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Women's Health Australia July 2018

Women’s Health Australia's mission is to help Aussie women feel happier and healthier (every single day!) with the ideal mix of fitness, food, nutrition, mindfulness, wellness, fitspo fashion and beauty, plus so much more.

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run your own race

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to fly to LA for 96 hours, to tackle probably the coolest race I’ve ever been a part of, the Nike Go LA 10K. Think 10km and 10,000 people running down a major California highway, closed to traffic for the event. Yep, next level. During a whirlwind four days, we ticked off pretty much every fitness-bucket-list item: running the famous Santa Monica Stairs; hiking in Malibu; watching a Dodgers’ baseball game. But, for me, by far the biggest highlight was the chance to meet and interview a truly incredible woman, Joan Benoit Samuelson (above). If you’re not already acquainted with Joan, get ready to be blown away. In 1983, she set the world record in the marathon, just two years after surgery on…

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ask women’s health

I GET HEADACHES WHEN I LIFT WEIGHTS. SHOULD I BE WORRIED? Throbbing temples are so not what you need when you’re trying to nail that last rep. You know your body, so if something really doesn’t feel right, see your GP. But if the ache only hits in the weights room, there could be a simple explanation. “As you load your muscles, your blood vessels – including those in your brain – swell to carry more oxygen,” says strength coach Mike Donavanik. “If the pressure is too great, you get an exertion headache.” Blood plasma is mainly water, so, while dehydration makes blood run thick, drinking enough water relieves undue pressure. Tension could also be to blame. “You tend to carry a lot in your neck and consequently in the fascia…

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on our radar

HEALTHIE HAMPERS This Melbourne-based company handpicks health-food goodies for each hamper (think bone broth, teas and snacks), before delivering to your door. Dry hampers are available nationwide, and wet hampers (with perishable goods) are available in Melbourne and Sydney. healthiehampers.com.au WINTER SELF-CARE Baby, it’s cold outside, so get cosy in Cotton On Body’s new Supersoft range of PJs, hoodies and loungewear. BE BOULDER Looking for a new indoor workout to boost your motivation in the chilly months? Try bouldering: challenging rock-climbing walls minus the harness, which means you can do it solo and you won’t get a wedgie. Rock on. BRAIN TRAINING In The Women’s Brain Book (Hachette, $32.99), neuroscientist Dr Sarah McKay answers intriguing questions about your brain, from how orgasms work to baby blues, and how to look after your mind as you age. IKEA DOES…

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plank for your run

1. SORT YOUR FORM Whether you’re doing an elbow or hand plank, set up with your elbows directly beneath your shoulders. Boost stability by keeping your forearms parallel if you’re on your elbows. On your hands? Keep fingers spread and facing forwards as you screw your hands outwards into the ground. 2. KEEP IT TIGHT Instead of letting your lower back overextend and drop towards the ground, create flexion of the abdominals by drawing your bellybutton up towards the sky. Why? This creates a tight, hollow core and prevents lower back issues. 3. GO FOR TENSION A full-tension plank for 10 seconds has much more functional carry over than hanging out in a plank for five minutes. To achieve full tension, keep your feet together and squeeze every muscle in your body. Start by clenching…

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could headaches have an upside?

1. You drink alcohol, eat salty foods, are mentally overstimulated or your hormones are fluctuating like crazy. 2. This causes oxidative stress along with nerve inflammation, so your brain releases chemicals to help defend itself. 3. Bring on the less than fun symptoms: headache, nausea, dizziness and light sensitivity. Ouch. 4. Brutal as it all feels, these symptoms could be signs your body is battling oxidative stress, suggests study author Dr Jonathan Borkum. That can lead to neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s in the long term. Get migraines? Talk to your doc, who can recommend treatment and even refer you to a specialist if necessary. Calm down, stat We thought talking to yourself in the third person meant you had a baller-sized ego (Elmo, we’re looking at you), but new research by Michigan State University…

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hey, honey

PLEASE EXPLAIN... Camelina oil THIS LIGHT, NUTTY LIQUID IS RICH IN ALA (AN OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID) AND COULD HELP LOWER LEVELS OF LDL (“BAD” CHOLESTEROL), ACCORDING TO A NEW STUDY PUBLISHED IN MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH . SUB IT IN FOR SALAD DRESSINGS AS WELL AS WHEN YOU’RE COOKING. DELICIOUSLY EASY! Period drama We’re all about mainlining Maltesers when we’ve got PMS, but why? “Hormone fluctuations around your period can cause the stress hormone cortisol to spike and the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin to plummet,” says nutritionist Leslie Bonci. “Our bodies use carbs to make serotonin, so in this case, kale won’t cut it.” When those ’tesers have run out, try making a smoothie with Greek yoghurt and cocoa powder or mixing popcorn with a few cheeky tablespoons of mini choc chips.…