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Women's Health Australia February 2019

Women’s Health Australia's mission is to help Aussie women feel happier and healthier (every single day!) with the ideal mix of fitness, food, nutrition, mindfulness, wellness, fitspo fashion and beauty, plus so much more.

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your best year starts here

If you’re reading this, I have one thing to say: Happy New Year! There’s something about January 1 ticking over that gets me every time. And not just because of the laidback, cruisy vibe, salty hair, beach trips, book reading and non-stop barbecues. Most importantly, it’s what experts call a “temporal landmark”: The ideal chance to make a fresh start, set new intentions, look ahead and focus on what you want to spend your time (and energy) on in the year to come. Whether that’s getting fitter, doing a career U-turn, travelling the world, writing a book, moving house or tackling your first half-marathon. And if you’re looking to max your motivation and create your fittest, healthiest and happiest life in 2019, you’ll find everything you need inside this inspo-packed…

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things i’m loving

WELLNESS READS Need the perfect holiday beach read? These page-turners will feed your soul, along with your mind. Yep, we’ve got your summer covered! GET HAPPY, STAT Want more joy, less stress and to discover the true meaning of happiness this year? Just take our eyeopening quiz and let the journey begin. THE FUTURE OF FOOD If you’re intrigued about 2019’s hottest food trends, you’re in luck. From conscious cocktails to edible weeds, here’s what’s on the horizon. FREE SWEAT OFFER! Yes, really! In an exclusive offer, every WH reader scores 30 days’ free access to Kayla’s app, to get the year started right. You’re welcome!…

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ask women’s health

THE BIG QUESTION What’s better: trying to do full push-ups on my toes, or nailing a push-up on my knees? Answer Glad you asked. While it can feel like a cop-out to stay on your knees when everyone else is casually busting out 20 on their toes, this modified version is hardly the easy option. In fact, if it feels that way, you’re probably not doing it right. “Getting the full range of motion in a push-up is extremely important because if you don’t, you won’t be working the muscle to its fullest potential,” explains personal trainer Rikki-Lee Petrie. Translation: drop that chest to the floor! Once you’ve nailed the technique on your knees, start adding in one or two push-ups on your toes in each set, concentrating again on depth.…

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on our radar

ROYAL SNEAKERS After the Duchess of Sussex donned them for a sail on Sydney Harbour, the world is lining up for French brand Veja’s eco-friendly, fair-trade sneaks. Meghan’s pick: the leather V-10 style in white and black. VINEGAR MADE EASY Not loving apple cider vinegar’s mouthfeel? Say hello to That Hippie Co. Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules. You’ll score the gut benefits of raw ACV without risking damage to your tooth enamel, or your tastebuds. GREAT DANES Thanks to a buzzing food scene and cultural centre, Copenhagen has been named Lonely Planet’s top city to visit in 2019.We’re extra hyped for the Danish capital’s new rooftop ski slope on a sustainable power and waste plant. Smart. FOMOMG Brace yourself for FOMO’s evolution. FOMOMG – aka ‘fear of missing out on my goals’ – describes the anxiety we feel…

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discuss health

PLEASE EXPLAIN Brain Freeze The technical term for that just-make-it-stop head-banger you get after OD’ing on an ice-cream sundae? Brace yourself: sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. It’s caused by the cold food touching a sensitive bundle of nerves in the back of your palate, which basically tells your brain to give you a headache. But for the salted caramel gelato, we’ll take it! OUTSMART YOUR CYCLE The secret to living your healthiest life? Working with hormonal shifts. Try thinking of your cycle as seasonal, says menstrual coach Claire Baker. Winter is your period – your curl-up-in-a-ball phase. In spring, your hormones and mood rise. During summer, you’re ovulating – happy and horny – and in autumn, you’re emo but creative as you prep for winter. Use autumn to dream up big plans, such as redecorating your…

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discuss weight loss

Lean into Lentils Move over, starches – there’s a new side dish in town. Swapping half the rice on your plate for lentils can slash blood sugar by 20 per cent, according to a new study by Canada’s University of Guelph. These legumes – high in fibre and protein – slow digestion and sugar release, keeping you fuller for longer and lowering your diabetes risk. GREEN This peppery-tasting type keeps a firm texture even after a 45-minute cook, making it ideal for salads or side dishes mixed with grains (think quinoa-lentil pilaf – yum). RED Because they tend to lose their shape when cooked, leaving them mushy, this nutty variety works well in liquidy dishes such as curry or soup. BROWN Probably what comes to mind when you think of lentils, these babies are quick to cook…