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Published by TI Media Limited Loved and trusted in equal measure, Woman's Weekly has been the market-leading womens weekly magazine since it was launched 100 years ago.Packed full of inspiring, helpful and useful ideas and information for women who are the heart of their homes and families, it offers a unique mix of practical, compelling and up-to-the minute content.

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There’s no place like home I suspect I am slowly turning into my parents. They had the old-school idea that it was best to favour local produce and businesses… and I’m beginning to think they were right. With food, I find the quality is better, but it’s also healthier for the planet. And with manufactured items, I’m supporting people and companies who pay the taxes that help finance our schools and hospitals. I also use local shops if I can, but that’s not always possible, so rather than give my business to giant American online corporations, I’ve become a big fan of OnBuy.com, a British online marketplace. I hope my parents would have approved. COVER PHOTO AND PHOTOS ON THIS PAGE: ALAMY, GETTY. *UK ENTRANTS ONLY. T&CS APPLY…

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good to share from us to you

Foraging favourites August is a wonderful month for foraging, with many delicious wild plants in season. Blackberry-picking is a quintessentially British pastime, and the juicy deep-purple berries found on prickly brambles are packed with vitamin C. Also widespread in woodlands and hedgerows are red-black clusters of elderberries, which add delicate floral notes to cordials and wines. Orangey-red crab apples ripen in late summer, and make excellent jams. Always check that what you are eating is safe and you have permission to pick, and remember to leave plenty of food for wildlife to enjoy. GARDENING GOODNESS Gardening is the ultimate stress-buster. Working outdoors among plants is proven to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, while also lowering your blood pressure, muscle tension and heart rate. DID YOU KNOW? North American wood frogs have a remarkable…

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3 jobs to do in the garden

1 Mow wild flowers Having enjoyed the beautiful blooms from your wild-flower meadow, it’s now time to scatter their seeds by mowing the flowers to around 6in (15cm) from the ground. 2 Prune penstemon When vibrant penstemon flowers grow old and faded, trim them back to just above a leaf node. This should encourage more flowers to bloom. 3 Harvest aubergines Pinch the growing tip from your aubergine plant once you have six fruits growing. Make sure to harvest them while they are young, firm and shiny.…

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good to share from you to us

GROWING SUCCESS I thought you might like to see photos of my flowering cherry tree, as well as my Christmas tree [inset]. I planted these as twigs, when I received them as a free gift from Woman’s Weekly in the late 90s. The cherry tree blossoms every spring and the Christmas tree has been decorated in pride of place in my house twice. Julie Hogbin, Kent Handy threading tip I was starting to assemble a little cardigan that I have knitted for my granddaughter when I couldn’t find my needle threader. I tried many times to thread the needle without success, then I struck on the idea of folding a piece of sticky tape over the end of the wool, then I trimmed it slightly and passed it so easily through the eye of…

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what you’re wearing

CAROL FITZSIMMONS, 59 Tell us about your look I love wearing dresses in summer. I tend to go for long, floaty, vintage-inspired styles. This floral print by Mondi is a favourite. I love the bright orange colour. My sandals were a great find in Matalan. They have a boho vibe, which is very me. And the best bit of your body? It’s my hair. RITA FORSHAW, 51 Tell us about your look My top is from Matalan and my trousers are by Marella. I like to wear bright colours and mix designer buys with high-street pieces. My bag and my shoes are both Primark, and my headband is from Etsy. I really love fashion and adapt trends to suit me. I don’t have a big wardrobe but all the items work well together to create different looks. And…