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Women's Health Australia June 2018

Women’s Health Australia's mission is to help Aussie women feel happier and healthier (every single day!) with the ideal mix of fitness, food, nutrition, mindfulness, wellness, fitspo fashion and beauty, plus so much more.

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the strong game

Have you ever had weeks that are, in a few words, non-stop hectic? April was that for me. I worked across three different cities (Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast), travelled constantly, and trained (only just!) on top of that. But all month long, there was one constant. No matter where I turned, I was surrounded by strong, inspiring, kick-butt women. Case in point? Our amazing Aussie athletes who pushed the limits of what they thought was possible at the recent Commonwealth Games –the reason for my GC trip. From Cate and Bronte Campbell to para athlete Isis Holt, new swimming superstar Ariarne Titmus and our three distance runners Eloise Wellings, Madeline Hills and Celia Sullohern, who made headlines for all the right reasons when (despite missing out on medals)…

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ask women’s health

SPIN CLASSES MAKE MY BACK SORE. ARE THEY BAD FOR YOU? ANSWER Nope, but it might be worth thinking about your technique. “Riding in the traditional cycling position – leaning forwards while sitting down – puts pressure on your lumbar spine,” says spin instructor Naomi White. “Ask your instructor to raise the seat to your hip height so you don’t hyperextend your back to reach the handlebars.” Speaking of, the bars should be just above seat height and a forearm’s length away from your body (so your fingertips are just touching the edge of the bars). Tight muscles in your lower back can lead to pain, too. “Hip flexors are susceptible to shortening and tightening if you sit at a desk all day, and riding has the same effect,” says White.…

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on our radar

MAMA + ME This new fitness gear range from Active Truth features matching leggings for mum and daughter (sizes 2–12). The idea? To inspire girls to be active from a young age. #twinning. ZOVA CLASSES Download this workout app for its new Classes feature. Tune into a new celebrity class every week hosted by PT Victoria Burdon and featuring Insta faves such as Natalie Roser. AIRBNB PASSION CATEGORIES The travel app’s new feature allows you to search for experiences all around the world based on what you’d like to try. Check out Adventures to give hiking tours or surf classes a go, or try Social Dining to bond over a meal with strangers. AUSTRALIA’S BIGGEST MORNING TEA The Cancer Council is back for its 25th year of brew and cake to raise money for research, prevention and…

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boost your heart with bananas

Chomping on a banana to power up pre-workout could future-proof your heart, too. Scientists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have linked low levels of dietary potassium (high levels of which can be found in the yellow fruit) with aortic stiffness. That’s hard arteries, FYI, which occur when calcium builds up where it shouldn’t, increasing your risk of heart disease. Not cool. So chuck a ’nana in your gym bag for later. Hey, throw in a second if you like – go bananas. 3 WHEN WE MAKE OUR OWN FOOD, WE LEAVE THIS PERCENTAGE BEHIND ON OUR PLATES, ON AVERAGE, COMPARED WITH THE 40 PER CENT WE WASTE WHEN SOMEBODY ELSE PREPS OUR GRUB (SAY, THAT CAFE OVER THE ROAD WHERE THEY ALWAYS OVERDO THE SALAD SERVE). HOW’S THAT…

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5 THE NAME OF A CHEMICAL COMPOUND SCIENTISTS ARE EXPERIMENTING WITH TO CREATE A POTENTIAL “EXERCISE PILL”. THE IDEA? THAT IT’LL STIMULATE THE BODY TO PRODUCE THE BENEFITS OF WORKING OUT (EG, ENDURANCE, WEIGHT CONTROL) WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO ACTUALLY BREAK A SWEAT. Source: Salk Institute for Biological Studies WORK OUT YOUR WARDROBE FlightMode @flightmodeau A Stylerunner exclusive. We’re talking luxe, feminine prints and cool cuts in sizes 6–18. Zaazee @zaazee_au This UK brand has landed in Oz with comfy, quality crops, singlets and more. Kayla’s a fan. Say no more! ALL I SEA @alliseasport Multipurpose performance sportswear that’ll take you from HIIT workout to ocean swim. Stock up from mid-May. PHOTOGRAPHY: GUY FARROW; JOHN RINTOUL…

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organic update

Natural and organic sales make up more than 10 per cent in beauty, and that number is set to jump to 22 per cent by 2024. If you’re still on the fence about organic skincare, try Andalou Naturals, which has just landed in Oz (find it at Priceline). It’s the number-one-selling organic line in the US and targets specific issues (think ageing, dullness, congestion and sensitivities). Source: Statista Coenzyme Q10 PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT IS IT? Coenzyme Q10 (Q10 for short) is a naturally occurring coenzyme responsible for the production of skin’s energy supply. “It assists with vital functions, including skin repair, protection, regeneration and renewal,” says Nivea skincare expert Robyn Hutch. WHY DO WE NEED IT? “We found that one of the biggest skin concerns is dull, tired-looking skin,” says Hutch. “This is because levels of Q10…