that have been cancelled since the outbreak of the virus. In 2015, the carnival was delayed for the first time because on the initial planned date of January 3, the local Muslim…

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katlego ‘outed’ by insurer

SOCIAL media was abuzz yesterday over allegations of a sex scandal involving prominent local media personality Katlego Maboe. The scandal it gave rise to resulted in #Katlego and #Nikita, in relation to Nikita Murray, the woman he admitted to having an affair with in a video apparently recorded by his former girlfriend and mother of his child, Monique Muller, trending on Twitter for most of the day. The catch phrase “chencha dai deng” on the Outsurance television commercial, as well as #Outsuranceguy and #Expresso, on which Maboe is a presenter were also all among the top Twitter trends on the day as South Africans weighed in on the controversial topic. In the video, which has gone viral, there is a confrontation between Maboe, pictured, and Muller, with the Safta-winning presenter confessing his infidelity…

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local artist takes his social activism into museum experiment

LOCAL Cape Town artist Haroon Gunn-Salie is showcasing his artwork in a different way. The current project, Line in the Sand, will be an experimental open studio at the Zeitz MOCAA where visitors will be able to watch Gunn-Salie at work. Curator of the Zeitz MOCAA Storm Janse van Rensburg said that the project won’t be a conventional exhibition but rather, a space for experimentation and critical engagement. “We invited Haroon to engage with our audience, and as his work straddles art and activism, and also pertinent issues related to the history and realities of our city, to provide a critical reflection of art and culture. Haroon turns our collective gaze to histories that are neglected and under-represented. He brings attention to social inequalities that remain unaddressed, unspoken and which often hides in…