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Woman's World June 7, 2021

A great week made easy! Woman's World is written for the traditional, family-oriented working woman. Each issue delivers a feel-good mix of heart-warming human interest stories, practical everyday solutions for work and home, and mouth-watering recipes.

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kick back with a frozé!

Cool off with frozé today! The slushy mix of frozen rosé wine and strawberry syrup is the perfect summer sip. To make Strawberry Frozé: In a shallow baking dish, freeze 4 cups of rosé wine. In a pot over medium heat, cook ½ cup of water, ½ cup of sugar and ½ cup of sliced strawberries until sugar dissolves. Strain, then chill. Puree frozen wine, syrup and ¼ cup of lemon juice in a blender. Refreeze until the mix is slushy. Add to glasses. If desired, garnish each glass with a strawberry. Makes 6 cocktails JOKE OF THE WEEK I just got in a week’s worth of cardio: I accidentally walked through a spiderweb!…

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slice into delish!

Treat yourself to German chocolate cake bursting with delicious chocolate flavor. Our simple yet impressive dessert is a cinch to make, thanks to boxed cake mix, canned frosting and minimal decorating! To make a German Chocolate Cake: Bake German chocolate cake mix as directed for 2 round cake pans. Let cool; cut layers in half. Set 1 layer aside; stack remaining 3 layers on a plate, spreading canned coconut-pecan frosting over each layer. Slice remaining layer into strips and cut into squares. Set on top of the cake. The finishing touch? Drizzle melted chocolate over the cake. Send treats to soldiers! If you have individually wrapped hard candies to spare, consider donating them to For The Troops (ForTheTroops.org). The nonprofit will use the candies as filler in the care package boxes they ship…

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wake up happy!

Trade your Monday blues for Monday bliss! Turns out we have plenty of reasons to embrace the day: According to a study of 40,000 people conducted by the Achievement app, we get the most sleep on Sunday nights, so we wake up feeling refreshed on Mondays. And more than 40% of study subjects said they actually eat the healthiest on that day. In addition to inspiring healthy habits, Mondays are also great for productivity: 28% said they’re most ambitious on Mondays and 30% are most focused at the start of the week, making Mondays your best bet for success!…

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sow good health!

Spending time in your garden today can not only spark joy, it may also help you sidestep hip fractures, say University at Buffalo researchers. In their study of 77,000 older women, they found that those who moved around regularly (but not intensely) doing activities like yardwork and puttering in the garden had significantly fewer hip fractures than those who were more sedentary. The researchers say low-intensity activity helps improve balance, strength and coordination, reducing the risk of falls and fractures. And while you’re out there tending to your blooms, take time to breathe in the scent of your flowers—a strategy other research shows can melt away stress in minutes! Adobe Stock (2); Getty (2); HBB; Lines + Angles. Text: Shay Trotter…

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relax and have fun this week

LIFETIME Get caught up in the twists of Gone Mom! Could a loving mom just vanish without a trace? Based on true events, Gone Mom tells the story of Jennifer Dulos, who mysteriously disappeared in 2019. When she met Fotis Dulos years earlier, she believed she had found her Prince Charming, but by the time of her disappearance, their marriage was over and they were in a heated custody battle for their five children. Police quickly turned the spotlight on Fotis, who was eventually charged with her murder despite claiming his innocence. She has never been found. Find out more on June 5. ABC Delight at the excitement of Press Your Luck! No whammies, no whammies! Get ready for some high-energy hijinks when the reboot of the classic game show Press Your Luck returns as…

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it happened this week!

● Grease debuted on Broadway in 1972. The classic Oscar-nominated film followed six years later. ● Following its feature on The Tonight Show, Twister became one of the top-selling games of the 1960s. ● America’s first drive-in theater opened in New Jersey in 1933. The featured premier flick was Wives Beware. ● “Frozen ice on a stick,” later known as Popsicles, were patented in 1924. They originally sold for just 5 cents each! ● The Dixie Cups’ “Chapel of Love” topped the music charts in 1964. The tune remained at #1 for three weeks straight.…