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Woman's World August 23, 2021

A great week made easy! Woman's World is written for the traditional, family-oriented working woman. Each issue delivers a feel-good mix of heart-warming human interest stories, practical everyday solutions for work and home, and mouth-watering recipes.

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fill your week with smiles!

THURSDAY, AUGUST 26 NATIONAL DOG DAY Pamper your pooch! Make your pal’s day with peanut butter pupsicles he won’t be able to resist, courtesy of veterinarian Gary Weitzman, author of the Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior and Happiness. To make: Place 16 oz. of plain yogurt, 1 ripe banana and ⅓ cup of peanut butter (make sure the brand you use has no xylitol, which can be toxic to dogs) in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour the blended mixture into an ice tray or silicone mold and place in the freezer for a few hours to harden. Says Weitzman, “Feed your pups and watch their excitement!” JOKE OF THE WEEK Us, as a teen: “This radio station is playing my jams!” Us, at 20 and 30: “This bar is playing my jams!” Us, now:…

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relax and have fun this week

AMAZON Open your heart and feel it soar with season two of Modern Love! Fall in love with season two of this anthology series that explores love in all of its beautiful forms by telling a different relationship story each episode. You’ll meet divorced parents who reignite their old flame only to have a medical diagnosis change their lives; a woman with a unique sleep disorder who meets the love of her life, but he sleeps while she’s awake; and a widow whose last link to her late husband is her vintage car, but now she has to decide whether or not to sell it and say goodbye forever. Stream it now on Amazon Prime. MUSIC Tap your toes to tunes from Wanda Jackson! The “Queen of Rockabilly” is back! Two years after her retirement…

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it happened this week!

● Following its cancellation in 1965, The Price Is Right was revived in 1972 with now-iconic Bob Barker as host. He hosted for the next 35 years. ● Following its mass release in June 1981, Frogger became one of the most popular arcade games of the summer—and the decade! ● Pixy Stix were created in 1952. They originally started out as a drink mix called Frutola as a way to make water more fun for kids. ● Singer and 1970s heartthrob Rick Springfield was born in 1949. His 1981 hit “Jessie’s Girl” won him a Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance. ● Cadillac Motor Company was founded in 1902. It created many car “firsts,” including the first tail fins, curved glass windshields, stereo radios and electric seat warmers.…

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this week’s best new books

Fiction COZY MYSTERY Cajun Kiss of Death by Ellen Byron Quirky chaos ensues in this whodunit set in Pelican, Louisiana. Celebrity chef Phillippe Chanson is in town to open his Cajun-themed restaurant, and he checks in to Maggie Crozat’s B&B. But when Phillippe dies in a boat crash, fingers point at Maggie’s friend, JJ, owner of Junie’s Oyster Bar, and her mom, Ninette, who was upset that Phillippe stole her recipe. Now, Maggie must help prove their innocence—or else! CHRISTIAN FICTION Faithful by Kim Cash Tate This emotional, heartfelt story follows the personal lives of three best friends as they each face life-altering struggles. Cydney is still single in her 40s and longing for something more, Dana’s picture-perfect marriage all but crumbles when she discovers her husband’s affair and Phyllis is patiently waiting for God to help her…

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“a single lipstick has the power to transform lives!”

“Hello 911, what’s your emergency?” a voice sounded from the video Sheryl Kurland was watching at her local Orlando sheriff’s department. She had been taking a course to teach civilians how law enforcement handles domestic violence cases, but having never heard an actual 911 call from a victim, her heart raced with fear and sadness. The desperation in her voice pains me, Sheryl thought, tears welling in her eyes. I wish I could help her. As a speaker who traveled around the country talking to college-aged women about how to forge healthy relationships, Sheryl realized she already had the inspiring content in her programs. Why couldn’t I tweak it to help domestic violence victims too? Starting at her local shelter, Sheryl began hosting workshops every two weeks, where a handful of women would…

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3 expert ways to boost your self-confidence!

1 Say this ‘soul script’! “When you’re feeling overlooked or down on yourself, recite ‘I’m exactly as I’m meant to be and no one can take my place,’” suggests Alison Cook, Ph.D., co-author of Boundaries for Your Soul. Small grounding phrases like this reinforce your sense of self through compassion—and are proven to send your confidence soaring. 2 Forgive like this! The best way to raise self-esteem is to practice forgiveness, notes Robert Enright, Ph.D., of the International Forgiveness Institute. “Pick someone who has let you down,” he says. “Then make an intention to forgive them.” Knowing what forgiving feels like gives you a road map to apply to yourself. “Just as they are much more than one misstep, so are you. This realization will help you accept yourself lovingly.” 3 Tap into gratitude! When…