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Women's Health Australia January 2018

Women’s Health Australia's mission is to help Aussie women feel happier and healthier (every single day!) with the ideal mix of fitness, food, nutrition, mindfulness, wellness, fitspo fashion and beauty, plus so much more.

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wh strong

Years ago, any mention of the word “strong” – in a health and fitness sense at least – would instantly conjure up gym metaphors. Think muscle-bound guys bench-pressing their hearts out, rock-hard abs or incredible feats of physical endurance. And don’t get me wrong – those things are great! But in the past few years, the conversation around what strong means has shifted. Now, leading wellness experts and a growing body of science increasingly suggest that qualities such as mental toughness and emotional resilience are just as important for a happy, healthy life. As one of the most popular Insta tiles of all time says: ‘Where the mind goes the body will follow’. Which makes it even more vital to regularly stop, take the time to build mental muscle and invest…

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2017 women in sport awards

SAM KERR Winner: Women’s Health Sportswoman of the Year In 2017, Kerr became the first Aussie soccer player (male or female) to be nominated for FIFA World Player of the Year. The backflipping crowd fave captained Perth Glory to the grand final of the 2016/17 W-League and won the Julie Dolan Medal for player of the year. She was also a key member of the Matildas team that won the 2017 Tournament of Nations, making headlines around the world. Seriously impressive! “I’M THRILLED TO BE PART OF SUCH A GREAT GROUP OF AUSSIE GIRLS WHO ARE CHASING THEIR PASSIONS AND BUSTING THE BOUNDARIES OF THEIR SPORTS”Jessica Fox, Olympic slalom canoeist SUSAN ALBERTI Person of Sporting Influence A footballer in her youth before she was told she couldn’t play with the boys anymore, businesswoman and philanthropist Alberti…

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behind our big night

Sporty girls switched their training gear for gowns for our biggest event of the year: our seventh annual Women’s Health WinS (Women in Sport) Awards, at the International Convention Centre Sydney. The Seven Network’s Mark Beretta hosted the ceremony while guests were treated to a three-course candlelit feast. Athletes fangirled over sportswomen from different disciplines, lining up for selfies with world champion hurdler Sally Pearson and the winner of the big award of the night, Sportswoman of the Year, Sam Kerr. The soccer player was also stoked to see her team, the Matildas, be named A-Team of the Year for 2017. AFLW was another feature – the inaugural game took out Moment of the Year, Melbourne FC captain Daisy Pearce was crowned Leadership Legend, and Person of Sporting Influence Susan Alberti generated…

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gen y me?

ICING THEM Apply ice (covered in a T-shirt) to the joint for 20 mins at a time, up to five times a day, for three days. The cold reduces inflammation. PERFORMING RANGE-OF-MOTION EXERCISES Do this pre- and post-workout. March in place or swing your legs from front to back to increase blood flow and joint mobility. Gently rotate neck and shoulders. STOPPING WORKOUTS If your pain is sharp (as opposed to dull and achy), stop what you’re doing. If the discomfort persists after two weeks off, see a physio. FACT: many millennials are being diagnosed with arthritis for a surprising reason – overdoing it on high-impact workouts (CrossFit and brutal boot camps, we’re looking at you) that tax your joints, says orthopaedic surgeon Dr David Neuman. Ignoring the pain could lead to loss of mobility and…

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lean (on) protein

No need to supersize that salmon or steak. In a Washington University study, dieting women who stuck to their RDA of protein (0.8g per kilo of body weight, FYI) saw a 30 per cent boost to insulin sensitivity and metabolism. Atkins-style eaters who devoured 50 per cent more protein experienced similar weight loss but none of the health benefits. So, y’know, go easy on that fillet. NUT IT OUT Chuck walnuts into your smoothie to help nix cravings. When people in a study consumed a drink containing 48g of the nuts, they reported feeling less hungry throughout the day. Wait, there’s more: scientists also noticed increased activity in a part of the brain associated with appetite control and food choices. Get crushing. Source: Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Well, that depends on your source. SCIENCE: A 2010…

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must try sheet mask hack

1. Garnier SkinActive Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask Ultra Hydrating Rebalancing Mask, $4.95 2. Origins Flower Fusion Raspberry Refreshing Sheet Mask, $10 3. Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask, $120 for 5 sheets Koreans love sheet masks, and this genius tip is perfect if you want skin that looks like you’ve spent half a day at a spa! After double cleansing with tepid water, apply a sheet mask over your face before getting into the shower. You’ll need to avoid getting your face wet (and shampoo running down your forehead), but the steam allows the sheet mask’s ingredients to soak deep into your skin so you jump out with a radiant and hydrated complexion. SUMMER GLOW With two out of three Aussies being diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they’re 70, baking your skin…