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Women's Health Australia March 2019

Women’s Health Australia's mission is to help Aussie women feel happier and healthier (every single day!) with the ideal mix of fitness, food, nutrition, mindfulness, wellness, fitspo fashion and beauty, plus so much more.

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team wh does byron

They say it takes a village. And this issue’s epic cover shoot is no exception. Six months ago, we had a dream: to shoot the hottest, healthiest (and, without doubt, nicest) couple in the world for the covers of Women’s Health and our brother brand Men’s Health. Little did we know, there was a top-secret project brewing behind the A-list scenes that would make it all possible. So after diary coordination that was practically a military operation, Teams WH and MH found ourselves in the hills outside Byron Bay, at a Moroccan-inspired private home shooting Elsa Pataky and her husband of eight years, Chris Hemsworth, for a world-first global WH/MH collaboration to unveil the couple’s new app, Centr. As you’ll read in our chat with Elsa from page 70, Centr…

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ask women’s health

I’m stepping up into amanager position, which means I’ll be my work buddy’s boss. How do I navigate the powershift? First up, high five on the promotion! Now, for the awkward stuff. It might feel cringey, but if you don’t move into your new role with confidence, everyone suffers, says Dr Karen Morley, author of Lead Like a Coach . Have a candid convo with your work pal. “Outline to them how you want to lead, what they can expect of you, and together, consider the ways in which this might change your friendship,” Morley says. When the time comes to assert your authority or provide direction, the old ‘fake it till you make it’ strategy works. “Channel competence, and pretend you’ve done it a hundred times before. Don’t apologise and…

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on our radar

BOOZE-FREE BEER Raise a glass to Sobah, a company that makes non-alcoholic craft brews infused with lush native ingredients such as finger lime and pepperberry. Crack open a tinnie to score a dose of the beer’s natural probiotics. We’ll cheers to that! COLOUR THERAPY Excuse to invest in those millennial-pink sneakers? Paint company Taubmans worked with leading neuroscientists to explore the impact of colour on emotion. Turns out yellow, orange and pink trigger cheerfulness and excitement. Nice! HEALING SPREAD Meet Meluka honey, deliciously sweet stuff made by bees foraging in melaleuca tea trees. Southern Cross University pros say it’s higher in antioxidants and has sustained antimicrobial activity compared with your regs golden toast topper. NEXT-LEVEL FITNESS Keep an eye out for the XPT, Extreme Performance Training program by surfing icon Laird Hamilton and his volleyball champ wife…

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discuss health

DO SWEAT IT The sauna is no longer just a place to sweat out stress (or weekend booze). Hanging in these toasty rooms can reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems, as well as other ailments, such as headaches and arthritis. But how? Researchers think the heat makes the heart work harder to regulate body temp, strengthening it the way a workout does. This also means increased blood flow, which explains the other benefits. If you’re pregnant, sick or have a cardio condition, skip it. Otherwise, ease into the heat for one to five minutes. If you don’t feel dizzy, you can add two minutes each visit. Cap it at 20. SOURCE: MAYO CLINIC; PHYSICIAN NAVYA MYSORE Top Up Your Sleep Face-planting at your desk mid-arvo is one thing, but not getting enough sleep can…

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discuss weight loss

BANISH THE YO -YO Your best incentive to find a sustainable, healthy approach to weight loss: according to Korean scientists, constant kilo-shedding and gaining of the yo-yo kind could threaten your life expectancy. Slow and steady wins the race. SOURCE: JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM New Craving Culprit Can’t keep your hands off the office doughnuts? It might not be entirely down to lack of willpower. A La Trobe University study of schoolkids has linked both insulin resistance and obesity to vitamin D deficiency. Chat to your doc about getting your levels of the sunshine vit tested. Now, about those doughnuts... PLEASE EXPLAIN Pipecolic acid betaine A compound found in peeps’ bodies after they ate wholegrain foods. Why the intrigue? It seems to improve how we metabolise glucose. Oat so simple. SOURCE: UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN FINLAND…

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cooking and cooling white rice cuts its kjs by how much?

A 10% B 50% C 70% ANSWER: A AND B It’s a cold, hard truth. When a team from Sri Lanka’s College of Chemical Sciences boiled white rice, left it in the fridge for 12 hours, then reheated it, they saw the kilojoule content fall by 10-12 per cent – and predicted this could reach 50 per cent in some rice varieties. A key step? Adding coconut oil (roughly a teaspoon for half a cup of rice) before boiling. This fat – plus the cooling process – alters the rice structure to boost resistant starch, a type not broken down into glucose in the small intestine (hence the lower kJs). Very rice.…