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Woman & Home South Africa February 2019

Woman & Home puts the reader at the centre of everything they do, never pigeonholing, always believing it’s attitude not age that matters, always with a positive tone that connects to the reader, giving her confidence, glamour and inspiration to try new experiences. woman&home has a brand new attitude and offers irresistible inspiration each and every month.

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it’s all about you!

Whatever your goal in 2019 – whether it’s taking a new career direction or feeling more fulfilled with a passion – it’ll be that much easier to reach if you feel on top of the world. Our bonus on page 95 taps into this. It’s all about kicking off the new year in a healthy, positive and fabulous way. We look at how to train your brain – quite literally! – to be happier, how to shed that post-holiday weight on a two-day detox (yes, please!), and how to fit in a workout at home... in under 15 minutes. Going for long walks is one of my simple pleasures, so I was pleased to read about the benefits (p104), and how these can be combined with another of my favourite pastimes…

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meet our contributors

On page 32, SA-born actress KANDYSE McCLURE chats to us about her passions. What’s on your 2019 to-do list? I’m finally going to renovate my garage into a studio. Any big plans lined up? Yes! And they all involve work, travel and moving home. Most romantic moment? I was once surprised with a picnic on the beach at sunset – it was so sweet and thoughtful. Dream celebrity date? Doesn’t everyone say Idris Elba? I really think that we would laugh a lot together. LILLIAN DUBE, a much-loved local actress, tells us on page 54 why she isn’t ready to retire yet. What’s on your 2019 to-do list? I’d like to have my own talk show! Your wishes for the year ahead? My biggest hope is for there to be more female-owned businesses in SA. Any big plans…

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‘my life is happy chaos’

With her glossy hair and perfectly manicured nails, you might be fooled into believing Emilia Fox, 44, is an actress who demands the red-carpet treatment wherever she goes. Think again. It’s 7am when she arrives at the w&h cover shoot, make-up-free, wet hair scraped back into a ponytail, having agreed to squeeze it in before a busy day of filming for the new season (and her 15th) of Silent Witness . The filming location? A rubbish dump on the outskirts of the city – and believe it or not, it doesn’t faze her one bit. “The worst place I’ve filmed?” she says. “In front of a men’s urinal – we had such a laugh!” It’s that down-to-earth attitude that surely makes her one of the most likeable women on television.…

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ask me anything

What is the one thing you’re terrified of? Touching flowerpots... I promise I’m not crazy! Your biggest addiction? Coffee – I can drink six to eight cups a day. Tell us the wildest thing you’ve done... Taking part in the reality TV show Bear Grylls: Mission Survive. Who was your teenage heartthrob? I had two: Dustin Hoffman and John Thaw. And now? I’m looking for one. What is the one thing you’d change about yourself? I wish I didn’t worry so much. What is your mantra? My great-great-grandfather, Samson Fox, adopted it from Benjamin Disraeli: “To the brave, nothing is difficult.” Your ultimate power woman? One who admits her fragility as much as her strength, and knows the value of her family and friends as much as her commitment to work. When was the last time that you…

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‘this is such a nostalgic moment in a mother’s life’

My son is leaving home. Not yet, not quite yet. We have a few weeks together before Tom departs for university. He is impatient to be off, of course, out into the big world. I want him to feel confident and happy, so I try not to let him see how my heart is pleating inside as I assemble a pile of stuff he’ll need. His blankie, the yellow honeycombed shawl my mom knitted when he was born, still lies under his pillow. Eighteen years old, like the child it’s comforted so many times, the blankie faded to cream from so many washings. I bury my face in it, thinking, don’t be sad, this is how it’s meant to be. You’re a mom, it’s the job. To teach them how…

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you... but better!

If you’ve ever thought you have your best ideas while walking and talking, or that you feel more confident when you’re standing up straight with your shoulders back – that is your physical intelligence at work. In fact, we’re 45% more likely to have an innovative idea when walking rather than sitting, and even, paced breathing increases cognitive function by 62%. Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton, authors of Physical Intelligence (Simon & Schuster), say, “Physical intelligence is about actively managing the balance of body chemicals through breath, posture and thought.” They have narrowed this ‘physical intelligence’ down to four components: strength, flexibility, resilience and endurance. STRENGTH Strength is about having a robust and stable foundation that enables us to take risks, stand our own ground, and do the right thing. Yet faced with…